The Poseidon's Legacy

By Acethyle on February 17th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
56 9
2 0
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She might be the daughter of Poseidon himself. Since her young age, she would had been assigned to the protection of the seas. Henceforth oceans are her kingdom and she watches over them from her throne above the clouds. Sometimes she comes down on earth, plunging into the sea and going all over her domain. It seems she looks like a mermaid. If you're lucky, you could cross her path.

Someday, as the goddess was swimming in her kingdom, she noticed something had changed. The ocean wasn't as beautiful and the water as pure as they used to be. The undead and corrupted creatures had invaded the seabed and it was slowly turning into a place where prevailed death and blood. Even as a true goddess she couldn't stop the corruption by herself. Fortunately, she knew she could use her secret weapon. Only in extreme circumstances. Only if someday something unstoppable and out of control would happen. A day like this.

A long time ago, the gods locked away an ancient and dangerous sea creature in a secret and abandonned realm so no one could ever find it. Only them knew the entrance to this forgotten and frozen place. But this time, the goddess had no choice but release the monster.
It was the time...The time to release the Kraken.

For this look, I wanted to make something that could live underwater. Something like a mermaid. And when I tried this helmet, I thought about Poseidon right away. So I tried to make a kind of mythological look, and created something that could be assimilated to Poseidon, or an ocean goddess. I had to find a staff that looks similar to a trident and I think this one could do the job !
I tried to reflect the sea with those turquoise dyes too. Leystone shoulders for the blue glow that reminds me of an underwater stream. And carapace boots for the gems which add a nice mermaid vibe ! :)
Hope you like it !


Elessar Taralom
Yay, there she is! Truly amazing, the screens are just a feast to look at, the armour is creative and the dyes are incredibly on point
Really love the harpoon gun here!
Looking forward to their little colaboration ;p
Gold! ^^
2016-02-17 5:21

Fashion Guru
She is epic! Great idea!
2016-02-17 5:46

Fashion Collector
Tu sais déjà ce que je pense de ce look *.*
T'as des screenshots vraiment excellents, j'aime beaucoup !
2016-02-17 6:21

Fashion Guru
Oh my gad this is amazing!! My mind is blown, what an artist you are! A thousand more gold for you if it was possible!
2016-02-17 6:35

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
perfection. gold
2016-02-17 8:42

Fashion Guru
Holy Banana what an awesome character.
Besides this awesome armour and this perfect usage of the helmet those dyes are so well chosen (as always!) and I adore this theme so damn much. Her face and the skin color are matching with the overall look!
Screens are beautiful and purely amazing. Gold!
Aand I want you to make some group shots with her and Elessars Engi, please! :D
2016-02-17 9:34

Perfection in its final from ^,^
Id give you Gold for every single screenshot of these masterpieces, amazing!
I love the screens in the fractal, looks so majestic and godlike :O
G J !
2016-02-17 12:21

Fashion Collector
.. seriously, just how many characters do you have? Do you create new ones for new looks or do you just replace old ones? Because I can't even imagine how heart-breaking it must be to replace aaany of them. T__T Or do you even go as far as deleting and creating new ones?
Anyway.. incredibly creative, as aaaalways!
2016-02-17 14:45

Fashion Guru
I wish I had a lot of characters ! Sadly I have only 9.. So I keep my old looks, I just buy new armors. But yeah it's annoying because everytime I make a new look I have to buy a makeover kit. But I think it's less expensive than buy character slots :p
And thank you :)
2016-02-17 15:14 in reply to Minale

Fashion Guru
amazing. love any single screenshot you do everytimes! aaaaaand another gold for you again xD
2016-02-17 16:04

Fashion Guru
Wow ! The idea is amazing and I love how you brought it to life ! GOLD ! Bien joué !
2016-02-18 12:37

Fashion Collector
Perfect, like all you others skins. Gold :)
2016-02-19 8:40

We should organise some dotations for you to buy total makover kits and continue your masterwork hahaha :D
She looks very fearful on some screens, like sea witch.
Beautiful colors and screens, as always :)
2016-02-19 13:50

Fashion Police
Sorry that someone decided to troll you; I've cleaned things up a bit!
2016-02-23 4:00

Bubble glider! :D
2016-03-30 0:43

Very nice! Do you have a shortbow that fits with this?
2016-06-23 4:21

Fashion Guru
I think there is quite a few! Here are some bows I have in mind : seraph, pirate, pact, chaos, pale stag, aureate ... and certainly others! ^^
2016-07-08 15:23 in reply to Roald

I found this site hoping to spruce up my Sylvari. This outfit is my fave. You have done a wonderful job!!
2017-08-17 21:08