The Voice of the Dragon ~ Mínervà

By Bianca Zauberkind on September 26th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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15 5
2 0
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Suddenly there was a voice inside my head... a dark and angry one... he tried to take over my mind and control me... to corrupt me... force me, to spread out his hate into this world...
Mordremoth. One of the Eldar Dragons wanted me to be one of his servants.
I've seen some of the Sylvari, even some of my friends, who coulden't resist to Moremoth's power.
I saw how he took over their bodies and souls and erased everything good in them. They couldn't longer distinguish friend from foe and their will was Mordremoth's.
He forced me to fight against my friends and tortured me by letting me kill them, so they won't kill me. During the fights, the dragon always made me feel the pain of my friends, when my weapons cut their bodies. I nearly surrendered because of his torture and cruelty, but i knew that this would be my end. That there wasn't a way back and no escape, once you were one of his servants. So i stayed strong.
...The dragon is dead now, as well as my friends. But i can still feel his presence in my head and his voice in my dreams. He calls for me, my name...again and again.
I think i found the solution, when it became known that Primordus is active. He took Mordemoth's power and is now trying to get me. So i left the Grove and the Caledon Forest behind and headed to Ember Bay, to find Primordus and fight him.
Then i will to look into his eyes when i kill him, to make him suffer and avange my friends, to end this and finally get his voice out of my head, because i'm not the one who is going to loose.

and say “hello” to my 1st Warrior Mínervà (and Eureka ofc ^o^).
I haven't canged her look for more than 2 years, but with the new mace, i thought it was finally time for something new.
I tried to create a look around the new legendary and the primordus weapons, so i dyed the armor in similar colours as the weapons. The armor has red and lighter, orange parts to fit to the fire of the weapons and the scene of the Ember Bay (i love the new map with all the lava and the light). Moreover i like to imagine that Mínervà tries to be unseen, when the walks around the lava fields, searching for hints of Primordus, so she won't pull even more destroyer and lava elementals.
The armor mix might not be the most orginal, but i always try to stay close to the typical leaf armor of the Sylavri, so the options are pretty limited, when it comes to variety ^^”. But i tried my best by mixing differend Sylavi armors .__.

Anyways, i hope you like her :)


Fashion Guru
Very nice! The dyes are fantastic! Armor combo is as good as one can get with the limited sylvari-themed pieces there are, so I can't fault you there. And the screenshots are great, all-around gold from me.
2016-09-26 3:22

definite gold worthy. Gold!
2016-09-26 3:57

Elessar Taralom
In really like the overall look and the dyes in particular look so volcanic!
You provided a flawless presentation on top of a good look, gold ^^
2016-09-26 5:18

i love this! gold
2016-09-26 10:01

Fashion Guru
Nice dye work, nice screens. Gold from me :D
2016-09-29 0:18

This is one of the most beautiful and stunning looks i've ever seen.
Its just perfect, whatever about the armor comp but this just looks great, the dying, the screens, the weapons!
This is beautifull, if i had to chose a heavy armor look, this would be my favourite from all looks ive seen so far!
All the golds for you!
2016-10-07 12:05

Bianca Zauberkind
awww thanks so much Vendson! :)
i'm happy that you like it so much :D
2016-10-08 6:10 in reply to Vendson