Champion of Lyssa

By XynKe on October 6th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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16 7
2 0
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"May you bring the gift of art, culture and eternal peace throughout Tyria" - Lyss & Ilya

As Champion of Lyssa, a title given by the goddess herself to those with exceptional talents in art, literacy and culture. Ashton was a young orphan taken in by the priesthood of Lyssa in Divinities Reach, at a young age he demonstrated amazing skills in art. His paintings garnered the attention of many patrons including the queen herself, many say his paintings "come alive". As years passed Ashton's once jet black hair started to whiten, his oaken eyes turned into an unnatural shade of purple, visions of two women speaking began to appear in both dream and daily life. Until one day he started manifesting a mirrored butterfly; the telltale sign of Lyssa's gift and blessing.

Through his dreams he learned of the arts of creation, phantasms and illusions from Lyssa herself. As a reward for his completion of Lyssa's education he was given a staff created by Ilya and an armor crafted by Lyss. With his teachings completed he was given one final task, to bring Vabbi back to its former self. "Destroy Palawa Joko as he plagued my patroned city with his hideous creation he calls the awakened, let them see again the light of beauty and the gift of eternal peace, go my champion"

As he wakes he finds a neatly folded clothing and a massive staff leaning on wall, a note by his bedside read "I have prepared a hidden portal for you near Ebonhawke, Lyssa asked me to create this as you head north to Vabbi" -Kormir

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Love it!
2017-10-06 14:28

Fashion Guru
Hmm I thought I'd commented here already. Sorry!
Anyway, I love how he looks so avian and mysterious. There's quite a few warbeast pieces here but you've managed to make something very different to the actual armour look which I like. Screens are very Lyssa appropriate and the pink is subtle and a nice touch. Gold from me :)
2017-10-11 5:35

Amazingly executed concept!
2017-12-26 2:24