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I love GW2, got my account half year after release. I was in several guilds, found many friends, but unfortunatelly most of them stopped playing after some time. Now I mostly play with pugs or solo and use the game for relaxing. Since the voting system in here is anonymous, I value comments much more than medals. I'm always trying to respond to everyone. So don't be shy and let me know what you like or dislike about my posts ^^ I accept criticism (even if I dissagree) if it's given politely :P I play on 4 yo notebook, so I usually use the worst graphic settings and take screens on my brother's PC. Therefore the "Originality" part of the voting is a bit tricky for me as I see all the other players as identical figures most of the time. All my characters are females. I created two males but after few days I switched their gender :D I just feel more comfortable playing for females.