Recent Looks

Super Adventurer (Kaiser Snake)

By: WinterSolstice8

Based the entirety of this look around the Kaiser Snake weapons in game from the Super Adventure Box. The outfit in use is the Inquest Exosuit. This is my Holosmith character to match with this theme a bit better. I used Shadow Abyss first 2 dye...

Hayden Flint

By: Vetkin

Hayden Flint ...

A GHOSTLY Tomb Raider

By: ieva

"What sense is there in all this? Where is a goal?" he exclaimed sadly and angrily. Then he wandered again to the gate which connected this world with that of the dwarves. It shone strongly again. Yes, it seemed as if it had opened again....

Sekiro (Genderbent)

By: WinterSolstice8

So this is not just a GW2 adaptation of Sekiro from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but is also a genderbend of him. Someone's going to probably say the protagonist's name is Wolf, but he was dubbed Sekiro for "one-armed wolf" by the...

Reverse Moon (Tarot Card Theme)

By: WinterSolstice8

I based this look off my idea of an interpretation of the Reversed reading of the Moon Tarot trump, but also a bit Dark Souls series inspired with my approach for the armor. Weapons in use that I am unable to list are the Caithe's Crystal Bloom...

Purple Haze -- The Grin Reaper!

By: Kaihan

By day, Kai Tyramon seems just like any other idle rich in the Salma District. By night, he is the Purple Haze! His grin is the last thing evil doers will ever see as this Mesmer hunts them down across Tyria...


By: Rivelon

Renegades like Dexter juggle illegal contracts -- burglaries, assassinations, kidnappings, trafficking, you name it. They do it for a price, of course. They're links between clients and mercenaries. In Garden of Seborhin, renegades aren't far...

Stylish witch

By: sunguru

I focused on making her look stylish but without making it look too unpractical.

ANATOMY of the Sylvari

By: ieva

Today I show the anatomy of the Sylvari. The first picture shows Sylvari before awakening (This picture was used as a template : Both portraits - this is how I imagined and wished...

Airship Chief Engineer

By: PrincessPoop

She dreamed of the Heart of Maguuma, the cascading trees and endless foliage with exotic blossoms so full of life and color. When she awoke, however, she was disgusted by the idea of nature. The grove and its denizens bored her to tears. She was...