The Myth of the Oak Tree

By silvertree on April 15th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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The Myth of the Oak Tree

Once upon a time a family - parents with their five years old son – lived in a wooden house near a little forest. From behind the house it was a few meters to go to the forest edge.
The parents weren’t happy anymore. They were struggling a lot. Every time when their son could hear them, shout at each other, he ran into the forest to escape the row. He ran to an old oak tree that stood in a clearing and sat down on its roots. The boy spent hours in the forest to dry its tears.

One evening the boy fell asleep under the oak tree. At full moon the moonlight cloaked the oak tree. Its roots began to move, its branches deformed. The oak tree awoke through the feelings of the little boy. Magic created a living tree, a tree with feelings for this little child that lay at its roots. With feelings of a mother the wooden creature put its “arms” around the sleeping child. It carried the boy in its arms and went an overgrown path deep in the forest to care for the boy that he would never cry anymore.
Next day the parents were searching for their son. They were worried a lot. Even with the help of the police the boy couldn’t be found.

He has never been seen anymore.

Hey all, it’s time for my new sylvari look. ;)
Decide on your own if the little story has a happy or a bad end. It’s the story of this sylvari look.
I tried to make her look like a real tree, with friendly eyes (of a mother) and a mysterious appearance. I’m not sure whether she is a beneficent fairy or a just a metaphor like the "erl-king"("Erlkönig"). ;)
By the way, I’ve never used as much different colors as in this look. It was really hard to match everything. This is probably the most challenging look I’ve made.

Please tell me how you like it. (:

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Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Wow just... WOW not only is the armor mix amazing and the dyes fantastic. The screenshots are superior. They made me speechless. About the story. Well it speaks for itself. you earned my gold ;)
2016-04-15 9:27

Elessar Taralom
Yay, there she is, luckily you didn´t leave me waiting too long!
She really looks gorgeous, should think that there are no creative planty Sylvari looks left, but you just prove me wrong!
I love the contrast between the green, brown and orange/red, especially on her face (Incarnate Mask always wins!); plus the light glow was a smart choice to bring in another neutral colour
The screens are fantastic, good thing you found a kid in the woods after all xD
I like the reminiscence to the Erlkönig, it is just an outstanding look and I wish I could give more than gold! ^^
2016-04-15 9:35

You show her twofold nature perfectly. Mysterious one at screen in jungle, swamp and peaceful on warm, sunny screens, absolutely gorgeous.
Also I feel armor is unity with her body, like a tree trunk and upper branches of a tree.
Everything is so beautiful and mysterious. I love everything about your look, I see you put a lot of attentin for it :)
2016-04-15 9:42

@ Deathblade Kenny: Ty so much for your kind words. :)

@ Elessar Taralom: Glad I could convince you of there are new and creativ Sylvari looks left and I hope I can do that in the future too, because there will be more Sylvari looks I wanna do. :D

@ morriganiontko: Glad you noticed my intention to show the two sides of her. :)
2016-04-15 10:00

Fashion Collector
For the sake of... how the hell you managed to do this look?!

When I gave it a first look, I thought 'ugh, another full cultural theme'... and then, bam, I see you just are using TWO pieces!

Just for this work, a well deserved gold, Silvertree!
2016-04-15 10:11

Omg omg omg I really love this look :D

The dyes are perfect!
The screenshot are perfect!

I never thought this backpiece would fit pretty well but now I see I was wrong ^^
I like the idea of using the illustrious shoulders and gloves and dye it green, I never had that idea and look really good.

Good job!
2016-04-15 10:17

Oh and that hairstyle, its perfect aswell XD
2016-04-15 10:18

I'm in love with her!
You did an amazing job with the dyes. I can only imagine how hard it was to match the different pieces to her skin and hair, but this is perfect.
Your story is great and so mystical. (I think both endings, good and bad would be cool.)
I was a bit sceptical about the ascendet armor skins at first, but they add a nice edge to the look and the "fluffy" parts look very organic with your dyes.
You were my first fashion-crush on this side, and every time you post a new look, I know why :)
2016-04-15 10:23

@ Cambeleg: Haha ty so much. :D The new challenge is to create a natural sylvari look without using cultural armor (almost^^). It's always hard to combine cultural armor pieces with normal armor because of the glowing. The dyes look always different.

@ Migg: Ty dear! Your perfect comment makes me smille. :D
2016-04-15 10:24

@ NanaItalia: Oh wow, I really feel honored. :D It was luck that I noticed, that the ascendend pieces could look great, because I had already the right color on the previous shoulders.
2016-04-15 10:29

Fashion Collector
Just when I thought I saw all the plant looks that could be achieved with a Sylvari here you come to shake that tree (pun intended). I simply love how the dyes fit with the armor , quite the symbiotic relation going on there. The screens are excellent and spread the vibe of the look. If anybody gives this anything lesser than Gold they need their eyes checked. Overall I'd rate this look E ,E as in Effort ! Hope this comment makes up for the time spent looking at your dye screen when your eyes were about to pop out their sockets . :D
2016-04-15 11:06

Fashion Guru
:O what happened to the little boy?! Does the living tree still care for him?! Is he part of the forest now :O

Your screens and dye combinations are just amazing. Your story comes through so vividly when you read and then flip through the screens slowly taking it all in. Just blew me away actually and this was a real treat this morning, so thank you! There is just not enough gold for this presentation so Ill give you what I can!
2016-04-15 11:15

@ Garrius: Ty so much. :D I was about to crawl into the monitor to find the right dyes.

