Art Looks


By: ieva

The screens are unedited and were created on Domain of Istan map. ...

... new HAIRSTYLE for my NORN

By: ieva

Cantha was my favorite part of GW. To pass the waiting time until End of Dragons I designed some new hairstyles... and a desktop wallpaper. Have fun!

... new CLOTHES for my NORN

By: ieva

___________________ I made my norn new clothes :) As a wolf shaman, as an owl worshipper etc. I hope you like it as much as I do. Have fun

• The Collection •

By: Billy

Hello everyone, it's been a while! ...

The face MASKS

By: ieva


ANATOMY of the Sylvari * 4

By: ieva

I have played around with my Sylvaris pictures again. Today there is Sylvari Ballet :) ...


By: ieva

The Gate of Secrets guards a dark domain of hidden and dangerous knowledge. ...

ANATOMY of the Sylvari * (Armor)

By: ieva

Somewhat older designs for sylvari armor with butterflies and flowers theme

character lineup

By: evixi

just a bit of fun ...

ANATOMY of the Sylvari * 3

By: ieva

Today I show some Sylvari hairstyles. I had the idea for a new wallpaper "Sylvari girl in the rain" (bottom left) and just tried some brushes...

ANATOMY of the Sylvari * 2

By: ieva

The Little Mermaid (Danish: Den lille Havfrue) is a bronze figure on the Langelinie waterfront promenade in Copenhagen. The sitting figure on a foundling was the inspiration, my model for my Sylvari mermaid picture (below "pictures of...


By: ieva

Today I looked at my GW2 Beta Screens folder and came across my creation of Masquerade Armor. ...

ANATOMY of the Sylvari

By: ieva

Today I show the anatomy of the Sylvari. The first picture shows Sylvari before awakening (This picture was used as a template : Both portraits - this is how I imagined and wished...


By: ieva

The screens are unedited and were created on Bitterfrost Frontier map. ...


By: ieva

The screens are unedited and were created on Thunderhead Peaks map. ...

...King of the Dwarves

By: ieva

Short reminder of Jali's Ironhammer - the old king of the dwarves of Deldrimor (unfortunately there is no suitable character creation option in GW2). ...

Frosty Impressions

By: ieva

I was just playing a little with ice :)

... new TATTOO for my NORN

By: ieva

I know that periodically, ANet adds new hair styles and colors, new faces, eye colors, and most recently, accessory colors. But where are extras for Norn? New tattoo designs and colors! I would so love to stab a new tattoo for my norn...

The Christmas baubles

By: ieva

...only small winter impression of Christmas balls GW2 theme

Lacrymosa - On the Brink

By: Chiorydax

Worked on this the past couple days. And with it, I'm caught up to the current story. ...

Lacrymosa - Chapter Five

By: Chiorydax

I was never too happy with this. It felt like a step backward in terms of creative quality, even though I think it's pretty decent in terms of photoshop quality. But this is the last of the old posters I made. Despite being the most recent,...

Lacrymosa - Chapter Four

By: Chiorydax

Probably my best work here. I tried to think more creatively as a way to send off our original lead characters and show that the younger characters were rising to continue in their footsteps. ...

Lacrymosa - Chapter Three

By: Chiorydax

I really went all-in for the effects on this one. ...

Lacrymosa - Chapter Two

By: Chiorydax

Progressing the story, this part took place primarily during Living World Season One. New characters were introduced and the tone got darker. I'm actually really proud of this one, despite it not being particularly polished.

Lacrymosa - Chapter One

By: Chiorydax

So back around launch, my friends and I started an RP storyline called Lacrymosa. I'm not going to ramble about the details, but it was a story I got really invested in, and eventually started making posters for each "chapter" of the...

I spy with my RAVEN EYE…

By: ieva

Here I present my new Wallpaper in some different versions. _________________________ For this I added some original pictures. Created with GIMP

Neytiri (Avatar)

By: ieva

I don't know if I'm gonna use that face for a look yet. This was just for fun...


By: ieva

But the raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only ...

Cosplay Suicide Squad from DC (video)

By: Gosou

This is my first cosplay video from Suicide Squad

Reanimated HMS Aurora Admiral Scorching Kralkatorrik


From the lost diary of HMS Aurora Admiral: ...

Isiana is ready for battle

By: Reick

Hello everyone, ...


By: BaconReaper

A screen I'm really proud of because of how fast Zhaitan flys, its hard to get him perfectly. Sorry for my bad photoshop skills, I'm doing my best! What do you guys think? Feedback is much appreciated

2017 Montage

By: Eremite

It is that time of the year again as I compile some of the beautiful screens uploaded in 2017. ...

Character Collage Portrait

By: XynKe

8 of my characters + Rytlock

Astrid Heldottir, Valkyrie of Honor Tribute

By: XynKe

Just one lonely norn

Talon Alditore Headshot

By: XynKe

Just a quick drawing of my thief

need your advice

By: Reick

Hi, i made this screen long time ago and i would like to share with you all. Of course this picture is retouched, it just for see what you think about: - quality of the screen - Expression of the character - color etc.. Thanks!

Multicolored Masters of War

By: Kashoey

Here are four of my completed looks, all lookin' smooth and cool. I'm proud of all of them and I'll be uploading their individual looks pretty soon! But until then, enjoy this splash art! (The guy on the top is a revamp of my crappy...


By: AraeX

We wanted to share this piece of work we got done about half a year ago - so yes, it is a bit old - by Please do not steal. ...

Guild Wars meets Art Nouveau

By: AnaChronism

Ohai! o/ ...

The Circle of Eight - an excerpt from the Grimoire of Death

By: Eremite

Hi everyone! Decided to make a family photo for my 8 Reapers. ...


By: Pattou

Hi guys ! ...

Pride Month

By: Pattou

Hello guys ! ...

First Art Look Test

By: chiuna

fingers crossed :D