Princess of the Desert Winds

By Mihrean on May 28th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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21 2
1 0
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The fierce winds blow through my desert: relentless enough to scour flesh from bone. A scavenger, I follow in their path. I leave no footprint, no sign of my existence.

I'm really excited about visiting potential upcoming deserts...

This look was mostly inspired by the ribbons on the Lightward's Battlestaff which is a skin I absolutely love. The desert theme and the daredevil's scarf is of course, nothing new, though I have tried to do it justice. Not entirely sure about the gloves if I'm entirely honest...


Elessar Taralom
This looks friggin AMAZING!
You combined a lot of my personal favourite armour pieces, so I might be a little biased, but I am really in love with this look!
As we come nearer and nearer to an Elona themed expac it is really great to see desert themed looks and this one looks really great
The armour pieces are on spot, the dyes are muted yet interesting through the addition of the blue and your presentation is really good
Especially with the shortbow she reminds me a lot of the Zephyrites
Love this, full gold!
2017-05-28 8:28

Fashion Guru
Well done! Gold, gold, gold!
2017-05-28 8:39

Fashion Guru
Gold from me too.
Great job on screens :)
The staff looks amazing, I should start farming HoT maps again :D
2017-05-28 8:52

Fashion Guru
Thank you :) Honestly, I get so nervous when posting a look. I keep thinking this sort of thing will have been done better before...
2017-05-28 9:01 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
Thanks horsie. You brought your Syberian hunter look out just as I was gathering screens and but you have the whole winter look with the headscarf so hopefully this is different enough ;P
2017-05-28 9:04 in reply to horsie

Fashion Guru
Yeah, I got lucky. Grinding the gold for the shoulderpieces was not so fun. I'm glad I didn't have to buy the staff as well!
2017-05-28 9:05 in reply to Katushka

Fashion Guru
Oops I forgot to vote lol. Now you have it there :)
Ye congrats on the drop. I used to farm first few months after HoT expansion to complete new collections and opened plenty of stashes but I think the only skin I got was one of the shileds, so the drop rate must be very small.
2017-05-28 10:20 in reply to Mihrean

To be honest i have to say i dont like the shoulders here. They feel a little off themewise.
The look is centered around that absolutely amazing staff skin which is precious, sophisticated and magical/metallic. The shoulder skins are more rugged and natural/ shamanic imo.
Also the headpiece stands out a little bit the way you dyed it. This bright beige is missing in the rest of your armor imo. Maybe you could dye the blue part of the pants in this colour to balance it out.
After all this critique lemme say that the look is still great! ^^
I love that you used the priory chest, which is quite rarely seen!
The general colour-concept is also very nice!
Plus you presented the look with some very good screens, so overall its still a Gold from me :)
2017-05-28 10:55

Fashion Guru
Thanks for your thoughts. I can see what you mean about the shoulders. Maybe I'll think about changing them to falconers and then changing the gloves to something else. I'll have a play around with adding some cream as well, or changing the headpiece. As it is I feel it blends in fine with the cinders in some lighting but then really stands out in others.
2017-05-28 11:33 in reply to Hylek

Nicely done. Can't wait for the elona expansion so we can expand on these themes T_T
2017-05-29 0:45

absolutely beautiful desert inspired look which fits perfectly to the also beautiful lightward's staff :)
2017-05-29 7:12

Fashion Guru
Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments. And I'm really holding out for more skins in the expansion... though I daresay there won't be as many as we'd like!
2017-05-29 14:25

Your single screen showing your princess unmasked reminded me of my own princess I posted here. Maybe it was the hair? Their face looks kinda similar too. Couldn't help but have a soft spot for your princess =)
2017-05-31 8:28

Fashion Guru
I guess we're both going for wilderness looks and i think this hairstyle allows for a wider jaw and cheekbone structure, which I like as a change. I really struggled with her hair as nothing said Elonian to me really in the human choices... all long and straight.

I absolutely love your princess' backstory btw. I get to the description part and my mind goes blank every time!
2017-05-31 8:46 in reply to Eremite

Wow amazing! Love the screens and and and.... actually all of it! Gold!
2017-05-31 13:36

Fashion Guru
Great armor mix and dye work! Gold
2017-06-03 0:48

Kasmir TrizzeX
You've actually managed to change my view about the chestpiece, I've never really liked how it looked before.

One day I'll cave and get the staff, it's just perfect for a Daredevil
2017-06-03 9:31

Fashion Guru
Thank you jes :)
2017-06-03 9:59 in reply to jesandsteven

Fashion Guru
TrizzeX it's you o/ Thank you so much!
2017-06-03 10:02 in reply to Kasmir TrizzeX

thanks =) Its my favorite story of all my characters. Which surprised me because I had thought I was more into dark morbid tales but the simple heart-warming one was the one that touched me in the end =)
2017-06-04 9:35 in reply to Mihrean

The daredevil's scarf has got to be one of my favourite headpieces ever, but then I'm a sucker for any and all desert themes :) Your first screenshot especially is to die for. Love this set.
2017-11-13 16:12

Fashion Guru
Hey, thanks for the lovely comment Eivene. I really love the
trailing ribbons on the scarf. Sometimes I think of updating her but I like this set too much! Not quite sure what I'll do when I unlock deadeye one her though. I don't think she's rifle themed...
2017-11-14 14:36 in reply to Eivene

Fashion Guru
Colors & screens are great. And I like your armor mix with Priory's Historical Jerkin. Gold!
2018-11-30 6:32

This style
2019-01-31 10:33