The Noble Huntress

By Acethyle on July 20th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
69 6
1 0
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In a huge manor near the river, lives a young and beautiful woman. But don't be fooled by appearances : she is redoubtable.
The story says, as she was still very young and living in a small village, her parents were murdered in mysterious circumstances. When the night came, the villagers heard screams and crying. But it didn't last long, and when some people finally came to help the family, it was already too late. Their bodies were found in an atrocious state. Not much of it was left actually. The walls of the house were covered with blood, and only the little girl had survived. Whoever committed this crime had decided to spare the child, and stole one of her eyes, leaving her wade in her blood. No one saw the murderer, but the little girl kept saying it was the work of demons. Of course nobody believed her. She was just a child and shocked by what just happened they said.
Full of rage and sadness, she knew from that day on that she would spend her life to search the killers and fight the evil forces. While growing up, she spent her whole time training with guns, bombs and other weapons. But make no mistake, her only eye was never a problem. It didn't prevent her precision or reflexes to become exceptional. Indeed, with such skills this lady never misses her target. Orphan, poor, not taken seriously; she was young and left all alone with her destiny. It didn't stop her to make it to the top. She became one of the richest persons of the country and that's why she now lives in a beautiful mansion. But she doesn't really care of money, or of material goods. All she ever wanted was to grow up with her parents. And without her family, she has nothing to loose anymore. That's why she will never stop the hunt until her death.

" I will never stop until I find my parents' murderers. Until every single demon of this earth has been eliminated. Until the evil itself never longer exists. Until I get my revenge. "


Hello !

I recently gave a makeover to my engineer, and with the release of privateer weapons, I got really inspired to try something new ! And for once, I didn't go for a dark skinned norn ! \o/
It's been a while since I wanted to do a kind of badass blond lady and here she is. With the armor I tried to choose something very simple and realistic, which could look refined, noble and badass. I choose a mix of deep brown, white and grey, to stay as natural as possible. In the end I wanted her to look like a sort of noble demon/witch huntress.
I chose this tattoo for its simplicity. I think it's discreeet and appropriated to the armor.
For the weapons of course the privateer ones, but also Dandy bluster for the guns. I think it goes perfectly with the theme and the kind of style I wanted at first.

Hope you like her ! =)


Fashion Guru
I must admit I am kinda surprised by this look! But in a very positive way.
I really really adore your dark skinned Norn so much but it's always refreshing to see something different ^^
And my, oh my, she is gorgeous! For it was love at first sight- I saw the title picture and I was already very fond of her. You used a theme I always loved and created a wonderful look over here.
The armour mix is simply amazing I love every skin from head to toe but I think the chestpiece is and always will be one of my favourites. I used it myself on my male Ranger for a long time and what I love about this skin is that it's so natural and yet full of details. I like this overall natural look, nothing's too much and you still managed to pick the right weapons to spice the whole thing a little bit more up!
Colours are wonderful, not too bright and not too dark and also very fitting.
Screens ware of course outstanding, as always! I love the nice mixture between noble places- wich are giving me a very victorian vibe- nature and even some mysterious and 'spooky' places! She really came quite around! :D
This beautiful natural look really desveres all the gold I have :3
2016-07-20 11:39

I like the screenshots where you made them and so, but I miss one from the back, at least in the character selection :)
Anyways, I love the colors that you chose but I would put a bit less of contrast, if this would be my look of course.
I love that you did use those shoulder"s" and the eye patch.
2016-07-20 11:53

Fashion Guru
Hopefully we don't have a limited number of gold, because you would take them all !

At first I thought it was a human, and then I was like "Oh that's a norn... Oh my god, it's even better !"

I find this very fitting for an engi norn, because it's not too "technoogical" but it still has this victorian/steampunk vibe. The screens are gorgeous as usual, and it's great to see you doing something else than black-skinned norns (even if they're always amazing !) I'm glad that you've posted this, it inspires me for an engi norn !

