The Leyline Gargoyle

By Acethyle on June 18th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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51 3
1 0
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I was once a fearsome and recognized knight. That was before I was captured and buried alive by my enemies. Everything collapsed. I slowly died and it was the end. The darkness and the silence forever. At least, it's what I thought.

Indeed, the witches had another plans for me and my death wouldn't last forever. With a leyline ritual, they brought me back to life by turning me into a mystic winged creature made of stone. Kept alive by the ley line magic, everytime I feed on a line I get stronger. I'm not even human now. Kindness, empathy ... I forgot the meaning of those words. Only a blood thirst and a vengeful feeling inhabit me. I can't die and no one will ever stop me anymore.

Henceforth, I serve the witches. When I woke up, I knew they were my masters and I couldn't resist to obey them. It was like something in me I couldn't fight. By turning me into their war machine, and using me to achieve their purposes, they are now unstoppable. But it seems I'm not the only one. Indeed, I heard my masters have created other creatures, to make an army of immortal beasts. Each one bound to a specific magic to be even more redoubtable. The first thing the witches commanded me to do, was to destroy their enemies and opponent covens. It was a great joy and an easy task to kill them, but my blood thirst only got stronger.

Now that the dragon has been slayed, I can feed on the leyline magic that has been released from his body and become even stronger. Everlasting stony creature, I will serve my masters until their death. And when they'll die, then maybe I could finally be freed of their grip. Only then, I could have my true revenge by tearing apart the bodies of those who once caused my human death. And If unfortunately they're already dead by this time... I will gladly annihilate their bloodlines.


Hello !

I'm back with another gargoyle look. While the first looked more like a statue, this one is supposed to be more stony. I wanted to make a creature whose body was made with true rocks. An ancient knight who were burried in the ground and brought back to life thanks to a leyline magic ritual. And while being extracted from the ground and transformed into a creature, stones attached to her body and what was left of her armor.

So I tried to reflect that in the armor and the weapons, with stony armor pieces, and warrior armor pieces like the helmet and one side of the shoulders and gloves. Also I chose this helmet for the horns.
With the weapons I chose turquoise ones that remind of the leylines like the staff, the mace and the shield, "normal" and used warrior ones like the axe and the sword which are supposed to be the weapons she was burried with, and stone weapon (hammer).
For the colors I went for grey to make the armor look like stone and turquoise to match the leystone chest effect, and fit to the leyline theme and weapons.

Hope you like the look !

PS: I also updated my first gargoyle look (new boots, screens and story) so if you're interested you can see it here:


Fashion Guru
amazing, just amazing. what else to say? another gold for you :D
2016-06-18 14:12

Very cool update of our gargoyle!
I like the leyline addition to it! It adds some cool details and i love the idea of the ley-magic bringing her so life!
Your weapon-choice is spot on, as always ;D
And your screens are simply amazing! The dark athmosphere they create really presents the look in the right way!!!
What else should i give you but Gold :D
2016-06-18 14:53

Elessar Taralom
Yay, there she is!
I love that you mainly took screens with the helmet on, I think I didnĀ“t see it on any look so far and it has a very menacing, medieval feel to it!
I think I actually like her even more than your precious gargoyle, the helmet really wins it for me! I also really love your whole story and the leyline idea behind it since it gave you the opportunity to incorporate these nice blues into the look ^^
As always I really adore the weapons you choose, you always manage to get the best out of all your weapon skins!
Adore your screens and your story and I should really also upload my gargoyle soon ^^
Gold ofc!
2016-06-18 15:29

Fashion Guru
Amazing. Gold.
2016-06-18 17:31

Fashion Collector
Such a cool idea :D your screens are always amazing man. I'm a huge fan of Vintage Silver dye and it looks great on this armor combined with those dyes. Deserves gold for sure.
2016-06-19 5:33

Fashion Guru
2016-06-19 9:09

Love her
2016-06-19 22:59

Fashion Guru
I just dont even know what to say lol
Everything is so crisp and clean while giving the effect of an 'other worldly sense' for lack of a better description XD
I love the use of the helmet there. And as previously stated am glad that it appears in all of your screens
Im also really happy that you used the blue dyes in a way of enhancing her armor without it taking over completely, I find blue dyes hard to mesh with other colors at times.
Weapon choices GOLD , Armor choices GOLD, Dye choices GOLD LOL
Just straight up BADASS!
2016-06-20 11:08

i like this gargoyle more than your other gargoyle look ^-^
all the armor pieces are in perfect harmony. the leystone parts looks really awesome in here!
2016-06-22 7:22

Fashion Guru
Another really amazing look! I already was blown away by your first gargoyle look but now you managed to create something similar and yet very different that looks too amazing to be real!
I adore this armour combo. I never really liked the pants you used here but it's such a smart idea using this skin because of its texture and style and in combination with the Ley Stone chestpiece it feels like it could be something from the same set.
The hemlet is really one of my favourites and it looks so amazing on your Norn. What I like the most are her bright piercing eyes that are peeking through this small 'window' it creates a very chilly vibe.
The colours you used are just spot on, very stone- like and I like the blue accents that are not too dominant but yet a very good addition to the theme and your weapons.
Screens are- as always- breathtaking and very beautiful. I especially love the one with Mordemoth's head!
All in all you desvere aaaaall the gold x3
2016-07-02 6:05

Thought you achived championship in gargoyle theme, but here we go!
This look is less humanoid and more rough for me and it's great!
I really like leyline energy on screens and how you combined blue glowing on your look!
2016-07-09 5:49

Fashion Guru
Very badass! Gold!
2016-11-03 7:42

Really well put together! Love the use of the Leystone set!
2018-01-12 11:38

Just logged in to say this is awesome. So much thought went into it.

2018-04-02 13:43

Absolutely incredible. Gold!
2022-02-19 17:59