Mordant High Chieftain

By Deathblade Kenny on November 5th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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Hi guys,
Deathblade Kenny here.
I decided to make a mordant look based on my own creation.

His duty is to train and lead the army of palawa joko.
also known as the Mordant and Awakened.
He earned his rank because he is one of the most fierce and merciless warriors among The Desolation. He will kill anything in It's path and takes on every challenge he can get. Whenever something or someone who wants take over his role. They have to challenge him. So far he is undefeated and nobody worthy has been able to dethrone him. Are you the one worthy enough?

I tried to dye the armor the way the weapons were designed. with black blood, bones, rotten flesh etc.... use intimidating emotes to show he is commanding the army of joko,
and i tried to take fights with elite mordants to show that they tried to challenge him.
Hope u enjoy this creation and looking forward to seeing your feedback!
weapons used: Mordant Slicer
Mordant Slayer
Backpiece used: Ghoul Backpack

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Fashion Guru
Yay, you posted it :)
I hadn't noticed in game but the way he is smiling is truly terrifying.
Love your dye choices and particularly the way the sylvari leggings look like decomposing cloth.
I said I was getting tired of the P.O.F. skins and you have to go and prove me wrong don't you! Gold
2017-11-05 14:32

Hey, that looks very cool. Very natural dyes and armor combination.
I say the same as Mihrean about the smile, it is terrifying ^-^
And very good screenshots.
2017-11-05 14:35

Fashion Guru
At first I was like "Mordant Sylvari"?! What's this gon be. Then I scrolled through the screens and I was like "it's perrfect!" Really, I totally adore the way you achieved a dye span that totally resembles decaying leafs/flesh! I absolutely love the green eyes, they contribute to how majestic but still horrific your character vibe flows and man, those screens are the cherry on the top of the cake! Impeccable, Joko would surely be proud! Gold!
2017-11-05 16:21

There he is :)
The screens turned out really cool, my favourite one is with the raptor. I still think he looks kina friendly for a mordant xD
2017-11-05 17:13

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
:) always a pleasure to prove u wrong mihrean xD tyvm
2017-11-05 17:20 in reply to Mihrean

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
thank you miggi! i didnt like any of the other faces so i had to go with somewhat creep smile hah.
2017-11-05 17:20 in reply to Migg

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Man..... those dyes were a real task again since the sylvari parts are so stubborn as usual... ahahah
thank you very much vgomes!
2017-11-05 17:21 in reply to vgomes93

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
haha yeah there arent many scary faces huh ? but the smile makes him unpredictable tho. kind of a maniac or something ^^ tyvm nana
2017-11-05 17:22 in reply to NanaItalia

Fashion Guru
Another gold look my friend. Even tho I have seen it many times, it still amazes me, I love the natural vibe of this look, even the dyes that are pretty much "vibrant"(like the molten or pyre one) looks really nice and well combined with the brown and "charred" colors.

Idk about the backpiece tho, it suits the look, but its quite like a bonus. Anyway gj!
2017-11-05 17:57


Charismatic character !! On the raptor you are badass :D Gold :)
2017-11-06 0:45

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
yo horsie,
I liked the backpiece cuz it is somewhat theme fitting.
to zombies/mummies/undeads u name it.
on top of that the backpiece looked like it was holding my greatsword when sheated. and i thought that was pretty dope :D tyvm
2017-11-06 9:16 in reply to horsie

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
thank you taliac!
2017-11-06 9:17 in reply to Tallac

Fashion Guru
What they said :) Gold OFC!
2017-11-07 6:36

Fashion Guru
Nail it! My only critique would be I prefer a bit more yellow gold (something like the gold on the Awaken Beast-thingy) than the deep orange-y gold of Redemption. Illumination or Enameled Banana, depending on how the texture plays out , would be worth considering.

Gold on all slides for me. Very original!
2017-11-08 3:05

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
ty jesandsteven ^^
2017-11-08 9:10 in reply to jesandsteven

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Yeah i know what u mean iris.
the thing is....
the mordant weapons have a darker gold than the original awakened gold. so i went with the same as the weapons.
also to be more original than the regular mordants with bright gold. to show i am a commander. or something more than the npcs ;) ty tho!
2017-11-08 9:11 in reply to Iris

Fashion Collector
That looks so bad-ass! Really love the helmet...remainds me I need to get it >-
2018-02-12 2:51

Fashion Guru
This is awesome and is very close to a thematic outfit I have in my head.
2018-07-15 7:11

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
thanks hoba!
2018-07-29 11:19 in reply to Hoba

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
thats great! thanks
2018-07-29 11:19 in reply to Dace

just wow, this absolutely gorgeous and so inspirational, the use of dyes is perfect
2018-10-28 7:53

I really like the Mordant weapons but never knew how to integrate them into a look.
This is the perfect way to do it, great stuff!
2021-05-05 9:03

One of my favorite hands down. The day you showed it to me really inspired me to make a Mordant Crescent of my own.
2022-07-02 18:45