Gilded Beetle Queen

By NanaItalia on August 4th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Hey guys, this is ehm... I actualy don't know, what this is^^' I really like the look, but my mind just can't manifest a story, that would suit her.

I just started mixing stuff around the backpiece and it turned out like this. Not, what I was originally going for, but it looked good, so I decided to upload it. I tried to bring in a lot of metal to match the back, but also keep some organic parts with the fluff of the shoulders and the pants. In combination with the pants the backpiece reminded me of some insect like claws. So, mechanical mystic insect thingy it is xD

If you have any idea, what story could explain or suit the way she looks, please tell me^^
As always, hope you like the look :)

Edit: Staff is the Frostforged Staff, Dagger is the Sparking Dagger and Backpack is Relic of Grenth


With the rise of big bulky metallic backpiece, come a lot of designs that remind me of hindi deities in general. I love it!
2017-08-05 1:07

Fashion Guru
2017-08-05 6:38

So pretty *,*
I love the dye-scheme, blue-gold-white just never fails to get my attention ^^
The Core Ice seems to be perfect for matching the zodiac armor. I hope we can choose more recent dye-packs on the 5th bday :D
Imo you dont need a perfect theme if the result speaks for itself! And it does :D
Love the backpack here and your screens are gorgeous!
Gold from me!
2017-08-05 9:49

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
a gilded beetle..hmmmm. interesting.
nobody can make sylvari like u.
very nice touch with that new backpiece.
great dye combo and use of the zodiac. gold ofc
2017-08-05 9:50

Fashion Collector
There are some people here, who, I dont expect to do less then gold. And you are one of those people. ^^)
2017-08-05 10:02

Fashion Collector
This is amazing, I feel like you took inspiration from the egyptian scarab beetle
2017-08-05 15:02

Fashion Collector
Love this colour. Mystic
2017-08-06 17:50

Fashion Guru
Another perfect look from you, unique and outstanding, nothing much to say haha, 100% gold.
2017-08-07 13:14

Fashion Guru
Whoa, this is awesome! :0

Instant gold!
2017-08-08 9:17

Fashion Collector
Wow! So quick to utilize the new back items. Another great ethereal goddess look!
2017-08-08 14:54

Fashion Guru
This is stunning: I love the glass blue of her skirt which combined with the top makes the blue zodiac original. Makes for a very interesting combination with the backpiece :) Gold for sure
2017-08-13 4:29

Elessar Taralom
She looks so mystical and otherworldly!
Great to see that someone else saw the beauty in these kind of clunky backpieces
Gold of course ^^
2017-08-18 15:36

I still like the Zodiac armor :) Gold !
2018-11-07 14:28