Current Look Battle Rankings

• Closer To The Stars •

By: Billy

The Golden Valkyrie

By: Acethyle


By: Cloak And Swaggah

Thunder Forge

By: Hylek

Silent Raidleader Warrior 2.0

By: DioHard


By: Silverbleed

Wolf's Champion v2

By: Lindelle

The Red Daredevil

By: Acethyle


By: zulfurya

Golden Warrior

By: Fluffdady

The Corrupted Blossom

By: Acethyle

Keeper of The Spirits

By: Cloudmaker

• Knight... •

By: Billy

Fiery Dragon Knight

By: Chro

• Newt •

By: Billy

The Frozen Huntress

By: Hylek


By: silvertree

Renee - The Black Rose

By: ITIarathon Mako

Regal Warrior

By: lena982

Commander's outfit

By: Nevan