Recent Looks

Nooki the Badass Vigil Officer

By: Sidisen

Nooki has always been loyal to The Vigil. It stands for the same ideas she value the most. Protection for all, hard work and retribution. Some must fight that all will be free. ...

Human Engineer - Help needed

By: sp3ctr4lx

Hi guys, looking for help with this one. I like the colour scheme and the mask helmet but im not sure about a back item and the weapons. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :) ...

Raeth - The Shining Blade

By: Etheus

"We believed order to be a gift from the gods. What is order when the gods break faith?" ...

Blind Vengeance

By: Valheit

So I recently unlocked Belinda's Greatsword on my DH. I got excited and created a somewhat themed look for it and got happy with the result. I'm still on the fence on using barbaric pauldrons and gloves tho, as I feel like they're too...


By: cbosma9

A pretty standard plant

Assassin's Creed Cosplay

By: JigSaw

I like this style on my norn thief. Just need to find better mask and im good to go

Honorable Ronin, Shield of the People

By: Britchesandhose

When I got a blade, I became a foolish man. I wandered into the Canthan mountains to hunt and was ambushed by some frost bears. One raked me across the face, and my vision was compromised. I flailed wildly as blood ran into my eyes, knowing that my...

A Living Ember

By: DawnSketch

Outfit for my Ele Sylvari, Ashenns. ...

Torad of the Wild, Druid

By: TheAustinator

Hello, everyone! This is my first time posting on this site so please go easy on me :) This is my Druid look for my male Norn. ...

Taev the Whitewolf - A Story Begins

By: DawnSketch

Taev's Original outfit that I still rather love a lot. > 3 > ...