Current Look Battle Rankings

• Fruit For The Crows •

By: Billy

The Pirate from the Other World

By: Acethyle

Warrior of the Icelands

By: jesandsteven

Bloodstone Daredevil

By: Exitus_Letalis

Auric Revenant - Imbued with Power of the Exalted

By: Roamin


By: NanaItalia

Commander's outfit

By: Nevan

Once upon a time in the forest...

By: mazu

Final Fantasy 12 Judge

By: Jabacasm

Born from a frozen tree - Yildun Daphne

By: Bremy

The Goddess Of War

By: Acethyle

The Golden Valkyrie

By: Acethyle

• Knight •

By: Billy

Fiery Dragon Knight

By: Chro

Ancient Desert Prince

By: elbretto

The Tempest God

By: Acethyle

The Emerald Prince

By: Acethyle

The Abysswalker

By: Chro

Heimdall´s Watch

By: Elessar Taralom

Witch King of Lions Arch

By: imhotep