Recent Looks

Lacrymosa - Chapter Five

By: Chiorydax

I was never too happy with this. It felt like a step backward in terms of creative quality, even though I think it's pretty decent in terms of photoshop quality. But this is the last of the old posters I made. Despite being the most recent,...

Maliya Whitemane

By: Caleb_Aurion

Ill fortune was Maliya’s doom from the first moment she opened her crimson eyes and her snow white fur marked her as albino. An outcast in the Fahrar, and never assigned to a warband Maliya was a perpetual outsider in the Legions. It wasn’t until...

Fealhorin Flaming Sylvari

By: Roadredfashiowar

In the dreams he was contended between Mordremoth and Balthazar. He served both seeking only destruction. On his birth all the forest around him was burned to the ground, forged by fire. Fealhorin is the only Sylvari who served Balthazar. The God...

Orchestral Druid

By: Aerr

The look I made for my druid to go with the new Orchestral weapon set.

Lacrymosa - Chapter Four

By: Chiorydax

Probably my best work here. I tried to think more creatively as a way to send off our original lead characters and show that the younger characters were rising to continue in their footsteps. ...

Lacrymosa - Chapter Three

By: Chiorydax

I really went all-in for the effects on this one. ...

Lacrymosa - Chapter Two

By: Chiorydax

Progressing the story, this part took place primarily during Living World Season One. New characters were introduced and the tone got darker. I'm actually really proud of this one, despite it not being particularly polished.

Lacrymosa - Chapter One

By: Chiorydax

So back around launch, my friends and I started an RP storyline called Lacrymosa. I'm not going to ramble about the details, but it was a story I got really invested in, and eventually started making posters for each "chapter" of the...

Justice of the Blade

By: Dace

Sometimes justice slips through the cracks for the citizens of Kryta. When the queen's army is busy protecting Kryta from centaur hordes the average Krytan can depend on those of noble heart to step in and lend their rifle to the cause. ...

So Moorv - Winter Edition

By: morv

Hey, Guys, ...