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My name is Kenny, I’m a Dutch GW2 fashion connoisseur from the Ring of Fire EU server. I’ve been playing Fashion Wars for the past 15 years, since Guild Wars: Factions. I prefer heavy armor, but I pride myself on my ability to make a look for anything—any class, race, or gender. I challenge myself to be as creative as possible when making these looks. I mostly make cosplays, but I’ve made hundreds of inspired looks, as well as my own creations. Don’t hesitate to dm me on discord @Deathblade.9717 or ingame at Deathblade.4856, even if you just want to share a new look you made. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I’m the founder of the United Arts of Tyria [UAoT] alliance, and the leader of the ingame [UAoT] guild, as well as the Styled To Death [STD] fashion community. Feel free to browse my portfolio of designs, and dm me if you have any questions or join the discord: