The Witch in the Woods

By Acethyle on May 1st, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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44 6
2 0
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The disappearances have been happening for months now. They always occur at the same time in surrounding villages. At the end of each month, a few girls vanish without nobody hearing them screaming or seeing them disappear. Nobody knows what's happening and until now no criminal or rational explanation has been found. This has to end. And while fear and terror are prevailing, the number of rumors and unfounded accusations keep increasing. People even start to think a curse was thrown upon them or that it could be the devil's work.

An old hermit living in the woods has been suspected. She is very well known by women in the area. And especially, pregnant women who don't wish giving birth to their child. Indeed, the old lady is often asked to offer her skills and perform abortions. But nobody knows what she does with fetuses once extracted. That was all it took to get witchcraft accusations starting. Some claim to have seen her flying on a broom and perform strange rituals in the woods, or even wandering between villages looking for children.

Legend says she would use fetuses as major ingredient of black magic spells, and would have sold her soul to the devil. In exchange of great powers and immortality, she would need to offer each month, ten virgins' hearts to her master.

But other people tend to defend this hermit. They say she's just an old woman who ran away from society to end up her life peacefully in nature, living in harmony with wildlife. Behind this dark appearance would actually hide a caring person who protects every single living being. Also gifted with a rich knowledge of plants, they pretend she can cure ailments and deseases. In other words, a solitary and harmless old lady who would not hurt a fly.

But in the end, all these stories are just hearsay, and the truth remains unknown. Everyone has to form his own opinion about this wild woman. And maybe, if you're crazy enough and really want to find out whether she's an innocent person or a crazy evil old witch, you will have the courage to venture into the woods at night ?


Hello o/

It's been a while since I wanted to make a heavy look that doesn't look like heavy armor. And with the realease of the wizard hat I decided to do so!
I fell in love with the hat/scarf combo and found 2 different armor combos. The first is a witch theme for my revenant. I wanted to create a dark witch, who lives in the wild, in harmony with nature, harvesting plants, and perfoming rituals.

The dolyak chest/braham legs combo was perfect to achieve my idea and give a savage and fabric look to the armor. I chose banded gauntlets for their size and details that resemble the details on shoulders. The leystone boots seemed quite fitting to the idea too.

For the dyes, I chose a mix of grey and turquoise. I wanted to keep her appearance dark and mysterious without being too black or grey, and the turquoise is also supposed to go with the colors of the staff !

For the weapons I wanted something not too refined, practical, and realistic, like she could have made her weapons herself with wood and other stuff she found in nature. The staff and the shield are supposed to be the more mystical stuff she needs for using magic.
I also chose this artificer backpiece for his realistic aspect, but also because I liked the idea she could carry her potions, herbs and other mixtures in her back while exploring the forest. And the blue/green little bags on it seem to fit the turquoise on the armor pretty well too ! ^-^

Screens locations: wvw, kessex hills, timberline falls, queensdale, iron marches, wayfarer foothills.

Hope you like her! :)


Binny Babbit
Love it! Thought it was a light-armored look at first, but then I saw the leggings and was like, "What?!" It's so creative and each piece fits very well. Plus the screenshots are absolutely gorgeous; I really like the middle one in the first row as well as the middle one in the second row.
2016-05-01 23:55

I am astounded!
When I saw the main picture, I knew this was going to be a winner.
She gave me a very creepy feeling and a silent sense of foreboding crept up to me as I scrolled through the pictures. It was like a silent fear.

And heavy armor! that was another good surprise. my first guess was that this was a Necro. Then I saw the animation and I was thinking okay maybe its a Ele. Then I saw the axe and I was like a Necro after all...then I saw the sword and was like OKAY an Ele. Wait...did Eles wield swords? Maybe its a dagger...Then I read your description and went oh my gosh...heavy armor!

Great screens, very foreboding...very silent evil creepy fear...
Among your many great designs on this site, this takes the cake! I love and fear it!

Also the

To be honest, I approached this with skepticism. An ordinary title 'The Witch' thinking of competing with my 'The Evil'? Hah I thought to myself.

But you blew me away. I tried myself at creating a human witch but could never get the feeling right.

You on the other hand, did it grimly.

I had no choice but to give you full marks. A full Gold!
2016-05-02 0:41

Aw, I was so waiting for you to upload her ;)
Your screens are amazing! They look so pretty and on point, I feel like I have to put more effort into my own screens, when I see yours *___* You totaly captured the witch/ old lady in the woods feeling and your locations are awesome! I'm in love with the screen in front of the haunted house and the one where she uses the staff 3 with the fire. It looks like the staff is floating by magic :)
The armor combo is amazing of course. Making heavy armor look like a light armor is just wow! The variety of weapons is great and the opened version of the beackpiece is just perfect.
Dyes are great as well. I like blue with natural colors and of course it fits the staff^^
I really wish, I could give more than gold, the look and the amazing presentation are worth diamonds ;)
And don't ever say, you're bad with stories again, this one is so cool xD
2016-05-02 4:17

Wow, amazing screenshots and amazing armor synch. This look is a gold.
2016-05-02 4:22

Nice armor mix and idea ^^
I like the turquoise dye aswell :)

The screenshots are taken in good places.
2016-05-02 5:01

Wow, a new favorite look! I love the idea of a light-amored looking revenant!
The staff is perfect for this outfit!
And again and again I LOVE your screenshots! The one in front of the house is perfect! Gold!

