Current Look Battle Rankings

The Abysswalker

By: Chro

High Warlord Deathblade

By: Deathblade Kenny

Regal Warrior

By: lena982

• Closer To The Stars •

By: Billy

Fiery Dragon Knight

By: Chro

Commander's outfit

By: Nevan

The Parasite in Me

By: Chro

Deep in the Woods

By: silvertree

Once upon a time in the forest...

By: mazu

Lone Roamer

By: NanaItalia

An Evil Guardian

By: Bremy

Bloodstone Daredevil

By: Exitus_Letalis

The Phoenix Archer

By: Acethyle

Of Ice and Stone

By: jesandsteven

Tribal Savage Death

By: Odeezee

• Between Solar Systems •

By: Billy

The Velvet soldier

By: Bremy

Born from a frozen tree - Yildun Daphne

By: Bremy

• Knight •

By: Billy

Auric Revenant - Imbued with Power of the Exalted

By: Roamin