Current Look Battle Rankings

Sylvari Revenant Kronos Baelfire

By: Kronos Baelfire

The Noble Huntress

By: Acethyle

The Witch in the Woods

By: Acethyle

• Closer To The Stars •

By: Billy


By: Chro

Simbi Khali Ossa, Desert Queen

By: TheKimmynator

The Poseidon's Legacy

By: Acethyle

The Technocrat

By: Iluvaldur

• Read The Wind •

By: Billy


By: silvertree

The Sniper V2

By: Professor

The Banshee Queen

By: inferno

[Jungle] Maguuma Wastelands Recon Ranger

By: frederickx

The Tempest God

By: Acethyle

Spider Engy

By: zellurs

[Color Clash] The Shaman Druid

By: Acethyle

The Emerald Prince

By: Acethyle

The failed experiment

By: Deathblade Kenny

• Knight •

By: Billy

The Rooster´s Croak

By: Elessar Taralom