PS: I hope you still have the gargoyle outfit for your revenant. :O
2016-05-02 5:12

Elessar Taralom
Great look as usual!
It´s impressive how you made heavy armour look so light that I even like the use of the scarf here!
The dye palette is earthy and simple and I love that about this look; it blends in especially well with the staff you chose
You always manage to find all the right weapons for your looks without sticking to a single set too much and that´s what I really appreciate about your looks!
The story and screens might even be a little more outstanding than usual, gold ^^
2016-05-02 8:45

That is one creepy story o.O
All the better is the idea behind it! A witch-look on heavy armor is just genious and you really made her look like a sorceress!
I love her rather subtle appearence with the natural weapons you chose for her!
The screens definitely take the crown this time, though! They are so detailed and perfectly aligned to the witch theme!!!!!!! From strange fire rituals, over flying on her broom and gathering herbs, to her old house in the forest ... its SO perfect! The screens really tell a story, which is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Definitely one of the most creative heavy-armor looks out there!
Hyper Gold ^,^
2016-05-02 9:50

Fashion Guru
Is she gonna kill us all ? Because it really looks like she wants to...
Once again I could write a looooong list of every things I love in your look, but I'm sure this will be very interesting, because evrything's gorgeous ! The screens are so amazing, and the description is great.
Anyway, BIG gold for you !
2016-05-02 12:07

Fashion Collector
This look is perfect love it. :D
I hate myself now for tnot buying the hood :(
2016-05-02 13:02

Fashion Guru
What a story! I always love those mystical stories about witches and this one is really cool.
Now to the look: You are truely a wizard because you managed to create a heavy- armour- look that doesn't look like heavy armour at all! I didn't even realise it's a heavy armour class until I read your description so you managed to fool me :D
I really love the armour mix it all matches your hat and it's one of the rare looks where the scarf doesn't look out of place which is awesome!
I really like the dyes- the mixture between blue and light brownish and beige- tones is very neat and beautiful and especially the Spectral Staff fits your witchy and mysterious Norn!
Again, breathtaking and very beautiful screens I could stare at them for hours and I would be still amazed by your creation :3
Gold for days!
2016-05-02 18:51

"Raven hair and ruby lips
sparks fly from her finger tips
Echoed voices in the night
she's a restless spirit on an endless flight
wooo hooo witchy woman, see how
high she flies
woo hoo witchy woman she got
the moon in her eye"

Witchy Woman - Eagles
(full lyrics:

This character is one hell of a Witchy Woman, great job!
2016-05-03 9:02

Fashion Collector
Again, you made a great look, Ace!
2016-05-03 12:27

Fashion Guru
Thank you ! ^^
And yes I still have the gargoyle outfit! What was cool with this witch look is that I didn't need to change the face, the hair, the tatoo, or anything!^^
I even have an other gargoyle look coming on this character! :)
2016-05-03 13:21 in reply to silvertree

Fashion Guru
Thank you :)
I didn't know the song and I really like it ! =)
2016-05-03 13:33 in reply to Rohrym

Fashion Guru
And thanks guys! I'm really happy you like it as much as I do ! ^^
I always put a lot of time in presentation, so I'm glad you noticed it ! =)
2016-05-03 13:33

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Right on time with the screenshots ^^ before they changed WvW back haha. lucky you. my favorite screen is the one with the castle behind u . it looks like it's that area from the hobbit. where the witches and wizard met. awesome screens. awesome look. awesome gold
2016-05-03 14:14

Fashion Guru
Best witch look ever!
2016-05-03 14:24

my goodness, this is fantastic. i can really feel story, the screens are so perfect for this look!
the top fits so perfectly to the legs and all other parts are also in perfect harmony..
you see.. i just used the word "perfect" three times :D
everyone who doesn't give gold should eat their pants!
2016-05-03 15:48

Is probably first look with Wizard's Hat (or another bold-looking headpiece) which is looking good, I mean no cancerious :>
Creating heavy-wizard look is gorgeous idea! Also you used my fav color scheme what makes I love your look even more :D
2016-05-04 6:32

Fashion Collector
It's perfect, the look, the screen, the story, Gold :D
2016-05-09 12:35

Fashion Collector
It's perfect, the look, the screen, the story, Gold :D
2016-05-09 12:35

The fact that this is heavy armor amazes me. Gold =D
2017-01-20 21:11

Love it very inspiring look
2017-02-21 15:50

Amazing look
2017-09-05 11:06

very well done
2018-11-23 9:03

Fashion Guru
She looks georgeous :)
2019-06-17 12:25

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