Arthur Kasaros : Commandant of the Shining Blade

By Pattou on April 18th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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18 5
2 0
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“Sir Arthur you forgot your helmet !” Calls a motherly voice.
“Oh thank you Marie, what would I do if you weren’t here ?”
“I don’t know Sir, but you should go now, or the Countess Anise will wait for you.”
“You’re right, I’m going to be late again… Well, I’m leaving ! And stop calling me Sir !” Arthur says, while running out of the manor.

He became an important member of Queen Jennah’s protection sphere for 5 years now, when Countess Anise noticed him at a diner with the aristocracy of the Divinity’s Reach. He was sneaking around in an uncomfortable suit, looking at all the guests with attention. Nobody noticed him, as he was not really talkative with strangers. She came to talk to him and noticed that the cold look he had was only an appearance.

Few months after the diner Arthur distinguished himself by saving two important members of the Pact. It was at this moment that Anise asked him to be part of Queen Jennah’s guards. Now he is known as the exhibitionist of the court because he is always wearing an armor with is visible torso. Some people say it’s shocking but he doesn’t really care about that, and make use of his charms to seduce men.

Hi everyone ! Here's the new look of my guard. I keep the visible torso, because I love armor like this. I change the colors to match the wings from PvP because I really like them, and then I realised it was very close from the colors used by the Shining Blade, which gave me the idea to write the little story you can read above.
I use armor pieces that looks like some gladiators or "bad" fighters, that I mix with the t3 helmet to keep the wing and noble touch ! Colors are simple, but fit the wings (I think).

I'd love to have advice and feedback on the little story I put, it's the first time I write something like this. I'm not english native so there's probably a lot of mistakes, sorry about that... I really want to improve my style in english, any help will be appreciate !

Thank you all ! ;)

PS : Yes is absolutely hitting on the poor boy of the last picture :P


Fashion Guru
Im totally giving you gold on this! It caught my attention immediatley and I love Pit Fighter armor. Your dyes are incredible on these pieces. Im not sure that the shining blade comes through by first appearance alone. The only thing I would change is to make him more of a personal guard ... Not sure if thats what you had meant by Queen Jennah but other than that your story is solid. Some may disagree but this look is specific to taste I think. GOOD JOB!
2016-04-18 15:42

Thank you very much !
I had in mind to make a personal guard out of him, it's probably not clear because I didn't want to do something too long but that was the idea. Anyway thanks again, really glad you like it ;)
2016-04-18 15:50 in reply to Purgatori

I really like the colours you chose and the main-pic is amazing!
On first sight the comb is a bit awkward imo, but the longer i look at it the better i like it! :D
Gold from me!
2016-04-18 16:11

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
In the screenselection your dyes look fine to what u tried to blend in for the wings. in game it looks different tho. not sure :P but i love what u did here. a solid gold for u Pattou
2016-04-18 17:06

So many random pieces, with different structures, but your dyes bring them all together. I espeacially love the use of the protectors helmet here :)
I like how the fractal bow and the pride dyed pieces work. The pride pieces are unexpected in this look, but make it even more exciting.
Clearly gold! :)
2016-04-19 7:26

Fashion Guru
Quite interesting look you created here!
I really like the screens and how shiny your character appears on them. What I really like is how you managed to dye your armour to match the backpiece without going wild and using dyes that might appear off on a heavy armour.
At first I wasn't sure about the chestpiece in combination with the rest but I am actually starting to enjoy it! I whould have maybe chosen another helmet but then it's just because I am personally not a very big fan of that one and it's a very minor detail that doesn't affect the overall look ^^
All in all it's Gold from me!
2016-04-19 9:12

Elessar Taralom
The armour mix is not necessarily my favourite (although I actually just mind the top piece, the rest is fine by me) you really excelled with presentation and dyes!
The colours look really interesting without feeling TOO crazy and they match the backpiece perfectly
The story and the screens as well are great, so this overall still makes it goldworthy for me ^^
2016-04-19 9:59

Thank you everyone, I'm really happy you like it :)
It was hard finding gloves and boots that didn't look too big because I love when things are thin, so that's why you maybe find it a bit random.
About the chespet piece... I couldn't resist to have an half-naked male in my characters, and I'm still waiting for medium and light armors to have some too !
Thank you sooooo much again anyway !! :D
2016-04-19 12:06