A Light in the Darkness

By Bianca Zauberkind on June 18th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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16 3
2 0
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Hiho :)

I would like to present my new Rev-Hand-Kiter Hilda Ripley.
Her pants and shoes are pretty much female human meta, but i really had trouble to find any skins that would fit to the zodiac chest, without clipping or making her look to bulky (i thought about the triumphant legplates, but i didn‘t felt 100% comfortable with it…).
When it comes to her chest, i took the zodiac one. I‘ve always been in love with the zodiac weapon and armor skins and i was really happy, when they came back to the gemstore. I‘m also in love with the new Foefire Mantle and Wraps and their flames fit to the aura of the zodiac chest and as well to the flames of Legendary Dragon Stance. I really love the blue glow/aura which she got from the skins.
I wanted to make the dyes fit to the zodiac chest and as well to the zodiac weapons, so i just took different gold and white tones and also blue, for the glowing parts. (in generall i like the combo of white and gold and blue; i think this is my favorite dye sheme ^^“).
The weapons are all zodiac weapon skins, as you might have noticed. The sword was a present from a really really really good friend, so i‘m trying to use if everywhere i can and i‘m still dreaming of completing the weapon collection. So i‘m super proud to present you some of the skins which i already got :) …

I know, that the location which i‘ve chosen for my screens is not the most creative, but i wanted to put focus on the blue glowing parts of her armor and ofc the zodiac weapon skins, since they‘re my favorite weapon collection. And at first i wanted to have different locations, but i ended up trying all the Revenant weapon skills and as well as the ones of the Legendary Dragon Stance, since they were all super impressive and intensive in this black room o.ô.
Back then, when the raid and HoT were new, i used to play rev main (asura rev though), but i think i‘ve never noticed the different animations of the skills as much as i did today.

I hope you like her :)


Darenfil At SoS
I like the glowiness *-*

2017-06-19 0:02

Fashion Guru
First of all I envy you the zodiac wepon skins very much :D
Your screens are very unusual. Did you take them in the jumping puzzle in Dredgehaunt Cliffs? It's a brilliant idea.
To be honest, your armor mix wouldn't probably strike me that much, but your screens are so great that I can't give you anything less than gold :)
2017-06-19 6:12

Bianca Zauberkind
Thank you Katushka :)
i took the screenshots in the Bastion of the Penitent. There's a room behind the Deimos platform which is nearly completly black :>
2017-06-19 6:47 in reply to Katushka

Fashion Guru
Oh right I remember now. GJ :)
2017-06-19 9:18 in reply to Bianca Zauberkind

Fashion Guru
I think this is a lovely tribute to the zodiac weapons. Screens and the location really works to make this a gold look from me. I do dislike the pants, not because they are meta but because I don't really think they fit with your theme. Maybe if you dyed them the same blue as her hair and the zodiac warplate they would stand out less.
2017-06-19 14:08

Elessar Taralom
Your screens are really outstanding! I´ll have to visit that room for one of my next uploads as well, thanks for the hint! ^^
While the armour mix falls a bit too much into the meta direction for me, you still did very well on the dyes and the overall presentation, so gold it is!
2017-06-19 14:27

Very pretty!
2017-06-20 3:47

Whats the location btw? Never seen it before (also love the zodiac weapons!)
2017-06-20 3:48

Bianca Zauberkind
Thank you Lijana :)
The location is the Bastion of the Penitent. Behind the platform of the last raidboss, there is this black room, in which you can hear different vocies talking ^^
2017-06-20 6:09 in reply to Lijana

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
One of the coolest screenshots i've seen. i love the zodiac weapons and the armor goes so well with them. awesome screen locations. very very unique. Gold
2017-06-20 7:07

Fashion Collector
color combo is great and you used the weapons well! your screens are amazingg! gold~
2017-06-20 21:15

Amazing screenshots! Also, I'm a little jealous of your zodiac weapons.
2017-06-22 22:23

Very nice screens! Gold
2018-12-08 3:56

I love your screenshots! Where were they taken? ^^
2020-07-22 16:21

Bianca Zauberkind
It's been ages, that i logged into my profile, but if you're still interested;
the screen were taken in a cave in Wing 4. You're able to get there, after you've killed Deimos (i think it's left of Deimos' platform)
2021-01-26 22:43 in reply to Wolfie