Current Look Battle Rankings

Rogue Spectre, the Mercenary Captain.

By: Rogue

• Knight... •

By: Billy

Tormented Mesmer

By: Entryd


By: Silverbleed

Ronbun Kudasai!

By: Rajayali

Jane Marshall 2.0

By: Garou

Nyla the Feral Huntress

By: Kitty

Witch King of Lions Arch

By: imhotep

An Evil Guardian

By: Bremy

Commander of the Dead

By: AnaChronism


By: Cloak And Swaggah

Dark Knight

By: Exitus_Letalis

Fancy Chronomancer

By: Lump

The Protector

By: Darkchief117


By: Sybon

The legacy of Caladbolg.

By: Deathblade Kenny


By: GitarooJules

Born from a frozen tree - Yildun Daphne

By: Bremy

Keeper of The Spirits

By: Cloudmaker

Fiery Dragon Knight

By: Chro