By silvertree on May 9th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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I’m Rayussori, a wild and barbaric sylavri. I have never seen a forest or any other member of my race. I even don’t know my own appearance. The first thing I can remember is the gloomy sky over me when I awoke from my “dream”. This dream was actually a nightmare for me. I was hunted by the creepiest and most dangerous creatures I can imagine. I believe this was a test to prepare me for a harsh life.

I’m an outsider now. I have never learned to communicate with other races. They fear me, they don’t understand me. The only thing I’ve learned is to fight to survive, and that’s what I can do masterfully. I never lean on others; I fight to save my own bacon. Don’t believe in my kindness.

Over the years I collected a lot of trophies from my victims and build my own special equipment. I call myself a trophy hunter now; bones, flesh, tendons… that’s what I need. That’s what I am.

Look at me and stand in awe of my ferocity.


Hey all, this is my new look for a sylvari warrior. :)

The whole idea started with the spectral weapons and grew more and more to something completely different. The first idea was something like a spectral shaman, but soon I noticed that the mordrem weapons are something special. I actually don’t know how to call this look, she’s something like a bone collector and she decorates herself with the remains of her victims.

Taking screenshots was a lot of fun to me this time, because of the fighting scenes. Fighting the abomination was a real challenge. Please enjoy.
You can see more fighting screens here if you want: http://imgur.com/a/NcJxB

Feedback is appreciated! =)

PS: Used the same ingame graphic settings as Acethyle. Ty so much for this clue. Love it!


Fashion Guru
How much time does it take you to take the fight scene with the abomination ?
Anyway, it's a very good look, I love how you use the new shoulderpiece (the heroic one will be even better imo) and the helm is great !
Screens are well done and the story is really good too. A well deserved gold ;)
2016-05-09 14:29

LOVE it!
She really looks wild and i love all the bone elements you used!
The screens are amazing and i love the natural colours!
Your choice of weapons is perfect (but kinda expensive xD) ... chapeau for the dedication ;D
Definitely gold for that awesome themed look!
2016-05-09 14:50

Ohh I love this warm light on screens in Orr.
Great idea and execution! Action screens are just wow.
Awesome work!!
2016-05-09 15:06

That helmet with those shoulders and gloves fit PERFECT! Now I love those! Plus the dyes you did put on those pieces (and the rest of the armor) is perfect aswell.
You also did a very good about the weapons!
The screenshots are very nice!
Too bad I can't give you more than one gold, because I LOVE this look!! :D
2016-05-09 19:19

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2016-05-09 21:10

Fashion Guru
@ Pattou: Ty :) Those screenshots took 3 - 4 hours, because a lot of ppl are running arround there and fighted my mobs. :/ And it killed me a few times..^^

@ Hylek: Ty, I'm really proud of the weapons. I think I love them now. xD

@ morriganiontko: Ty. :) Orr is a really good place to take screens imo. :D

@ Migg: Thx a lot ;D The shoulders are really great for heavy armor, I spend hours in wvw to get them. :D

@ skyline4400: Thx. =)
2016-05-10 2:46

Elessar Taralom
Really awesome look! A very distinct theme with a flawless execution
I usually don´t like this helmet, but in this look (and especially with those shoulders) it really works miracles!
I am particularly fond of the dye scheme, it looks barbaric and primeval and the teal on the cape is a really nice breakup
Where this look really left me in awe are the screens! They are just utter perfection, especially the combat screens; they look so immensely crisp, is that only Ben´s wonder settings or did you also retouch a bit?
Anyways, have a well deserved gold, I would give you more if I could for such a perfect upload!
2016-05-10 6:04

Fashion Collector
This is really cool, I like the mix helmet/shoulders/gloves with a "light" heavy chest, my kind of proportion :]
All boots are difficult to choose with this legs but you did it well! Really nice job
2016-05-10 7:39

Fashion Collector
Don't know why, I felt a deja vu watching this concept... it reminded me the barbarians from "The 13th Warrior"!

Good job, Silver. A very nicely executed concept, plus using Sylvari for it!
2016-05-10 7:51

Fashion Guru
@ Elessar Taralom: Ty so much. :) Ben's settings make the colors more clear and outstanding. Especially on some maps the sky looks really different, because there is no glowing. For the screens in Orr, I've changed the contrast between sky and buttom to bringt out the wild environment, colors of the character are the same. ;)

@ Billy: Yes, I struggled with the boots. Some dyes look so different on them, but for this look this boots are the best I have on hand. ;) Thx a lot for your feedback. :)

@ Cambeleg: Your deja vu makes me proud. I really wanted to do a realistic look for a warrior, that really looks wild. Ty. :)
2016-05-10 8:20

amzing love it
2016-05-10 9:08

Fashion Guru
She looks amazing ! *-* Everything is perfect !!
The mix with all the bones elements is so cool! I love the colors and the weapons you chose! And the quiver too :o
Also I love the turquoise on the arah legs to fit the weapons. Such a nice detail!
And the screens.. omg they are beyond perfect! The light is superb and they look more clear than ever :o
I never realized Orr could be so beautiful! (love the background in the first orr screen!)
And the action screens with the abomination are just woow *-*
Keep up the perfect work ! I hope you'll continue with the sylvari looks ! :D
2016-05-10 9:43

Eren Bole
Yup no comments needed ^^
2016-05-10 11:56

Gold for you! Really nice job, finally a look where i really like the berserker helm . Also your screens are very good too.
2016-05-11 9:24

Fashion Guru
OMG! What is this magical character and why is this so amazing?
I can't help myself, I am in love.
Thise screens are so amazing, so damn amazing I am extremly jealous of you for having such wonderful screens!
I think everything has been said already but that won't hold me to tell you how frikken amazing your character looks.
The whole theme, the armour mix and your weapons are just on point. I never ever thought that I would love this headpiece but damn, I love this headpiece!
I love the dyes as well, very natural and still so cool and fitting! I really like that you have a little tiny subtile blueish element on the bottom piece of your armour it's a nice addition to match the Spectral weapons.
I will say no more because there is not more to say about this badass and gorgeous look. Take all the Gold I've ever had!
2016-05-12 18:40

Muesli King
Fashion Collector
2016-05-12 19:39

Fashion Guru
@ nirsamra8: Ty :)

@ Acethyle: Thx. :D I'm in love with the sylvari race by now. I think I'll go on with sylvari looks! :D

@ Eren Bole: Ty ^.^

@ hawk: Thanks a lot. :D

@ AnaChronism: Omg thx a lot! I'm really proud of the screenshots, it was a lot fun to take them! Glad you like it so much :) *happy*

@ Muesli King: Ty :D
2016-05-13 2:42

Is there a need for any comment other than marvelous?
2016-07-26 17:01

Fashion Guru
Ty so much faminho :)
2016-08-01 2:57

I am standing in awe of your ferocity.
wow...I just asked my friend how is it possible to take such screens...full marks! Gold!
2016-09-25 11:54

Perfect =D Love all the skulls scattered around, great look.
2017-05-02 2:15

Love this, haven't seen this style of look yet!
2018-01-02 13:08

Holy crud, this is phenomenal dude!
2018-03-17 14:51

Yea this is a very brutal, awesome look! Love it!
2018-03-26 12:59

I LOVE it! What skin tone/ skin pattern is she using? :)
2018-04-07 14:51

Ariel Charming
Fashion Collector
2018-08-02 18:58

2020-05-27 16:26

Ate and left no crumbs i fear
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