The Technocrat

By Iluvaldur on August 22nd, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Grey
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Ladies and gentleman, Dear ministers,
Today I am talking in front of you, because humanity needs a change. What is left from our former glory, our victories and superiority? What does humanity stand for in Tyria? We needed to sign peace treaties with our worst enemies, we were barely able to fight against the white mantle and now we can’t even protect our citizens from a horde of stinking centaurs and you are sitting here, having no solution at all. But In know the solution: Technology! Every race on Tyria, except the Norn are more scientifically advanced than Human. The Asura build enormous flying cities and the Charr march into battle with huge tanks. Even the Sylvari who are quite new on this continent, were able to build up a civilisation and one of them even destroyed Lions Arch. And what were human engineers doing the last hundred years? They built a giant mechanical orchestra in the middle of Divinities Reach!
So I beg you, give me the resources and I will make humanity great again!
(Pun intended)

This is my thief’s second outfit. He is a big admirer of Scarlet and learns from asuran and Charr technology to bring back humanity to its old shine. I would have loved to use it on an engineer, but I already got an asuran one and it just looks better on humans.


A classical engi look but well-done nonetheless. Love the mix of metallic paneling and the leather.
2017-08-22 11:18

Fashion Collector
Wow That's quality armor
2017-08-23 5:53

Fashion Guru
I really like the greenish hint the oil slick dye gives and the rubicon shoulderpads are always lovely. Lovely, appropriate screenshots (though how dare you insult our mechanical orchestra!). Gold :)
2017-08-23 7:51

Decent look, only thing on my mind is that the boots don't fit the outfit in my opinion. It looks too fancy compared to the rest of the set.

Dying is decent, bit plain. But realistic which I can appreciate.
2017-08-23 15:54

Thank y'all ^^
@Delyn I also thought long about the boots, but I just liked the way they look like some sort of cable or pipe. Actually I used a ton of different colours to match them all, because same colours appear differently on different armor pieces.
2017-08-28 5:21