King of the dead Sands

By Nemo on November 16th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
31 9
1 0
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Just reactivated my old necromancer, who I only kept because he has Tailor 500.
Decided to give him a new style. I like armorpieces who show off some skin on male characters, so I tried to create something like a shaman or cultist.
In the end it ended somehow in a twisted prince with an egyptian flair.

Hope you like it! :)


The look is amazing!
Simple armor-comb and dye-scheme, but looking really good ;D
Your screens are quite nice, though some more wouldve been cool :P
Anyway, still Gold from me!
2016-11-17 9:15

Awesome :o Nice usage of the bug weapons too, the colors match wonderfully :D
2016-11-18 20:54

Fashion Guru
I really like this look! The combo is awesome and something I haven't seen that often so far. The headpiece is an outstanding piece and in combination with the chestpiece it looks very great.
While I really like this look I think there are some tiny little things missing.
For example the dyes- I really would love to see which colours you used on the different armour pieces and since there are a lot of dyes in game I can't really tell which are which so maybe you could add this little detail to your description?
Also this look really deserves some more screens. This look is very beautiful and I think you could take a little more time in order to give us some more diverse screens I would really love it!

Overall this look is very awesome and I am digging this pretty fella and only some really small additions are missing to give you a solid gold.
2016-11-19 7:32

Fashion Collector

First of all: thanks for the nice words! Never thought he could get so good votes :O

I already updated the colours and weapons and I will add more screenshots soon!
2016-11-19 7:53

awesome look.
everything matches very well and I love those dyes!
sexy and cool :P gold!
2016-11-19 8:33

Very nice! Tried this top also. Couldnt find something this good.. Sexy also ;)!
2017-05-13 15:38

really nice combi and choice of weapons! tribal armor is one of my favourites too!! totally nailed the egyptian theme!
2017-05-20 4:54

Awesome, very fitting for the new scourge in path of fire!
2017-09-27 14:16

Oh wow, he's hot.. I mean, he looks great. Nice armor mix and nice dye job. Gold.
2019-01-07 14:24

Deffinetly one of my favourites
2020-06-16 13:58

Ariel Charming
Fashion Collector
2020-11-05 6:30