Recent Looks

Come not between the dragon and her wrath

By: shopaholic

The back piece is really detailed and lovely so I tried to make the armor reflect the scales and level of detail. I think her hair works with the scaly look, and the wings on the staff reflect the wings on the back piece. ...

Takkitothu Limit

By: YeeHaa

I've had a lot of fun experimenting with looks over the years and been lurking here now and again, and finally gathered the gumption to start posting here! This is my baptism of fire. Here goes nothin... ...

Chaos Lord of Khorne

By: Kaixern

So here is my first attempt at creating a character, and as seen it is inspired by Warhammer, a world full of love, beauty and peace. ...

A tournament KNIGHT

By: ieva

_____________________They were the heroes of the Middle Ages: with lance, sword and shield, knights in shimmering armour fought for land, faith and love. Women worshipped them, poets glorified them... ...

Lost in the Jungle

By: rosi_k

I always get lost in Maguuma Jungle and I wanted to make a look to somewhat show what it would really happen if you are lost in the Jungle. Like making your own weapon and wear something to blend in. ...

Deep Horizon

By: Morteze

My Deep Horizon Soulbeast

The Darkmoulette

By: Morteze

My Darkmoulette scourge

Predator Trooper

By: Morteze

My predator trooper dragonhunter

Dark divine devil

By: Morteze

My dark devil herald

The Leyline Amalgamate

By: evixi

AMALGAMATE [uh-mal-guh-meyt] ...