Dragonfly, flit on by...

By Mihrean on June 21st, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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18 2
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Anisoptera Sylvarae

Haute Couture as a sylvari must seem ridiculously simple to the other races... All you do is slowly grow your own leaves, tending to their colouration and pruning back unnecessary tendrils... Well, Tailor Cordulia is out to change all that! The Grove's most eccentric designer is personally modelling her latest piece inspired by Astorea village's dragonfly lamp festival. Light and elegant this ensemble is perfect for relaxing at the water's edge on those hot summer evenings.

"What's that I hear you say? A greatsword? In these heels it would be hardly practical darling!"

Hi everyone o/ This started off as something lighthearted I ended up taking far too seriously. The combination of the Winged Mantle and Carapace pants is hardly original but I hope at least people enjoy my rendition of insectoid-sylvari. I've tried to go for more simpler weapon skins as things like dreamthistle were so shiny they drowned out my quite dark character. Also, that white pearl undyeable button is the bane of my existence!

Nest is a little bit of a joke here. It's fun but I'm tempted to use the Storm experiment as a more natural, water-like scepter.

My in-game character isn't some fashion designer: She's just a dragonfly and the screenshots reflect that. I wrote it because in game I feel like she's a complete and utter fashion victim and I kinda love it! All I need is the Hivemaster title and I'm set :)


Very cool theme!
I love the winged shoulders and its cool to see a look built around them :D
Your colour-scheme is very pretty and combined with the very fitting screen-locations it makes the theme very clear and interesting! I love the screen where shes flying and the one infront of that super green background! (where did you take that?)
Great and unique style with amazing presentation, Gold for sure :)
2017-06-21 9:52

Fashion Collector
Very original. Never seen something like that!
2017-06-21 10:24

Fashion Guru
Thanks Hylek :) The screen was taken in the grove- where I went expecting to get lots of screens but they all ended up useless, and it was in front of one of the sylvari plant door/wall things that glow.
2017-06-21 10:41 in reply to Hylek

What a wonderful look that doesn't use full sylvari =D Gold!
2017-06-21 10:47

Elessar Taralom
I always wanted to see an insect look with these shoulders and you really did well on it!
Especially the dyes remind me of a dragonfly sprakling in the sun; the green in the middle fading out to blues...simply gorgeous!
The screens are simply brilliant, really my favourite upload of yours so far!
Full gold ^^
2017-06-21 12:32

Very nice! Love the insect look!
2017-06-21 12:57

Fashion Guru
You didn't use any sylvari skins and yet it has the sylvari natural vibe - I love that. I'd say the strongest point of this look are the colors, those are really amazing :) Gold
2017-06-21 22:04

Fashion Guru
Those screenies.. damn, they are perfect, like the whole looks, I love those winged shoulders, they are rarely seen on sylvari, and u matched them perfectly. Gold
2017-06-22 2:47

Fashion Guru
Ty Frederick. Honestly I initially made her thinking I would include some cultural and was quite surprised when I preferred other choices.
2017-06-22 4:12 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Guru
Thanks :) If you search by winged mantle you can find quite a few from over the years. My personal favourites are A Bug's Wife and _Hymenoptera Queen.
2017-06-22 4:18 in reply to steamius

Fashion Guru
Thank you for your lovely comment Elessar. I think I'd agree. My poor Norn necro has definitely been abandoned for a bit!
2017-06-22 4:20 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
Thanks kraai :)
2017-06-22 4:20 in reply to kraai

Fashion Guru
Thanks Katushka. I confess I spent ages on the dye choices: she initially had a very different colour scheme which was nice on the character select but almost all black in game.
2017-06-22 4:44 in reply to Katushka

Fashion Guru
Thank you Horsie :)
2017-06-22 4:45 in reply to horsie

Really cool look. I like the theme and the armor you have chosen is just perfect for it. I also like the dyes, especially the one of the wings, they look very realistic. Only thing that puts me a bit of is, that the dyes of the pants have a slightly different hue then the rest of the armor dyes (but don't worry, I might be the only one who is so nitpicky about it^^'). Presentation is very well done.
2017-06-22 6:09

Fashion Collector
this looks great! i can't imagine trying to style my sylvaris without cultural armor, but you made such a great combo without them. gold :)
2017-06-22 13:50

Fashion Guru
I'm glad you like it :) I know what you mean about the skirt: Sometimes I tried stuff like the glacial blues instead but then I felt it was too monochromatic. This was kind of a compromise I could live with if that makes sense.
2017-06-22 13:54 in reply to NanaItalia

Fashion Guru
Thank Raha :) Cultural armour is so beautiful I kinda surprised myself here with not using it.
2017-06-22 13:55 in reply to Raha

Fashion Collector
She looks elegant and fragile and I really like that green picture too. Hilarious story - gold,
2017-06-23 14:30

It's really cool how that mask kinda looks like compound eyes!
2017-06-23 19:21

Fashion Guru
Thanks :) That mask is personally my favourite part. I don't think I could have achieved the bug look without it!
2017-06-24 2:31 in reply to IronPinecone

Fashion Guru
Thank you :)
2017-06-24 2:31 in reply to shopaholic

It's less usual to see a Sylvari skin without cultural pieces, but this one is beautiful, from the winged shoulders to the color scheme, including the mask I love it, gold for me!
2017-06-24 4:46

Fashion Guru
Thank you Luna. I'm glad you like it :)
2017-06-24 8:34 in reply to Luna_Yggdrasilson

Fashion Collector
Very sinister looking! Love it!
2017-07-01 1:22

Fashion Guru
Thanks :)
2017-07-01 14:12 in reply to dellyz