Recent Looks

Light it up

By: Enordin

"When I heard your voice, my journey began. ...

Ley-Line Guardian

By: Dirlond

It took me some time to move my lazy ass and kinda "improve" the old look of my Guardian, I tried to use some leyline and I noticed it kinda worked with Asura T2

Closer to the sky

By: Re Zero

Sky of the Mist

Deadly Nightshade

By: Elessar Taralom

The Nightmare Court has many deadly weapons, but Myria might be one of the deadliest. She turned away from the Pale Tree as one of the first Sylvari and hasnĀ“t regret her decision ever since. Sylvari should be free to do what they like, not be...

Bloodmancer Blood Legionnaire

By: dellyz

Work in progress: Blood Legionnaire Necromancer specializing in Blood magic. Part-time Executioner. Something Something Something.... Add better screens in the future... I love me some action shots.

Iron Legion Sergeant

By: Rigid

Hi GW2Style Community! ...

Twilight Souls

By: Psyjinx

"In the Age of Ancients, the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of gray crags, Archtrees and Everlasting Dragons. ...

Keepsake Tempest

By: jesandsteven

Hi all o/ For this look I wanted something overly feminine, with an almost doll-like quality. (Tyrian sorceress Barbie) Much as with a doll, the outfit is to be overly matching along with the accessories. Being as there is no real story behind this...

Cute Galra

By: disgruntled_peasant

I don't know how many people follow Voltron: Legendary Defender here, but this little sylvari has wholly devoted herself to Emperor Zarkon. ...

Witch of the Mists

By: shopaholic

With ravens as her only companions, she watches over her territory from under the waterfalls and streams of The Mists. She emerges only when the atmosphere become too fraught with hostility and fires off a reminder arrow. ...