By Chro on June 16th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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106 4
2 0
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Hey! o/

I wanted to come up with a new look for my chrono and already settled for that chest-leg combo a while ago. Unfortunately there wasn't any nice shoulder skin because they all kinda looked too girly and not bulky enough for my taste.
My goal was to create a strong and determined looking woman - a shieldmaiden directly came to my mind when I eventually tried out the new houndskin mantle. So in the end this shoulder skin motivated me to finally create a norn/nord/viking-inspired look.

In my opinion the houndskin mantle fits perfectly to the lawless boots which have both the spikes and the fur on it. The mask shall look like war paint and it conveniently has these spikes on it, too.
I love the vigil armor and have also used two pieces of it on my previous look, this time it is the gloves and the pants. Again, all the other pants looked too girly or simply didn't fit the theme, so I had to go with these (and I also really like them :P).
That big metal thing above her chest bothers me a little but I still think this chest piece was the best choice as it isn't revealing at all and actually looks like heavy armor.

I chose simple dyes and weapons to fit the viking theme as best as possible.
Taking those screens was really fun, especially the last ones :P

Note: I use GemFX, but the screens are not edited apart from that.

I hope you like her!


I love the screenshots, the backpiece in this screenshot looks awesome!
The dyes are perfect and I really like the armor combination. They should add more armor items like those.
My favourite thing are the back item and the weapons, how they fit with the rest of the armor.
I usually don't like that hairstyle but for this kind of look it is pretty good, most of them are very girly.

Good job!
2017-06-16 10:04

What a slayer look!!!!!!
Cultural, thematic, realistic, lorefriendly, simply stunning!!!
The armor-comb, colours, weapons and even the backpiece are so spot on!!!
And then those screens, PERFECT :D
My favorites are the ones where shes drunk, very funny shots ... SHOTS ... get it xD ... ok ill stop ...
If there was an option above Gold id use it!
There was an insane amount of looks with these shoulders, so many that i thought i will vote bronze an each and every time i have to see these shoulders again xD
But you made them great again!!!
Max sliders :D

2017-06-16 10:13

Thank you very much! :)
Regarding the hairstyle: I considered to change it because the norn hairstyles would be perfect with this, especially the one with the side cut, but I still liked how this looked the most :P
Thanks for the feedback!
2017-06-16 10:23 in reply to Migg

Haha thank you Hylek! You always know when to use a pun :D

Ohh yeah there really are a LOT of looks with these shoulders and I felt the same as you :D But I simply had to use them because they look so cool and were the type of armor that I was missing before they came out x.x

Anyway, thanks a ton for your nice comment! :)
2017-06-16 10:28 in reply to Hylek

The main screenshot looks like it's actually from Skyrim! Awesome look :)
2017-06-16 10:57

I like the barbarian look, and the natural colors - very cool!
2017-06-16 13:07

Fashion Guru
It's a very unique chronomancer look. Even though I prefer her back without the backpack, it's not a big deal. My only nit-picking is the fur puff on the boots - they are too distracting away from the whole look. Still a solid Gold to me!
2017-06-16 16:19

Fashion Guru
Wow this is awesome
2017-06-16 16:42

Elessar Taralom
This is an amazing upload, such a marvellous look!
I love everything about her from head to toe, the mask is just one of my favourite ones and overall she doesn´t look like light armour at all
The dyes are subtle and spot on, the presentation is breathtaking...really one of my favourite uploads on the site for a while!
Gold on all sliders ^^
2017-06-16 18:55

Fashion Guru
Awesome look O_o I'd say she looks like bandit from Skyrim. I think the armor mix is very original, certainly don't remember seeing anything like this before. Great job!
2017-06-16 19:39

Fashion Guru
The more I look at this outfit, the more I like it. Your character looks tough, she looks fierce, and she looks perfectly at-home with the norn, while also having a distinct warmth to her.

