Recent Looks

Leystone ranger

By: Katushka

I've recently remade my cranger. I wanted something different from the usual dull leather coat. The main idea was to make the outfit look patched up and dyed in some fresh colors. Screens were taken mainly in Sousthsun Cove and Verdant Brink.

Lord of the Manor

By: jesandsteven

~ I'm rich, you know.~ ...

Luminiora the Elementalist

By: leaNoer

Meet Luminiora the Elementalist ~ ...


By: raruto

Gold and blue. With ascension and gold fractal weapons. One ghostly infusion and Moto's red and bIue. I hope you like it

Assassin creed

By: abhishek082007

Assassin Creed, still modifying this, trying my best to look like one.. ;) any help and sujjestion is welcomed

Justiciar Arieth

By: ChinChillax47

“Most outside the Shining Blade consider the White Mantle a myth told on Mad King's Day, unaware that they are in fact still operating. They often target defenders of Kryta and Queen Jennah. Countess Anise always reminds Shining Blade Exemplars...

Shadow Frost Reaper 2.0

By: Rottingflesh764

Who needs Legendary Armor when you look this good :O

The ChronoCommander

By: ChinChillax47

Couldn't think of a good name for the look =(. I also plan on adding White Mantle Scroll once I get it.

He Who Must Not Be Named

By: ChinChillax47

My character that I tried to make look like Voldemort

"Eastern" whispers division charr

By: Hyeen

My take on a sort of Monk looking charr from the "east" (not sure if tyra has a japan equivalent) He's come to tyra on orders from the whispers headquarters to assist with recent.. Problems