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Look Feed

The Bloodstone Queen

By: The Duke

She searched for power and went to far. Stabbing raw bloodstone into her arm gave her immense magic at a price.

Goddess of chess

By: Bechem

She see the world in a black and white perspective, every fight is a game. She mostly live her days in WvW for the thrill of life. Fight her its a hand for a hand eye for an eye. ...

Calm down! Ladies daddy's here!

By: Bechem

"I'm a racer driver. I will become the best of you all! why? ...

Mercya The Star Guardian

By: Mercya

My first look ! This is Mercya Gale, A combination of everything combined with my favorite colors!

True Manly Warrior!

By: Zarhondrer

You're about to enter a point of no return. You finally will understand the way of styling your heavy norn. Now there is not other way. BE A MAN

Mickey Morv

By: morv

Moin Guys, ...

Talisha between Pirates

By: grenobi

Hello, this is my first character I'm uploading. I didn't have any ideas how to present Talisha. That's why the screens are a bit unimaginative and have no context. ...

The Wanderer

By: Alranth

Townsfolk calls him "The Wanderer". He can be found in the darkest corners of Taverns and brothels all around Tyria. Not much is known about him, not his Origin, nor his Purpose. ...

The Lone wandering Revenant

By: ShioZukiii

My name is Marshal Kynreeve, my Friends call me Kyn ...

Guardian of the Goddess

By: FlauschiFluff

I entered the portal and found myself in a library unlike any other I've ever seen. I came hoping to find the gods, but Kormir, the Goddess of Truth, was the only deity I found. She granted me an audience in her sanctum and answered some of my...

Look Feed

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Look Feed

The Bloodstone Queen

By: The Duke

She searched for power and went to far. Stabbing raw bloodstone into her arm gave her immense magic at a price.

"Cosplay Rimuru Tempest" from Slime

By: Serena Rinehart

Just like the title say, this is a cosplay of Rimuru Tempest from the anime "That time i got reincarnated as a slime" while its possible to do this in robe sets cause of the mask, i much prefer to do this in the leather classes due being the...

Cursed Mirage

By: Hicci

I wanted to create a look after getting lucky with boxes and getting both exalted skins. The type of steel they had was pretty hard to match but the warbeast armor matched it perfectly. The funerary helmet was a bit of a disappointment dyejob-wise...

My Dragonhunter Gaia

By: Dispunzel

When creating this look, i choose this headpiece an backpiece to show her connection to Aurene. Also, i wanted an armor that looks first not to heavy, even for a heavy armor, and second it should look feminine. And so i choose the phalanx armor, one...

Fire Nation Necro

By: munkey

That's how my Necro looks. No background story or anything, I just enjoy the rugged aesthetic. Im not quite sure about the boots. The mask is also up to debate. I chose it because it reminds me of the Ritualist (my favourite class in GW1).

Perceval Blackfang

By: Erreth marrlok

Perceval Blackfang was considered the best elementalist in all of Kryta, he was specially skilled with fire magic, as everyone could see in his armour decorated with fire he had casted himself. ...

Branded Dragon's Bane

By: mtodd082

Sigfast Strong, the Branded Dragon's Bane, has harnessed the energy of the branded dragon's lieutenants and is out for vengeance. Charging every fiber of his armor with branded resonance, he is ready to face off in the final battle with...

White War Defender V2

By: Egon

I remade my Charrdian's look :) ...

Deadeye w// wings

By: Croella

My Deadeye, looking forward to upgrading her look with the dragon horns, when they hit the gemstore again. ^^

Day to Day Adventurer Look

By: NightDreamer

My Chronomancer day to day outfit. The idea is for a comfortable and kind of casual outfit. Weapons: Equinox Shield and Sword

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