BIG gold :D
2016-07-20 12:31

Fashion Guru
feels an awful lot like Elessar´s last contest entry to be fair, even down to the tattoo on her neck and seeing that you both competed I would say taht you know his look
your presentation and everything is flawless of course, but I don´t feel like I can safely give you a gold for something I saw done a little better not so long ago
2016-07-20 13:35

Fashion Collector
Quand je lis ce dernier commentaire, je me dis que c'est le monde à l'envers ! Si seulement on pouvait bloquer certains profils pour les empêcher de voter sur nos looks, ça nous épargnerait ce genre d’énormités.
2016-07-20 14:10

Fashion Guru
Well, I think you're very harsh because the whole concept of my character has nothing to do with Elessar's norn sadly. Yes I know her look, but I didn't get inspired or influenced at any moment and I think I don't have to justify myself on that point with all the looks I did.
So I would just say like Elessar usually says "Great minds think alike"
But I'm very curious, could you explain me why you say that ?
2016-07-20 14:15 in reply to thunderstruck

I translated your comment (thanks Google xD) and you're totally right. Thunderstruck finally posted his first look (and it was great!), but he still bashes people, and that's in no way right.
2016-07-20 14:29 in reply to Billy

jesus fkn christ Kestrel
AGAIN you just commented here to bash on Thunderstruck and you didnt even say anything regarding the look.
Apart from the fact that you are still hating on him for whatever reason, i dont think he just bullshits on anyone randomly. He always has a solid point when giving critique and is never using inappropriate language and stuff, so stop poiting him out on every single comment pls!!!
2016-07-20 15:28 in reply to KestrelGirl

I do agree that this resembles Elessars look quite a bit.
But to be fair, its only 2 items that are the same (chest and boots).
So it might not be too original, but as you mentioned yourself, it is a solid look with awesome presentation!

Now to your look Acethyle!!!
First of all sorry for spamming your upload with this, but people somehow dont know whats the difference between critique and hating.
I do get that people would refer to this as look similar to Elessars, but then again she made a look resembling your golden valkyrie quite a lot. Guess you are even now ;D
Theres no shame in posting similar looks, unless you use like 90% the same armor and dyes. And that is not the case here!
The screenshots are extremely beautiful and i love the weapons you used here!
The legpiece looks very cool within this comb and i love the natural colours!!!
She looks absolutely badass! Gold from me :D
2016-07-20 15:34 in reply to thunderstruck

Fashion Guru
just clarifying, I wasn´t the one giving you the bronze, that would be unfair indeed
I don´t want to blame you for stealing anything, that would be stupid, it is just that I pretty much saw this look already as it stands and I did like elessar´s version a lot better and thought that I needed to make some kind of differentiating here

and @kestrel: I am really getting annoyed by your comments, I am not constantly bashing anyone, my voting distribution is far from being harsh or unfair and I am really tired that YOU are hunting me down on every second look to actually talk bs about me
2016-07-20 15:37 in reply to Acethyle

Fashion Guru
I just don't really understand why my look has to be compared to Elessar's one just because I use 2 same armor pieces. I don't get the reasoning. Especially when you didn't react the same way for Elessar's Heimdall look. Of course she didn't stole my look, but if I think like you, then it's the same kind of ressemblance. So I'm just trying to understand! ^^

In the end that's your opinion and you're free to think or vote how you want of course !^^
2016-07-20 16:06 in reply to thunderstruck

Fashion Guru
Yes we both use 2 same armor pieces, on a norn lady, with a neck tattoo and that's all I think. Oh no we're also both engis, with 2 legs, 2 arms and most of all 2boobs ! That's true ! It's a lot in common indeed oops ! xD
No seriously, I think it's ridiculous, and I don't really understand this attitude of always compare with other stylists. I wish more people could look at a style and just appreciate it for what it is without compare or refer to other stylists. Especially when I think I proved myself here in term of style and originality.
Also I'm very annoyed by one thing. It's ok to use same skins as other stylists. There is a limited amount of choices so it's just logical that in the end we'll see armor pieces used many times. Now everytime someone does use a similar combo, it's always the same kind of comment, about how someone already used it. And I don't really like or understand this way of thinking.

