Kaerwyn Cedric; Flower of War

By XynKe on June 21st, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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11 3
1 0
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"Born from the largest pod along with his siblings, Kaerwyn can easily surpass the size of the tallest norn. Though intimidating in stature and often terrifies many visitors to the grove, his heart is still that of a newborn sapling; curious, kind, and often an air head."

For this look I wanted to create a fully organic armor set for my sylvari warrior. I actually use the enlarging potion to create his giant size to fit in with his story. Which is basically:
Hes one of the sylvari triplets born from the same pod while sharing the same dream. Kaerwyn being the youngest but abnormaly the tallest and largest of the three. No one is quite sure how he got so tall either he overgrew, a mutation or abundance of magic seeping into the pod. After his tutoring from the firstborn he showed promise as being a warden to protect the grove and its outlying areas.. Due to his help in defending Astorea from the nightmare court, Niamh gave him the honorary title; Flower of War. This title is given to those who show both valor and ferocity in combat.

Btw if anyone ask about the gif this is what I used


I know that creating Sylvari looks are hard because there are not enough skins, but I really like yours. The dyes are perfect, and I like the story and the enlarguing potion :)
The screenshots are very cool, my favourite are the 7th and the 9th, they are so beautiful!
As the presentation is perfect, gold! :D
2017-06-21 22:30

Fashion Guru
I can't get bored from sylvaris with plant armor
2017-06-21 23:02

Fashion Guru
Now this is how Sylvari Cultural should be! I love how you use so many different dyes to create the look. It makes him look very natural. Obviously not very original because as Migg says we really need more cultural armour. Your stunning screens are what make this a gold from me :)
2017-06-22 4:50

Fashion Collector
i wish anet would release more cultural armor for sylvari, because there are so few pieces to work with! i love the color combination and the screens, gold :)
2017-06-22 13:48

Elessar Taralom
For a cultural Sylvari look - which is so hard to make unique because of the limitations - this is really well done
You mixed as much as possible, gave us a creative mixture of dyes and presented it really well, so it´s an overall gold from me!
2017-06-22 14:46

Im Jelqing
L A C K L U S T E R. Bronze at best
2017-06-24 19:48

Teach me your ways ;-;
2018-05-22 11:09

Fashion Guru
I love this so much
2019-04-16 4:47