[Color Clash] The Executioner

By BoogieNights on April 29th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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2 7
1 0
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The time of the risen must come to an end!
Allow me to present you my necromancer. I tried to make him resemble an exorcist/executioner of evil.

The armors I used are:
Head: Inventor's Sunglasses
Shoulders: Ascalonian Performer Mantle
Torso: Council Ministry Vestments
Gloves: Diviner Gloves
Leggings: Council Ministry Hose
Shoes: Council Ministry Shoes
As for dyes, I chose a combination of heirloom, charred, cinders and celestial.

Hope you guys like it! ^_^


Fashion Guru
He looks like one of those man in the movies who are so badass that they destroy everything with only one hit ! I love him, the glasses just make the look, it's amazing !
Big gold for your charr, he's awesome :)
2016-04-29 8:27

Elessar Taralom
at first sight I wanted to get mad about the shades, but after giving the whole character and concept a proper look, I must say I love it!
He reminds me of a badass Helsing style!
From his white, wild mane to the bloodred of this coat, he totally fits into this particular genre you were aiming for
The screens are great as well, this is a really worthy colour clash entry and for sure a gold from me!
2016-04-29 15:00

Thank you guys! Elessar, I should've been more specific about my concept, but I must say you nailed it! That was exactly what I was aiming for, a badass dude, um... charr, with a Hellsing feel to it.
2016-04-30 4:24

Your char is awesome, he reminds me of Christopher Walken and his killer crazy look! Well done
2017-03-11 10:44

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