Anyway, thanks for your comment Hylek as usual, I'm always happy that you like my look ! ^-^
2016-07-20 16:23 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Collector
Lovely look :) simple, stylish, using my favorite medium armor top as well! Everything here is done so well. I need to hire you to do my screenshots, daaayum. I don't think it's fair to judge this in comparison to Elessars look. There are only so many armor pieces in this game and this top is very popular in general. You made it look very unique I think :) Looks very natural with the white on the loose sleeves and the rest being a more leathery color. Your character in itself is so stunning. THEM SLIDERS *drool*. Never have I been so tempted to make a norn :/
Have my gold ~ (I always end up giving you gold but deserve it)
2016-07-20 16:31

Elessar Taralom
Oh, I was really suprised to see that this was your look! I didn´t even know that you had a light skinned Norn! Really refreshing to see something so different from you ^^
I simply love this coat, one of my absolute favourite medium pieces as it is graceful and simplistic and the combination with the pants simply looks AMAZING! Now I am really jelly I don´t also own those!
I like the dyes, although I feel they could have a little more oomph, but maybe that´s just me
The weapons fit perfectly and I appreciate that you made the screens and poses a little more exciting this time
Gold ^^
2016-07-20 16:34

Aww, I already told you, that I love her^^
The smal metal pieces on pants and boots are so awesome. The weapons fit perfectly for the noble look and the eye patch gives her an edgy, dangerous feeling.
I really think you made the most out of this simple chest piece and made it look amazing.
Screens are on spot as always^^
GOLD! :)
2016-07-20 16:53

I totaly dig this style! Gold :)
2016-07-20 17:01

Okay, sorry. (i f*cked up i f*cked up i f*cked up) I mean... the look is absolutely gorgeous, it's typical Acethyle. I just hate it when people unjustly bash great looks.
2016-07-21 2:00 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Really nice look, everything looks so cohesive. The design on the eyepatch matches the design of the chestpiece. The studs on the shoulders--asymmetric and not often used, interesting choice--match that of the legs, which also match the decals on the boots. The gloves were a nice touch that I didn't even notice until a second glance--fingerless, leather, and with the majority of it hidden from view it definitely gave the impression of being another pair. The dyes are a nice neutral shade. I would've expected gold on the metallic trim but I can see why you didn't go for it. Although, I would've have gone with a lighter shade of brown, perhaps a mahogany to match the wooden coloring of the weapons.

Screenshots are well done as always, definitely reminds me of the Victorian Fantasy genre. Something along the lines of "The Brothers Grimm" and "Hansel and Gretel" films. My favorite is the one where she's in the Queensdale graveyard; she looks very much in her element. You managed to make this character give off a great vibe as both a noble yet practical woman.

I won't remark on the description but on the originality aspect I will say this. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) thunderstruck thinks your look is similar to Elessar's for the same reason I do: It's not "just" because both looks share the same race (norn), gender (female), skin color (white), and class (engineer). But also because you both have similar armor (chest/boots)--which while only two pieces, one of them is the chestpiece, a prominent piece of armor, especially on a medium class. You also share a similar color scheme (brown) and theme (Victorian). Each of these alone don't sound like a lot but when you put them together, especially in the search function when looking for styles, then that's 6/11 (relevant) slots filled in the same--a 54 percent similarity. And that's only using what can be compared in the search function.

So, yes I do think you share a lot in your look with Elessar's, however, that doesn't mean I (personally) still don't consider this a fairly original look. There aren't that many steampunk norn women on this website so I'd be remiss to penalize the second one with the same idea.
Nevertheless, even though I personally believe this, that doesn't mean someone else should. I don't understand the policing over thunderstruck's vote and comment. A lot of members on this site vote based on personal opinion (which I don't agree with but that's another can of worms) but as soon as someone's opinion goes against the grain they shouldn't be allowed to have it? This isn't a case of trolling, he explained his view and why he thought so. Respect that, move on, and let Acethyle handle any confusion resulting from that himself. I'm sure he's old enough to do so without supporters amassing to decry "one" person's opinion.

With regards to this though: "I don't really understand this attitude of always compare with other stylists. I wish more people could look at a style and just appreciate it for what it is without compare or refer to other stylists". I hope I don't come across as harsh for saying this but...really? There are five sliders in the rating system with an entire slider (20 percent!) dedicated to judging whether or not someone's look is similar to others. As long as that slider exists that's how looks on this website will be judged.

From the About Gw2style page: "Originality: Is this look creative or have you seen many looks similar to it already?" I know a lot of people don't read, care, or even know that page exists and that's not surprising. A lot of what's stated on it and the relevant "Medal Voting" section underneath is poorly explained and pretty vague. What do you consider as a lack of creativity in a look? On which number do you draw the threshold for "many looks similar to it"? What is a "nice" screenshot? What is a "nice" description? These are all subjective questions that are answered through personal opinions. Personal opinions that are often skewed to postive from others using filters on screenshots and "pseudo histories to justify their choice of items" on descriptions.

