The Unsatisfied Barbarian

By Deathblade Kenny on March 15th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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So he just came home from a long long trip...
He finally arrives home, Where he's going to have a peaceful meal at the restaurant.
atleast that's what he thougt....
so he gets to the restaurant, waiting for the waitor to bring him to his table. after a long time of waiting he finally get's his table. but then.... he noticed it wasn't what he ordered after tasting it. he got frustrated jumped out of his chair and screamed for a waitor.
the waitor was still nowhere to be seen. which was getting on his nerves... at last the waitor shows up. they get into a big arguement. All the barbarian asked for was a nice quiet meal. he didn't like the time he had to wait at first. and now it was the wrong food. he has a very short temper and challenges the waitor to a combat duel. he threatens him to come outside where they will have an epic fight....

I was just taking random screenshots when all off the sudden i saw i could make a funny story about it. i hope u enjoy it. atleast i did.


Nice story you came up with :)
When I first saw the screens, I thought he was an evil monkey king or something like that xD
Your armor choice is very original and I just love your dyes! The claws and bone elements of the different armor pieces come perfectly together and the look of the character himself fits perfect too.
Amazing barbarian look! GOLD :)
2016-03-15 11:04

Pics could be more diverse (there's more than one tavern in Tyria, and there's even an outdoor moot in Timberline Falls!), but that story forces me to give you gold. Great use of the zerker helm!
2016-03-15 11:37

Fashion Guru
What an amazing warrior look ! I love his face with this hairstyle, beard and tattoo! Oo
The armor mix is so cool and the dyes are perfect. Great use of this helm! He looks very unique.
And what a funny story! The screens go perfectly with it ;)
2016-03-15 11:48

I give, got no suggestions for this, it looks pretty darn epic and purrfect!
Creative screenshots and nice, well balanced and fitting armor combinations and colors!
2016-03-15 12:44

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
had to stick to just one cuz the story is about the inside and outside of that tavern. i know it could be more diverse with screenshots. but i wanted to do something different for once
2016-03-15 12:51 in reply to NanaItalia

Elessar Taralom
He really is a badass! I usually hate this helmet, but you really made it work! I think the dark skin colour really is what pushes this look from a weird combination of skins to a thoughtout design
2016-03-15 13:45

What a berserk!
The armor comb is truely unique, havent seen anyone using this helmet for a loooooong time, and you used it so well!
The colours are very fitting and i love your story with the screens for it :D
Gold from me!
2016-03-15 15:47

The bored look on the helmet skull made it for me
2016-03-16 7:35

I agree with everyone above and give you gold with pleasure :)
2016-03-16 13:54

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
thanks for all the supporting comments! (y)
2016-03-17 6:15

Love the story! Pure gold.
2016-03-22 6:32