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Look Feed


By: DigitalKathe

Khaerena dreamed of far off destinations while she slept in her pod. She dreamed of cities. A city of metal, and a city of gold. She dreamed of other things too, of course, but these were among the most significant symbols in her Dream. ...

Shadowstone Nekro

By: tikiblue

Mix of Arah light armor, leystone armor and the bloodstone visage. Wind Catcher + Ghostly Infusion for the additional auras

Durmand´s Arch Mage

By: Elessar Taralom

"In my short life, you’ve taught me the most important lesson. Friends will go through anything for each other." ...

Medeia, Artful Dodger

By: KestrelGirl

No long backstory this time, but I finally gave my stabby kitty a wardrobe update! ...

Kiliana - Night bloom

By: Sheena

I dreamed of secrets. The voices of my people whispered to me of spider webs and hidden knives. The voices asked me about the daggers. ...

Follower of Jora

By: Dishy

Inspired obviously by Jora and for how awesome norn look. Wanted to cooperate a zodiac piece since the whole set is badass and went from there. Hope you guys like it! Any helpful suggestions is appreciated! -Glider is Phoenix Glider

Beware of Secrets Kept - Iblis

By: Chiorydax

She never knew where he had come from. In a way, it never really mattered. They were in this together, to the bitter end. He had been her comfort and clarity through even the most pressing of times. He had been the strength and rhythm she felt...

Enter the Mursaat

By: Hylek

Heyho o/ ...

The Assassination

By: Iris

Something has changed within me. Something is not the same. I'm through with playing by the rules of politics, under someone else's power. ...

The Cocky Assassin

By: Justdeifyme

Cheerful, Charismatic and always smiling. These are not traits usually associated with Assassins. In this case however, they are the attributes of one of Krytas most notorious Knifes for Hire. Son of a well known Krytan Noble and heir to his legacy,...

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Look Feed

Nuclear factory worker

By: Alta

My favourite set for an engineer ^^ ...

Rusty breath

By: Ghaster

A simple orange and blue look.

Magic addict

By: Etnys

When you drink too much bloodstone soup...

Angel Revenant

By: Alta

Just got a celestial dye and tried something. I think its cool.

Salad Flower

By: Minaera

My flower salad of a ranger, who runs around with an electric wyvern named Jeff and Kudzu. Kudzu the weapon, I mean, not that the wyvern's name is actually Jeff and Kudzu. He's just Jeff.


By: Softex

Mesmer Feel, with different armor pieces each

Norn Warrior

By: Angelic Daliah


Red head 2

By: Angelic Daliah

Red head thief second look.

Female Human Theif

By: groutowicz

Black and Blue Theif ----------Build------------ http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZEQNAoYVl0MhSnYlTw7Jw/ELIF1c7X/9PXDEALgXOcD9AA-TlBFABA8EAE4UAkm+Ak2fU+dlSwCV/hUAjqyC-w

Amieus, Sylvari Engineer

By: BlueDuey

I wanted a look that wasn't typical but still had metal in it. So this was the result! No butt capes, no trench coats, no draping clothing. I ended up using the some magitech pieces (it initially pained me to do so). Because the boots just made...

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