Current Look Battle Rankings

Regal Warrior

By: lena982

Born from a frozen tree - Yildun Daphne

By: Bremy

An Evil Guardian

By: Bremy

Ronbun Kudasai!

By: Rajayali


By: GitarooJules


By: Silverbleed

• Closer To The Stars •

By: Billy

The Abysswalker

By: Chro


By: NanaItalia

Lancelot - A Joust for Honour

By: Elessar Taralom

Dreaming of Echovald (Kurzick Look)

By: Elessar Taralom

Blast Burn

By: Djehuuty

Witch King of Lions Arch

By: imhotep

Commander's outfit

By: Nevan

Rowena Venari

By: Garou

The Demacian Champion

By: Acethyle

The Stag Shaman

By: Elessar Taralom

Tormented Mesmer

By: Entryd


By: silvertree

The Parasite in Me

By: Chro