The Succubus

By Acethyle on July 8th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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Succubus are legendary beautiful creatures. Seducing men by taking a human form, those demoniac living beings are not very familiar with empathy or mercy.
The legend says that behind this seductive human form might be hiding their true evil face. The winged demon. The beast whose eyes are as red as the blood of his victims. The monster who wears and collects the flesh of his preys on his body.

No one has ever lived long enough to witness their true existence. But for the more unlucky who might cross their path, it could be more than a simple legend.
All men should be careful and don't forget about it. Remember when meeting beautiful and attractive women, that the succubus legend could become a reality and be fully aware that behind the appealing and attractive appearance could hide something else or ... someone else. Because then, who would really want to discover the true demon inside ?


Hello! o/

Here's my necromancer new look ! I've always wanted to use the tequatl wings, but never found something fitting for them until now. So I went for a succubus/winged demon look. I'm not usually a big fan of demon/dark looks, but with the colors of those wings I thought it could be interesting to try something different and more colorful. So I based my color scheme on them and it was the starting point of the look.

For the armor I wanted something that could be macabre enough to fit the wings, but also a little bit refined. For the macabre side, I chose the arah top who gives a nice "monster" texture on the chest and the boots which look like made of flesh and fitting to the wings. And the horns which are perfect for a succubus imo !
For the more refined side, I went for the triumphant leggings, and chose those gloves for the details on them which match the details on the leggings I think, and for the nice monster claws too. And finally the cabalist shoulders because I like the silhouette they give, but also because of the nice gems on them.

For the dyes, I chose the more fitting I could find to go with the wings but also to kind of look like if her armor was made of flesh. And I added some red details on the shoulders to go with the red eyes and the red glow, but also to go with the staff. Also I chose some deep purple on the chest to make it look similar to her skin, and then look like it's part of her body. For the weapons the staff seemed perfect with the red orb at the top who glows and the bone details. The axe for the flesh appearance and the fitting colors, and the dagger for the same reasons.

This time the screening part was more annoying because of the wings moving constantly. Getting the right pose with the wings at the right "place" was more difficult but hopefully I still got some nice shots ! :p

Hope you like my succubus ! ^-^


Beautiful screenshots, lovely colours, and an overall original look! Take my gold
2016-07-08 14:25

Dang this looks amazing!
The armor comb is quite unique and i love the colours you chose for this theme!!!
Your choice of weapons is also spot on ... and quite expensive o.O
For the screenshots you couldve done some more action-shots, but your locations are brilliant and your character looks still amazing on every single picture! :D
My favorite screen is the middle one from the second row, since it looks like shes flying :o
Also this is probably the best use of these wings ive ever seen!
Great job! Hyper Gold for you ;)
2016-07-08 14:36

Fashion Guru
No. Way.

Acethyle you make me cry inside. My sylvari shares the exact same theme as you. She just wasn't finished yet.
2016-07-08 14:56

Fashion Guru
Love necros without black armor
2016-07-08 14:56

Okay, wow. This is so not my thing and I couldn't ever do it on my characters - but wow, she looks amazing! The presentation is absolutely perfect. Gold, gold, gold!
2016-07-08 14:56

i really dig your unique style with the screenies and outfits. gold!
2016-07-08 15:01

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2016-07-08 15:06

Amazing, it is so refreshing and new! Definitely reminds me of Nosferatu!
2016-07-08 15:06

It. Looks. So. Freakin'. AMAZING. I mean, wow, gorgeous... I don't even have words, it's perfect.

I'm not even gonna say why this is so good, because the look speaks for itself. I LOVE the colors, the screens are sooo amazing, the concept is awesome...

Anyway, take all my golds, it deserves it so so much ! Great job really, I'm losing my words...
2016-07-08 16:36

Fashion Collector
:D Perfection. Gold. So original and I love that. I'm so sad I never got those wings myself :(
2016-07-08 18:23

Fashion Guru
Gold ofc :)
2016-07-08 20:52

Elessar Taralom
Yay, another cool upload ^^
I think what stands out the most for me is the dye scheme
It just looks so original and demonic without having to be overdone or clichee! I doubt that I ever saw this kind of fleshy tones realised so well and it clearly makes it stand out from the 0815 demon look
I also really really like her head area peeking out there all black and menacing and the ears are just so perfect!
As always you provided us with a great set of weapons and a lot of beautiful screens (although I would have liked to see a few screens with some more movement)
Really envy you about those wings, you definitely put them to perfect use in this look ^^
I always love your mythical inspired looks and this one is no exception!
Take all the gold and please don´t haunt my dreams!
2016-07-09 5:02

Whoa, she's gorgeous *-* The armor mix, colours, screenshots - everything about this look is so good, love it!
2016-07-09 6:19

Fashion Collector
Wow. Just amazing. Gold is not enough for this look!
2016-07-09 7:03

Perfect look as always :) You deserve a full slide!
2016-07-09 10:17

I love what you've done with the colors!
I would have never tought, that the tequatl wings would actually look good on something, but here they are crucial.
The red details in her eyes and glow and some of the weapons make her looks pretty sinister. I love the screen with the minions, because she kinda looks all fleshy too :)
Amazing look!
Please oh great succubus, accept my gold :)
2016-07-10 8:14

Fashion Guru
Thanks everyone !

Hylek/Elessar : I fully agree about the screens! I should have made more diverse poses and action screens, but it was so annoying and frustrating with those wings always moving. It took me a lot of time to get cool screens with the wings at the right place. At the end I wasn't really inspired or motivated and let this look aside for a few weeks to only finish the screens now. I just needed to be done with it ! :p
But as usual thank you guys !! ^-^
2016-07-10 13:39

Fashion Collector
Que dire?
C'est juste très très beau, comme d'habitude :D
2016-07-11 4:33

Fashion Guru
I adore this look so much and I am a little bit jealous of you that you actually managed to create a demonic look without the whole clichée thing. I've been struggeling for a while to create something devilish but nothing too common and I think after this piece here I have to struggle a bit longer to finally find something cool xD
But now to the look. I simply love the armour mix here. The chestpiece is an armour piece I rarely see and when I see it...well, it sadly never really fits to the overall outfit but you managed to use this one in such a wonderful way that it doesn't seem to be out of place. In comination with the triumphant legs it actually works wonders and leaves me impressed.
What I love the most are the colours here and how perfectly the backpiece fits especially because of this really nice colourscheme. It's always risky to take some more fleshy looking tones without looking to weird but you really hit the nail here.
I love the red eyes of your Sylvary and in combo with the horns she really gives me an evil vibe.
Great weaponchoice I wish I could steal the staff from you but especially the axe is quite fitting and amazing looking here!
I'd wish for some more action screenshots here they are kinda missing imo but other than that your screens are again superb and outstanding and it's just a very small complaint of mine ^^
Well, there is nothing more to say than GOOOLD!!
2016-07-14 18:36

Ki Ka Ku
Freaking awesome! Really great job!
Gold isn't enough ... Deldrimor steel ;)
2016-07-25 8:34

Fashion Guru
2016-11-03 7:41

Curious Samoyed
Amazing! Gold from me! :o
2017-08-17 0:53

I've never seen Tequatl's wings fit a character so well!
2018-04-22 19:00

The whole theme is executed top notch. This would make a great Boss mob in the game. Gold!
2020-10-23 6:47