The Sniper V2

By Professor on April 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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Back with a sleek look for all medium armor wearers!

This time, it's equippable by ALL races (tested on humanoid races, screenshot included!). It's the mono-tone black look that accentuates the glow of all the tech pieces, works exceptionally well with any weapon with a distinct glow.

It's a spacy, shooter look--inspired by the Mass Effect Nemesis (Snipers).

Just a few notes and thoughts I have on the armor:

Personally, this is the look I can't stray away from in-game. It's just something that's really sleek that would catch my attention from afar--it's not too ostentatious, but it also takes to customization well.

As long as you stick to the Glorious top (which, is both AWESOME and just, at times, annoying--because you want to change it up, but you're too in love with it)--you can actually drop the Magitech, and just go for a sleek armor combination in general.

The Strider chest piece is actually a great substitute for the Glorious armor, and I have a combination I will be sharing soon.

If you have glow-y weapons, I enjoy switching from the golds to whatever color the weapon is. Works particularly well with the yellows of Incinerator/plasma weapons (kinda similar to gold, though, so probably doesn't count), blues (like Azureflame), and is gorgeous with green!

If you're opposed to being full monotone (it does get boring!), the leathers take Oil Slick very well--along with dark reds (compatible with more diluted colors of the Order of Whispers--perfect for being a sneaks!) and for the plated parts, Charred and Antique Bronze are recommended!

View the original here:
Male version to come soon~!

Tell me what you think :)

Discuss this look on Reddit at GuildWarsDyeJob!


Awesome look!!!
I love the new pants you chose and the look fits the legi absolutely perfect!
For my taste some sleeker gloves would look better, but the magitech ones surely add more technical stuff ;D
Gold for this amazing sniper-look!
2016-04-29 21:05

Fashion Collector
I personally dislike that mask, but the rest looks really nice so I can overlook that.
2016-04-29 21:36

Haha thank you! I know the mask warps the face underneath which can look silly--and the gloves are bulky, I agree, but I did want to have the glow there--at least for this look. Wish it wasn't so obtrusive sometimes :P
2016-04-29 22:42

First of all, you did a good job with the armor pieces you've changed! I love the combo of chest and pants!
And your screenshots are amazing.
Just one thing.. If you are a sniper, you should use another headpiece (like the noble mask), because the gas mask is not made for targeting somebody very closely. ;)
Nevertheless you get a gold for this amazing look!
2016-04-30 2:24

Elessar Taralom
Really sleek ann futuristic look and I feel like it´s really an improvement over the first outfit (which also already was really cool)
I personally like the Gasmask if it fits the look and this is definitely the case here for me; it adds to the futuristic design
Also the screens are top notch, have a gold ^^
2016-04-30 4:02

Fashion Collector
I'm very sorry, but I have to say this: dat booty doe!
Hahah. Very cool look, I like it~
2016-04-30 5:00

WOW I've been trying to nail this futuristic soldier sniper look for ages but couldn't pull it off. You did it so well!
2016-04-30 6:42

Holy shit, this looks so well together! Cudos for making an original mix that looks so badass!
2016-04-30 7:29

Thank you so much everyone for the kind words ^^ definitely looking to make a guy version available and other fun variants.

And yes, I may have accentuated the booty too xD
2016-04-30 15:13

Fashion Collector
I like the combo! I tried out the legs with krytan jerkin, looks great too.
2016-04-30 18:33

You made the gas mask look sexy xD
I love the combo and the dark dyes with the small gold-orange details.
Also screens are amazing!
2016-05-01 7:30

Fashion Guru
Dang! It's so badass and awesome I can't take my eyes off her.
I love this futuristic look and I am so happy that you used the gas mask the outfit is so much cooler with this nice detail!
The rest is as well really nice I like the armour mix in general (especially the chestpiece is one of my favourites). I like the fact that you used some higher boots and the Magitech- gloves are so spot on.
I think I could praise every single detail of every single armour piece you used but I think it's kinda clear that I like everything about your look!
The dyes are very nice as well and totally matching your rifle!
Screens are on point and just exceptional.
I will throw every Gold I have at you, take it, just take it!
2016-05-02 19:10

oops, don't know why my comment got wonky there, but thank you so much! It's super appreciated and I hope to put up more that have as much love for the details ^^!
2016-05-04 17:18

Love this one, still GOLD in 2022! :D
2022-09-24 18:41