Recent Looks


By: dryoyo

A necromancer who went to deep into death magic.

Red Mage

By: LieutenantDan

Went with the classic red mage look for my elementalist.

Illusionary Gladium

By: Egon

When Raghor Dusttail as a cub found, that he has kind of magic abilities, he was thrilled. He had fun with other cubs in fahrar, creating illusions and clones of himself. But as time flown and he got older, he realized that magic has no place in...

Évangéline Delacour - V2

By: Alexis59

The new look for my main character : Évangéline Delacour

Solanaels the Soundless

By: Solanaels

The soundless are deaf to the calls of the tree, and to your entreaties.

Warrior of the Mists

By: N7 Waynner

Just a look to try to take the whole mystery behind a warrior who seeks his forces in the entities of another world

Gilded Necromancer

By: Krag

I wanted a look that would fit a Scourge without going full edgelord so I piece together something that is both regal and tribal while still looking like an adventuring outfit (by GW2 standards). ...

Ninja -esque Guardian

By: goldenkb

Minimalist heavy armor look; kinda edgy, not too edgy; specific to lanky tall norn body type. Great with my primeval jackal.

Nature's Daredevil

By: Kyneia

An organic, practical look for anyone who wants to not stand out and look good doing it.

Guardian of History

By: Vywern

An old priory historian with an affinity for locating ancient tomes and exploring dusty crypts. ...