Soundless' Peace

By Pattou on August 25th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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10 3
2 0
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People are loud. Way too loud. When I awoke from my dream I was surrounded by all the sounds of my fellows sylvaris. It was overwhelming. I felt like I couldn’t take my breath anymore. I’ve never felt so panic than this moment.
I slowly detached myself from the Groove and its inhabitants to live by myself in the wood. That’s where I discovered the Soundless. They helped me breaking my link to the dream, but I still didn’t felt well.
Soon I left them for the most lonely place, the Maguuma Jungle. There I found myself a quiet home, filled with plants and animals. There was my home. Where I’ve always belong to, and where I wasn’t bothered by all the people’s sounds.
I healed the animals, helped the smallest one to live peacefully and I even adopted a baby sloth, which refuse to leave my back.

But it was too simple to stay this way. When Mordremoth woke up from his sleep I started to heard his voice in my head, and quickly a lot of warriors and adventurers teamed up to fight against the dragon. My place was no longer quiet and calm.
But I won’t let this dragon speaking inside my head. I’ve put too much effort to isolate from the world, to have a voice in my head once again. I will kick him out of there, with my bare hands if I have too.

Hi guys ! It's been a while since I've posted anything here, I just didn't have any inspiration to write something for this look, even if the screens are taken for a while now.
But I finally managed to know where to go with this story and I'm glad to share it with you now.
I wanted to use the sloth backpack beacause I never see it and I thought it was really fitting for a ranger.
The other parts were an obvious choice, I needed something that fit a traveler's look, while keeping the sylvaris aspects.
I hope you'll enjoy this one !


That hair-face-mask mix is unique, it looks very strange (in the good way :p )

I like your screenshots!

About the dyes, I guess that the Acrid dye on the chest piece is very shiny, I'd make it look like the rest of the green dyes that you have.
Did you try the Twilight shoulders? Maybe they look nice aswell :)
2016-08-25 14:36

Fashion Guru
Very unique- and can I say I love the sloth! And it actually works with your outfit :) I also like the way the flame dye on the chest piece matches the hair flower.
2016-08-26 3:57

I like the overall look and he looks really cool in your screens. Only in the character select the shoulders and the coat seem a bit disconected, which looks odd to me.
I also don't know, what to think of the mask, it makes him look a bit sick with it imo^^'
Overall I really like how the plant armor and his hair fit together and the arcid scarf adds a nice accent
Also much love for the slothy backpiece :)
2016-08-26 6:03

Fashion Guru
great mix
Serene looking screenshots
Sweet colors
yep gold it is! :D
2020-05-06 10:17