Color Clash

Color Clash is GW2 Style's new monthly contest that challenges your eye for dye! Each month, three armor sets (one light, one medium, and one heavy) will be selected for the challenge. To enter, just submit your best look that uses that armor set. For those that prefer to mix and match armor, there's a contest for you too! Each month, we will also select one weapon for the challenge. The weapon challenge may be entered on any character (that can wield the chosen weapon) in any armor mix you like. To enter, just share a look that uses one of the clash themes - once you've specified the clash items your look will automatically be considered.

May Clash


  • One entry per category per Stylist. This means that each month you may enter a maximum of four times if you choose to participate in each category.
  • No preview screens allowed. We have multiple categories each month in order to increase the chance that there is at least one category each Stylist has the resources to enter if they wish. Unfortunately, preview screens are very limited in the way they handle dyes and are not suitable for a contest like this.
  • The challenge armor or weapon must be specified on your look page. To count as wearing the armor set, your look must contain at least the chest, leggings, and boots of the armor set. What you wear in the other slots is up to you!
  • Looks that fit the requirements but were submitted before the monthly clash began are still eligible to win. If two people happen to submit identical dye schemes, the earlier entry will be considered for the win.


The winners (one winner for each category) will be selected by GW2 Style site admins based on the following criteria:

  • Theme: does the choice of dye and accessories go well with the clash item? Accessories should be chosen to highlight the clash theme rather than disguise it.
  • Location: does it make sense to wear the clash item in this place? Does the lighting complement the colors chosen?
  • Crowd reaction: how did other Stylists rate your look? For this we will consider comments, medal votes, and performance in the Look Battles. Looks not entered into the Look Battles (for example because they use SweetFX for the main image) are still eligible to win should they score highly on other criteria. Also note that the judges will consider not only the raw scores for medal votes/look battles but also who was doing the voting. Opinions of veteran site users will be weighed more strongly than votes by new accounts. Convincing your guild to register and vote gold on your look is not going to just let you win ;)

Winning looks will be listed on the Previous Winners tab, and the Stylists that submit them will earn a special badge for their profile. An announcement will be made on the homepage when winners for a previous contest have been selected.

Previous Winners

Month Light Medium Heavy Weapon
April 2016
March 2016
February 2016
December 2015
November 2015
October 2015