Recent Looks

Ardent Rose

By: KapSka

Felineka, my beloved Sylvari Ranger. She always makes me smile and i'm sharing her with you today! (She's posing with her brother on the latest pictures)

forsaken elf

By: sorudo

i wanted to make an elf close to sylvanas, with the lack of fitting armor skins is used the outfit and dye'd it properly. hope you like it.

Fall Fae

By: Mariska

Fall Fae; wanted to create a natural looking autumn look for my necro!

Ley-Druid 2.0

By: Naron

This is my main character Luna Whitemane she's a shy and friendly Charr from the Ash legion who adapted Norn culture,wit and cleverness at the time when she lived in Hoelbrak and learned how to survive in the harsh Shiverpeaks wilderness.She uses...



link: colors: permafrost and sunfirelava headset : barbarian helm changed to winged headpiece

Elonian warden

By: Reckoner

Just want to show how beautifull elonian medium armor is.

The Huntmaster

By: Jasper Deftarrow

In a world full of ungodly partical effects and ronald mcdonald costplay, I bring you a return to class fantasy inspired transmogs with the classic ranger transmog: The Huntmaster. Focusing on dark hues and color to texture compatibility we have a...

Pale Reaver

By: Dace

Xenshi is a junior officer in the Vigil who focuses is on hit and run tactics. While many of the Order's rangers fulfill this function Xenshi uses his abilities as a guardian to hit Vigil targets harder than the average ranger might. These hit...

Butterfly Effect

By: MieraIris

Dyes used: Country Teal, Sea Ice & Coral. Bowskin: Glittering shortbow

Golden Rose

By: MieraIris

Ever since I started playing GW2, I've been obsessed with the Elonian Elementalist outfit skin. I hope you like it as much as I do! :) The dyes used are White & Harvest Gold. The weapon skin is the Devoted Shortbow and she wears the Desert Rose...