But I'm rambling, getting away from myself, and derailing this post so I offer my apologies to Acethyle for that. Overall my point is: unless the FAQ page is changed to be more precise and objective in how someone should judge a look then people are going to default to their personal opinion and you can't blame, judge, or even (in some cases) call them trolls and give their own looks bad ratings because of that. Especially if you're using your own opinion as the standard for rating other people's looks. To think otherwise would just be...hypocritical. If you don't like the current voting system, think it's unfairly weighted, or feel unjustifiably voted down then don't complain about or to the people making you feel that way. Most of them are just following the system, instead actively try to change it yourself. Go to the Site Feedback pages (Suggestions and Medal Voting) and leave your own comments and thoughts on how you think the system can be improved.
2016-07-21 6:23

I love this look. It's "simple" but I love all the little details that match together. Really great! Gold :)
2016-07-21 14:24

Fashion Guru
I just want to say that I respect your opinion. Like I respect everyone's opinion. Everyone is free to think this look is similar to another one and vote accordingly of course. The slider is here for a reason and is what it is. I agree with a lot of points. But I still don't share the same point of view about the presumed resemblance and think this look is unique enough and doesn't need to be compared and that's why I wish it wasn't compared. That's only my opinion. Also I'm not a fan of this voting system for several reasons, but that's another problem and like you said there are feedback pages for suggestions.
Btw I'm really happy you mentionned those movies cause they are perfect examples and it's exactly the kind of style I wanted to achieve.

The only thing bothering me here is Thunderstruck's comment and that's why I reacted in the first place. And not because he didn't give me a gold because once again of course people are free to vote the way they want. But I won't say more about this cause I'm loosing my time and it's pointless.

Anyway, thanks for you very detailed comment and I'm very happy you like the look.
2016-07-21 15:55 in reply to Ursaring

Fashion Guru
Thank you !
I just added a screen from the back in character selection :)
2016-07-21 19:32 in reply to Migg

Fashion Guru
Another golden look :)
2016-07-21 22:17

Excuse me but what PC do you use? I want to play with those Graphics too!!! :3
2016-07-22 2:07

That looks just simply amazing !!
2016-07-22 5:38

Fashion Guru
Wow stunning.... Those screenshots I just love it.
2016-07-22 15:47

There's really nothing more to say than everyone else already said. Love it. :)
2016-07-25 5:47

Fashion Guru
I just play on a very shitty laptop... :x Really nothing special sorry :x
Graphics at max for screens only.
2016-07-25 9:03 in reply to Trusendi

Fashion Guru
Merci ! I'm so happy to inspire you and I can't wait to see your norn :p
2016-07-25 9:05 in reply to Pattou

Fashion Guru
Thanks everyone for the nice feedback =)
2016-07-25 9:06

-- Comment has been removed --
2016-07-26 17:18

she looks fabulous omg. her face is so freaking hot and she looks really sexy imo despite not showing much skin.
this is definitely the best look i've seen with that chest piece! the combo, the dyes, the weapons, simply stunning!
2016-07-31 13:46

Fashion Guru
She is awesome! Beautiful screens!
2016-09-13 10:31

Amazing shots and beautiful outfit! Gold from me!
2017-06-13 15:47

Furious Paws
Simple but amazing. I love the screenshots C:
2017-08-18 10:44

Ariel Charming
Fashion Collector
so simple but spicy at the same time!!
2018-08-01 9:18

Such a pretty look!
2020-05-05 9:52

This is brilliant and amazing. Very simplistic. Not flashy and crazy like most, its a good look to settle down with. I love it. Gold!
2021-08-12 21:43

Fashion Guru
Every now and then I find this again in the look battles and it's always superior :,). The light blonde hair with the black leather, it's all so good! She really breathes opulence with a rough edge due to the eye-patch, it's so good! It kind of reminds me of Helga Sinclair from Atlantis!
2022-10-03 5:06

Amazing! Love the description.
2023-11-19 8:01

Arrrr Captain
2024-03-04 8:03