The Banshee Queen

By inferno on May 27th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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43 3
3 0
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Night elves were my favorite race back in Warcraft III days, they were simply so mysterious and beautiful. I was thrilled that it was actually possible to recreate that look in GW2~ :D

I used Sylvanas Windrunner as my source of inspiration as i felt she had such a unique look and was instantly recognizable from her hood. Also known as the Banshee Queen, she had an undead skin tone which the sylvari class was wonderful for, not to mention the elf like ears!

It was really a challenge mix and matching the armor for medium class, as i didn't want it to look too assassin creed-ish nor too trench coat-ish, i think people with medium class can associate with this dilemma hahaha.

The forest of the Iron Marshes were an ideal location as the trees had a bluish purple tint, especially when it hits nightfall. I had a fun time making this look and i hope you guys enjoy them too~


This is another example of a dark look which looks still amazing!
The dark purple hues combined with her skincolour and the red eyes make this look very interesting!
Your screenshots are very atmospherical, good job on that!!!
Definitely a Gold from me :D
2017-05-27 9:40

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
im starting to become your fan. gold
2017-05-27 10:16

Fashion Guru
Gold from me too, I love it!
2017-05-27 10:29

Fashion Guru
Holy shit man, u getting better, and better every new look, i love this theme, looks really dangerous and mystical, the armor mix and dye job is top. She looks like she is about to suck away my life force or something, i like how u chose the color for her skin and her eyes.
About screens, they are perfect, nothing else to say, gold from me. Keep up that great work!
2017-05-27 12:40

Fashion Guru
I like the leggings... I would never have thought that I would like those leggings! The hood is one of my favourite pieces and I love how her eyes glow. She's sexy and yet at the same time very menacing and scary *brrrr*. Gold
2017-05-27 13:04

thank you so much guys for the lovely response!! I am so glad that you guys liked it
2017-05-28 2:52

very interesting..very dark ..but the black purple color combo in combination with those freaky red eyes is amazing..looks really cool!
2017-05-28 4:29

Elessar Taralom
At first I thought this was another boring full Shadow Abyss look, but taking a closer look it´s nice to see that you actually used a lot of different dyes to create the look!
The armour mix might not be the most original, but the overall presentation definitely makes up for that
I particularly like her red eyes, really makes her smth special
Gold ^^
2017-05-28 5:09

She looks like a dark elf from Skyrim wearing Nightingale armor :O Great look, wonderful screens, and a very cool evil aesthetic.
2017-05-29 0:46

Fashion Wars
wow she really looks alot like Sylvanas Windrunner!! such a great look for a sylvari! GOLD
2017-05-29 12:50

very mysterious look, love her bright red eyes!
she really looks like a night elf, nice!
2017-05-30 18:27

She reminded me of Drow from Dota 2. Terrific!
2017-05-31 8:15

Fashion Guru
Great use of dark dyes while not loosing any of your detail. Gold from me.
2017-06-03 0:51

Fashion Guru
I always secretly wanted sylavri to be more elfe like, you did a great job:) gold
2017-08-18 12:17

insta gold, very naice
2017-12-15 10:18

Fashion Collector
This really inspire me to make a Sylvari and I'm not even a big fan of them. Have my gold!
2018-02-14 13:58

10/10 from me , great job !!!!
2018-07-08 23:51

nice one
2018-07-30 7:28

Ariel Charming
Fashion Collector
2018-08-04 15:31

Really cool!
2019-01-01 15:06

Love it!
2020-05-12 4:25