Current Look Battle Rankings

• Knight •

By: Billy

Witch of the Mists

By: shopaholic

Sylvari Revenant Kronos Baelfire

By: Kronos Baelfire

The Witch in the Woods

By: Acethyle

Mysterious Man of the Mire

By: Binny Babbit

• Fruit For The Crows •

By: Billy


By: Silverbleed

• Closer To The Stars •

By: Billy

Warrior of the Icelands

By: jesandsteven

Evelyran Keaira

By: Evalithia


By: Chro

Steampunk Engineer

By: Dinabi

Born from a frozen tree - Yildun Daphne

By: Bremy

Legionnaire of the Wastes

By: Ashwolf

• Read The Wind •

By: Billy

Simbi Khali Ossa, Desert Queen

By: TheKimmynator

Crimson Lion Warrior

By: jesandsteven

The failed experiment

By: Deathblade Kenny

Kepkhet, Desert Warrior Queen

By: TheKimmynator

Tribal Savage Death

By: Odeezee