CC: 99 Barrels and a Greatsword.

By Lorelilly on November 24th, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Lorelyte disappeared under the waters surface, the lukewarm liquid felt refreshing to her skin. She had been craving a nice swim or something similar all day and once her eyes had caught sight of the lake she had not been able to stop herself. Heaven forbid, if anyone would catch her enjoying the sparkling diamond depths she was bound to receive a scolding for skinny-dipping within a ‘no swimming area’. Then again, Lorelyte had never been one to obey the rules.

Sucking the much needed air back into her lungs as she surfaced she used her hand to brush the near white strands of hair from her eyes. Only to pause and marvel the fact her hand seemed cleaner than it had ever been the past three days. If she had not known any better she would have truly believed the lake held some kind of mysterious power. Every muscle within her sore body had started to relax as she drifted around somewhat aimlessly.

Knowing full well she had but a few hours of daylight left, she made sure all the sand and dust was washed away from places it did not belong. Hopefully she would find a barn or a tavern along the road before the night would really set in. Her clothes were still damp as she pulled the red corset around her waist. Due to the pressing heat it made her feel a little uncomfortable, but that didn't take away from the fact her clothes were somewhat clean again. ‘Twin calf’s for the price of one’ her grandfather would have called it, the thought made her grin. She did miss her grandfather, but she was glad she still had some memories to make her miss him.

With a mighty swing she threw a big greatsword onto her back for it was something she had to hold onto the item for dear life, since it served to protect her sorry behind whenever she got into trouble. A hood was pulled far over her face to shield her eyes from the setting golden-red sun and her boots sounded empty upon the frozen deserted grounds, as if both were mocking her lonely appearance. A small creature had nestled itself within a hole in the road, contently sucking up the last few hours of heat the road would emit before cooling down at night.

“99 barrels of ale on the bar, 99 barrels of ale, take one down, pass it around, 98 barrels of ale on the bar." It was a song she knew by heart, her voice adding to the roaring wind, not needing the guidance of a music instrument to mimic natures mood. Perhaps she was trying to ignore the fact she was the only person in sight, but truth to be told she loved to be that one little dot within no-man’s-land. If only for a little while.


Fashion Guru
Nice and solit work! i like how the top goes with the bottom :o I should upload a CC post too.. need to get up my lazy ass :P
2015-11-24 19:03

Fashion Guru
Very nice outfit! The coat and the legs match perfectly! GJ :)
2015-11-25 11:13

Fashion Guru
I agree, very nice. Love the red theme to match it with the sword.
2015-11-26 2:33

Good job!
2015-12-01 10:39

jealous I wish i had heritage armor
2016-02-05 14:33