Recent Looks

norn affiliated with raven

By: master-san

I post this skin to have your opinion on things to improve. The title of the post is quite evocative, I made this skin so that my norn looks like a warrior affiliated with the crow, but I have problems with the dyes and the bottom. Thank you in...

Ebon Vanguard Ranger

By: aylaan

Aylaan has always been in favour of a treaty of peace between the Charr and humans. He always thought it strange that his peers in class held the Charr responsible for the demise of Ascalon and not the Sorcerer-King's folly, but mostly kept his...

Traveling Mender

By: Julliant

A simple plant / water themed Sylvari. I used parts that can pass of as leaves or branches and stems to wrap around her. ...


By: Egon

He was not nicknamed Greysoul for no reason. They knew the potentional. They knew that inside him, yet he did not admit it. Starting as whitey guardian, to safe others. Bah! Not anymore. All these acts were false. He could not stop it. Those dark...

Crystal Dragon

By: Vikunga

Came from far away lands... It could be a new race... (or just a silvary with a mask)

Andraste Maeve - Darkness in heels

By: Teleoceras

Andraste Maeve is a human Firebrand of Canthan descent. A woman who saw many horrors in her life and paid the price losing her left eye and hand over the years. Hardening her heart, she realized that embracing the darkness was the best way to beat...

A day with ice FISHING

By: ieva

Some like it colder - and only really get lively at temperatures below zero degrees. They go on glacier ski tours even in summer, are the first on the mountain in fresh snow and the very last on the slopes in the evening. It can never be cold enough...

Raven leggins 2020

By: I am Elf

Raven Ceremonial Gown - new leggins! I added heavy and light armor with these leggings, and we can see - only medium have "naked mode" is it beautiful isn`t it?

Fight Like A Girl

By: aksnep

Armor specs below... ...

ANATOMY of the Sylvari * (Armor)

By: ieva

Somewhat older designs for sylvari armor with butterflies and flowers theme