[Color Clash] Knowledge is power

By Anuramoon on December 4th, 2015
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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1 5
3 0
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So I decided to try my luck at this contest xD
I really wanted to go into the Durmand Priory for the school room, but she is in the Vigil D:

May I introduce you to Lilo Phot, a young Asura which longs to know everything.
Lilos parents always gave her to her grandfather, who would tell her stories about his adventures in Tyria.
He always said to Lilo: "Knowledge is power, but you don't always gain it by reading. Sometimes listening or watching is the key."
This were the last words he said to Lilo. The only thing she could get from her grandfathers belongings was his notebook.
When Lilo got odler, she graduated in every three asuran colleges and left Rata Sum to travel across Tyria.
And you know being a tiny Asura isn't always easy. Sometimes you have to be creative to get what you want.


Nice screenshots and armor mix :)
2015-12-04 19:47

Fashion Collector
Thank you =)
2015-12-07 4:30 in reply to Migg