I'm just very happy with this look. It's not something I would have ever come up with, and it's exactly what it needs to be.
2017-06-16 22:36

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
this is my new favorite look now :O i love vikings. u hyped me the fuck up . gold
2017-06-16 22:46

Fashion Collector
i really like this look! i'm usually not a fan of the boots, but they work really well with the look, especially the shoulders. gold~
2017-06-16 23:16

Fashion Guru
Just wow. This look is so perfect man! There's nothing else I can say
2017-06-17 2:27

Fashion Collector
you used my combo of the chest and shoulder piece! Nice ^^D
2017-06-17 4:52

nice nice nice!! :)
2017-06-17 7:57

Fashion Guru
Love the screens where she is drinking with ambrosia so much. I love the plain shield, I love the mask.... just everything about this is so awesome and such a nice change from standard purple chronos.... Gold for sure!
2017-06-17 14:54

Fashion Collector
I love how you turned a light armor character into looking into something like that of a warrior or guardian, very impressive
2017-06-17 19:27

Bianca Zauberkind
wow....just wow... everything fits so well and the screens look so brilliant, making it look like a different game then gw2. ö__ö
Plus; it really took me a while to notice, that this is a light armor look. I thought it was a heavy armor look, til i read through the comments :D
2017-06-18 19:47

damn guys! O.O
I wouldn't have thought that I get so much awesome feedback from y'all, thanks a ton for that!
I'd love to reply to every single comment but I'd just spam my own look page :D
so thanks to every single one of you, it's always a pleasure to read your comments :)
2017-06-19 10:12

Great fur-armor styled look! I've been playing skyrim lately since Guild Wars 2 is bugged and REFUSES to update, and this armor just screams nordic. Love it =)
2017-06-21 10:56

I thought this was heavy armor until I noticed the Incarnate Mask! Amazing!
2017-06-21 17:24

Fashion Guru
Amazing look. Very good job.
2017-06-22 13:14

thank you very much! :)

I had that problem for a while, too. the game could not update because the client would crash every few seconds. if that might also be the problem for you, check the error report. if it says "LavasoftTcpService64.dll" somewhere, this should be the cause of the constant crashes. this is malware and has to be removed. there should be videos and posts if you google it on how to remove the files.
I hope this helped :>
2017-06-23 8:57 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Guru
Woow another amazing look from you ^-^. It doesn't even look like it's light armor. It's so unique! I love the shoulders with the boots, I love her face with this hairstyle and this mask, I love the natural colors of the armor and the armor itself, I love the weapons and the backpiece you chose, and I love the screens :P
Everything's perfect imo : max sliders :D
2017-06-23 12:24

Fashion Collector
2017-07-01 1:24

Fashion Collector
I saw this character in DR few weeks ago and she's really cool and badass, I particularly like the proportion (shoulders/chest/legs) and I like short hair for female character. Colors fit to the style itself, the tattoo on her face is well chosen and fit perfectly to the whole look, same thing for the backpack and weapons. Screenshots are nice too (even if I don't like GemFX). A sexy, badass and charismatic female woman with a classic look, it's a success in my opinion. Gold !
2017-07-15 7:38

So good.
2017-07-26 8:00

this is amazing!
2017-08-23 15:04

I love it!
2017-09-04 12:01

Fashion Guru
Absolutely amazing! I love that you went with some vanilla game skins aswell, not many people do that. It all works so well together, super well done!
2017-12-10 9:41

Perfect, very Nornlike
2018-03-28 7:27

This is one of the most creative looks I've ever seen for light armor. Everything about it is so cool, and at first glance I thought you used heavy armor it looks so authentically shieldmaiden-like. Awesome job! :)
2018-08-02 21:18

Love it! Totally gonna steal this look for one of my characters :D
2018-10-07 4:43

What a cool Chrono look!
2018-10-08 12:57

I like that. You got my gold
2018-12-31 21:37

Amazing look!
For the life of me I cannot figure out what face you used!
2019-01-14 3:02

2019-05-23 5:18

Looks like something out of Monster Hunter
2019-09-07 12:59

i would have gone with a short Norn rather than human. but still really great.
2020-03-19 0:00

ohh this is awesome
2020-05-25 12:34

That fits all soooo f good! got my gold!
2020-07-26 16:57

I love this look!
2020-07-27 20:48