Avarr The Fallen

By Deathblade Kenny on March 21st, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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UPDATED: added some screenshots with ghostly infusion and greatsword.

Hi guys i am here to show you my norn necromancer.
Beware! Avarr is a Norn whose battles are fought without honor, his victories as shallow and empty as the bottomless pit where he resides, banished from Norn society, fallen from the grace of the bear spirit. The animated remains of those he has poisoned, cheated, and murdered are bound to him, following him always, his unwitting servants in death. http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Avarr_the_Fallen

So Avarr The Fallen is the only norn necromancer in guild wars 1.
i tried to bring him back to live. more likely to be rotten. risen. reborn. u name it.
I just used my imagination on how he would look after 100 of years because he doesn't have much detail in guild wars 1
some may call him a zombie. some may call him a swamp beast, and some call him a sea monster. u fill it in yourself. he looks like he can be alot of themes ^^ my idea came from Avarr tho. so as for screenshots i took him to the swamp in queensdale.
in strait of devastation swamp ( thanks hylek for helping defend me lol)
kessex hills cave and snowden drift near the owl shaman skillpoint.
here is a link of how he is

i had alot of fun making this look and it turned out pretty badass if i may say so myself. let me know what u think ;)


i like this style a lot :) not often seen such a good combination on a male norn! :) gjgj gold for me!!!!
2016-03-21 19:35

Elessar Taralom
really scary, but definitely unique!
2016-03-21 19:39

Fashion Guru
Amazing ! He looks so scary his face is epic!
I love the armor the green looks like moss and the dye scheme is perfect!
It's such a cool idea to imagine what Avarr could look like 100 years later. And it's so well done! ^^
I love him ! GOLD! :D
2016-03-21 19:48

Fashion Collector
Gold for me too man, I particularly love his face and this is a really nice choice of weapons! I'm a fan of your GW1 characters :D
2016-03-21 20:13

Damn, man! Pumping out another great look.

I didn't play GW1, so I don't know much about Avarr outside of the link your provided, but from your presentation, I can tell you've put a lot of thought and effort into this. It's a perfect representation in my eyes. He looks old, grim, necrotic, and the dyes compliment that perfectly. The faded grey-greens are fitting, and the leystone armor gives it that ghostly/wispy aura.

Your screenshots are on-point, too. Absolutely powerful and creepy.

A well earned gold.
2016-03-21 22:02

This looks so great!
The evil zombie shaman, an amazing theme, perfectly underlined with amazing screens!
The locations and poses are spot on!
Insta Gold! :D
2016-03-22 0:16

Fashion Guru
He is so unique! The main picture is by itself gold OO Amazing concept for a character!
Gold :D
2016-03-22 5:53

He is awesome! You really nailed the risen-norn-necromancer-look! The lelystone-parts look like corals on his armor. I think, I remember killing Avarr for some skills in GW1 :)
Definitely GOLD!
2016-03-22 6:07

Just wow. Pure gold.
2016-03-22 6:30

Fashion Guru
Wow! He looks so epic and evil! Gold!
2016-03-22 8:24

very intimidating and definitely unique! awesome dyejob, so gold :D
2016-03-22 8:58

I'm so happy you are uploading looks so ofen, they are great! ^^
Very fresh look on necromanter, something different then dark hood reaper, so nice! :)
His face is creepy :o perfect screens and armor combo.
Gold for you :) and I'm waiting for next one ^^
2016-03-22 10:14

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Glad u all like it so much! and don't worry lots to be seen soon.
2016-03-22 10:21

Fashion Guru
ooooook .... that close up ... scared the hell out of me LOL simply badass! GOLD
2016-03-22 11:19

Fashion Guru
this is really original and cool.
you did an awesome work, amazing screenshots too.
i wanna throw more gold medals to you now xD
2016-03-22 15:11

De La Croix
Pure gold.
2016-03-22 18:59

this is awesome. makes me wish my necro was norn.
2016-03-23 16:49

Very original, I love it! I would do some little changes to dyes but its pretty cool aswell ^^
2016-03-25 15:12

RAAAAAAAAWR i have nothing else to say it looks great =p
2016-03-27 14:26

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
hahahah thats awesome bro thank you
2016-03-27 14:34 in reply to frederickx

This makes me really nervous the way he looks at me. Gold for making me wet my pants :D
2016-04-21 6:29

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
hahahaha you're very welcome and thank you for the gold xD
2016-04-21 8:52 in reply to Wermora

WOW! Incredibly scary but absolutely stunning. I'm getting a Rob Zombie vibe from him. Kudos!
2017-06-22 8:33

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
didnt know who rob zombie was but i looked him up. hahahaha u are totally right though! he does look like him. ty
2017-06-22 8:41 in reply to Taelaestaeri

Fashion Guru
Wooow, this is truly awesome. What an unusual look for Norn. I love the main image, his expression! Can't vote different: gold from me.
2018-04-22 8:36

O_O why you make all your chars so scary! its amazing! but i love it!
2019-02-15 14:43

2019-02-16 16:58