@ Purgatori: So glad you like her. It's up to your fantasy what happened. Who am I to reveal the true ending. ;D
2016-04-15 11:22

Fashion Guru
Gold! Your salads are always my favorite!
2016-04-15 12:01

This is by far the best autumn themed sylvari ive seen! *,*
The armor mix is quite original despite using rather common pieces, which is great to pull off!
Your colour-scheme deserves its own brand and 1000 Gold votes alone o.O
On top of that you have those super pretty screenshots and a very nice story!
Extremely maxed sliders for you!!!
2016-04-15 12:11

I love it ! Really natural and so classy, she's awesome !! :D
Massive gold for you
2016-04-15 12:50

Bear Boss
This is truly, Truuuly amazing. Gold from me. I truly loooove the styl.e the armor, the dyes. Everything
2016-04-15 18:43

Fashion Guru
The 4th row down, 2nd screen in ... can you tell me where that is please? Is that Bloodtide Coast?
2016-04-15 19:25

Binny Babbit
Wow, this is an incredible look in every way, from the dyes to the screenshots to the armor. I can imagine how great you must have felt when you finally completed the look.
2016-04-15 19:39

Fashion Guru
Wooow O.O
I have no words... I'm just in love !
This is probably my favorite look from you... Everything is perfect : dyes, armor mix, screens, backpiece, weapon, story.
And this screen with the child... *-*
This deserves way better than gold !! You will never cease to amaze me! :)
2016-04-15 20:21

Love it love it love it, love the eyes especially. That Incarnate Mask doesn't see much use and it's used perfectly here as eye shadow. Gold =D
2016-04-16 1:05

@ jesandsteven: Ty so much :) Sylvari styling is a lot of fun for me. :D

@ Hylek: Thx a lot Hylek. :D The color scheme was a real challenge to me. xD

@ Pattou: I'm glad you like it. Ty ^.^

@ Bear Boss: TY so much. =)

@ Purgatori: 4th row 2nd is swampland fractal, but I think you mean the 3rd row? 3rd row 2nd is Straits of Devastation near singal peak waypoint during an event. ;)

@ Binny Babbit: Yes, I was REALLY happy. :D Ty so much!

@ Acethyle: So kind words dear. :D I think it's my own favorite, too. :D I think I will concentrate on sylvari looks in the future. I already have something in mind, that has to grow. :D

@ frederickx: Haha, as a woman I know how to highlight eyes with eyeshadow. *laughs* xD Thx a lot. :)
2016-04-16 1:39

Fashion Guru
Oh my lord! This is such an amazing look! From head to toe I am simply in love with your Sylvari!
Wonderful armour combination between cultural and non- cultural armour. I especially love the chestpiece the dyes are looking amazing there. In general I adore the dye sheme it represents the theme you were going for sooo well. Everything just works together in a perfect way- the skin tone and the hair, the Sylvari's glowing everything is soo beautiful and the screens are just stunning!
It deserves all the Gold I have!!!
2016-04-16 7:57

totally amazing work you`ve done here! :)
nothing left to say..just WOW!

by far one of the bast themes ive seen..i love it!! :)
2016-04-16 8:24

GOLD GOLD GOLD! so unique and beautiful!
2016-04-16 9:03

woa amazing. the dyes are perfect, i love everything about this outfit *-*
2016-04-16 11:56

@ AnaChronism: Ty so much. =)

@ Anchona: Wow, thank you!!!

@ Warrioress : Ty for your gold. :D

@ Chro: Ty dear. :) I'm waiting for a new look of you, btw. :D
2016-04-17 2:00

Fashion Guru
This is extraordinary. The main screenshot caught my attention, but it just got better from there.

First of all, the screenshots are amazing. You used a ton of environments and ideas to flesh out who this character is.

The armor and dyes are subtle but intricate and clearly well-thought-out. And what gets me the most-- what really amazes me-- is how the outfit springs to life when you factor in the sylvari's bioluminescence. It makes an otherwise brown-ish outfit and makes it feel alive and powerful.

Beautiful work. Instant gold.
2016-04-17 18:46

@ Chiorydax: Ty so much! Your comment really makes me proud. The dyes were the most difficult about it. Glad you like it so much!!
2016-04-18 5:21 in reply to Chiorydax

wow thanks :D i don't change my outfits often. when i like them, i like them for a long time :D i have two new ones though, just not enough time to make nice screens. maybe in a few days :)
but it's really nice to see you're back here ;D
2016-04-19 15:12 in reply to silvertree

Wow. It always takes me a very long time to do anything with my sylvari because I always want them to look perfect and since there is SO much to play around with them concerning colors, it's very hard for me to really be happy with* a look. However, I am really, really impressed with this look and I absolutely love the colors and dye choices!!

edit: oops, my english. :)
2016-04-28 23:55

@ HeartlessValkyrie: You are right, there is a lot to think about, but that's what makes a lot of fun to me.
Ty so much for your words. :)
2016-04-29 7:12

Fashion Collector
Very nice *.*
2016-05-05 12:44

Thx a lot, Billy! =)
2016-05-06 2:34 in reply to Billy

2016-11-15 12:49

This is sooo pretty!!
2017-10-30 17:35

Fantastic, I'm so in love !
2018-06-29 11:03

Ariel Charming
Fashion Collector
nailed it
2018-08-04 14:24

Love the way you combined sylvari cultural and regular armor, the use of the illustrious shoulders and gloves for this is really cool.
2022-02-22 11:51

Love the way you combined sylvari cultural and regular armor, the use of the illustrious shoulders and gloves for this is really cool.
2022-02-22 11:51

Love the way you combined sylvari cultural and regular armor, the use of the illustrious shoulders and gloves for this is really cool.
2022-02-22 11:51