Recent Looks

Halloween Costume - Ascalonian Ghost

By: Raynsideways

My guardian's costume for Halloween 2017!

Nephthys Uret Hekau

By: Unmei

Oh, sweet mother of death, ...

Shining Sunspear

By: Exphunter

Shining blade, Sunspear banners/armour (+ chrono shoulders) and colour scheme to match.

Gourd Vine Sylvari

By: Arithmancer

Based off of the Grinning Gourd Rifle skin, this look involves the rifle becoming part of the Sylvari and extending throughout all the clothes. Sylvan cultural armor paired with Toxin dye.

The Forged

By: Mihrean

Perhaps she once had a name, a past, a history but those have all been lost. Forged from twisted steel and fire her will is not her own. Thus, she serves. ...

Desert Laru

By: Laru

Latest variation of my Main (Laru)s desert outfit. Used to run the Heritage chest until they added this addorable clothfilled Sunspear trenchcoat.

Starry Night

By: wolpertinger

Made for Astralaria. This cold night will send shivers down your spine (and apply three stacks of bleeding)! ...


By: kryptick

I tried to make a monk looking character with the new elonian stuff that resembled a Diablo 3 monk. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any medium helms that look like the the fancy red dots that they wear so I went with the closest thing I could...

concentrated charge of women power

By: Darky

Just jumped into her wardobe... ^^

Character Collage Portrait

By: XynKe

8 of my characters + Rytlock