Fractal Huntress [Color Clash]

By silvertree on March 30th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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51 3
1 0
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Hey all :)

Finally I’m back with a new look. My last upload is about 3 month ago. :/
I hope I’m not out of practice.

All your great looks in the last month inspired me to create a new ranger look.
As you can see it’s a fractal theme and it is made for color clash medium armor.
It wasn’t easy to find a look for inquest armor that is not already used a lot of times (engineer themed). I hope you like the result.
I tried to match the colors with the fractal weapons without dying it tone on tone. I think it worked quite well.

Pls tell me how you like it. :)

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Fashion Collector
Holy HECK the screens are of the charts especially the second one where you capture the evading shot, PERFECT. Definitely captured the essence of the fractal weapons with this dye scheme, even though your characters silver you're getting gold.
2016-03-30 14:01

Don't worry, your not out of practice but briliant as always :) The look is AWESOME!
She is simply perfect! Dyes are simple but fit the look and the use of armor is very original.
Gold, gold, gold!!!
2016-03-30 14:13

Elessar Taralom
woooow, this is amazing, the screens are to die for and the dyes are so so so pretty
the fractal skins are usual not my favourite skins, but you made me love them with this look!
right now you don´t have any concurence in your category, but you would have destroyed every other look with this anyways
2016-03-30 14:30

Stunning as always! Its SO nice to see one of your gorgeous looks again!!!
The screens are absolutely breathtaking! Just as i expected from you ^,^
Feels great to give you Gold again after quite some time ;D
2016-03-30 14:36

Fashion Guru
Yayyy welcome back ! We missed you :p
You're still amazing, nothing has changed !
She is perfect.. I love the fractal theme, the mix and the dyes fits perfectly with it! I love this helm too !
On top of that amazing screens!
There is no way you don't win this time !
2016-03-30 14:41

that's incredible looking, really great combination!!
2016-03-30 14:52

Fashion Guru
Now that is an elite if I ever saw one! Amazing screens, amazing armor combo and dyes! ~throws gold everywhere~
2016-03-30 14:58

Ohh so nice to see your new look again :3 you still rocks!! ^_^
I love screens with galaxy background. Fractal weapons never look so good. Also great dye job.
Hope we can see your next new look soon :3
2016-03-30 15:30

Fashion Guru
Oh thank you so much for your great feedback. Feels good to read your nice comments after month.
I'm really happy you like it. ^-^
2016-03-30 16:03

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
she looks fucking badass, totally earned gold
2016-03-30 18:35

De La Croix
Omg, it's amazing, Gold
2016-03-30 19:33

Really nice look! I would have never thought that armor combo would go so well with fotm weapons. Gold =)
2016-03-30 22:05

Fashion Guru
Lovely unique Color Class look, it doesn't look like most fractal based looks i've seen. It seems a bit more simplistic, which i really enjoy. *Gold*
2016-03-31 0:13

Fashion Guru
Thx a lot guys. :D
2016-03-31 5:11

I wish I was half as good as you.
I wish I could give you more than just Gold.
Like hall of fame gold along with your snow druid.
2016-04-02 10:28

Fashion Guru
Omg ty so much! ^.^
2016-04-04 5:23 in reply to Eremite

O_O So cool!!!! The Armor pieces just fit so well with the Fractal Concept and the dyes mix so well with the weapons.

A total bad ass!!! gold :D
2016-04-04 9:43

WOW! This is amazing!
2016-04-06 5:16

2016-08-12 13:48

I love your Screenshots!
2020-07-26 12:18