Recent Looks


By: Egon

"I know I am young. But I believe even youngsters can change the common order." ...

Sent by Dhuum

By: Tibain

A rumble went through the Underworld as the Heroes defeated Dhuum, the voice in the void, in the Hall of Chains. After a small chat with the rather uneasy Desmina, the victorious group headed back home - happy and relieved. ...

Elonian Mage

By: FancyKiwi

This is a design i made for when PoF released and they released the new skin colours on humans, was also tired of the same boring human female meta. This is using more traditional African colours

Down to Earth Druid

By: FancyKiwi

A nice clean look for a druid or mid class Charr toon. Going for that natural/earthy vive while still having some colours that stand out. No gemstore items used.

Pinker Than Pink

By: Nyxis

Hey, Just looking for some help with this look, before I enter a fashion contest. The character originally started as a way to annoy my wife. She hates the color pink, and I thought it would be funny to make a character as obnoxiously PINK as...

Sleepy ele

By: Tired

"So tired zzz" This is my main eles outfit and I would mind pointers on if you think it could look better with other pieces of colors/dyes i would prefer to keep it a dark look though.


By: Caleb_Aurion

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the people behind the scenes? The person who, just as an example, manages coordination across the entire gate system with no assistance from those old buffoons on the council? Not that I’m bitter. ...

Golden Phoenix

By: Chronicle

Put together this look for a fashion contest. I had a lot of fun working with the bright colours, and I finally found a really great use for my favourite dye, Scorched. This setup did hurt my wallet a little bit (that exotic sword has no reason being...

Mecha 1 (Inspired by Armored Core 4) based on Primitive Light em

By: WinterSolstice8

So I absolutely LOVE the mechs from the series Armored Core. For me the peak games in terms of characters and mechs has been 4th gen.Their names are creatively interesting and a emblem that's equally as interesting to go with. Mind you this...

Honor Individualized

By: BaneBlutschuld

The honor is everything for a Charr! Glory goes above and beyond, driving a Charr ahead! Honor to his Legion! Honor for the Charr! This Charr named Bane's Bloodlust, is on the never-ending task of upholding the Charr's honor! The most...