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I love creating and spending my time on many different and exciting looks and I am very passionate about small details and a nice execution of a theme or generally a look that seem to be awesome to me. I am aware that it takes some work and effort to present something beautiful and nice and I think this is a part of the whole creation of a character and his/ her look. I take every comment seriously and I am also very open minded about suggestions and advices on how to improve a look. As a critic I am doing my best to be very objective and fair at the same time. I never mean to insult anyone, I am not offensive and everything I write in my critiques is never a personal insult. I am basically rating what every stylist is offering me on their uploads and I am willing to help and give advice to those who appreciate my efforts on helping them. Those, who might think of me as an arrogant person are sadly on the wrong side here but it's up to them how they feel about my comments. I am actually a nice person who's passionate about interesting and cool looks! Please notice that all my screens are taken with GemFX and that I don't use anything like Photoshop to edit my pictures. Right now I am having 16 characters in total and I am sure that I will add some more characters to that. I think I'll never be not busy :D If there is something you need or maybe you just wanna talk to me you could always find me in GW2 :3 Ingame Name is: Mrs Lovett.2479