Recent Looks

Gostly reaper

By: Diwsy

Gostly reaper - My first try at my necro ...

scene queen kitta

By: thisiskitta

lookbook vol 1 for my mesmer (just wanting to save it for when i want to go back to it so sorry for hte lack of effort in the screenshots - also idk why it won't let me specify the armor pieces so here's the list) ...

Ash Executioner

By: Souls Tearer

Tried to achieve a heavy and agressive look on a medium class (thief), but also to maintain the characteristics of adventurer classes (cloth pieces, armor gaps), . ...

Warden of the Forest

By: chrizz3r

A bit of Krytan armour and some other things. Colours are chosen with emphasis on the brown wings and the mint sylvari look. ...

Steel Clad healer

By: ThinChips

A nice blend of hard heavy armor and soft fabric to make any firebrand healer look good while helping the team. The back slot is Rurik's cape (dyable) and if made the same color as the ebon shoulder cape, it will look like one single shoulder...

Relentless Reaper

By: Kashiwa

Silvari Necromancer

Prequel: Aela The Wanderer

By: jeph03

Aela has always been searching for her personal glory. She has explored Central Tyria, encountered different culture and difficult challenges and yet, she still feels empty and unsatisfied. She then decided to head south to the Crystal Desert,...

Melandru's Path

By: jparnell07

While recent events have altered the humans outlook on the gods many still follow the teachings of Melandru. This is a druid based ranger set I created! ...

White Magic Sorcerer

By: Gerowyn

After Lynn was finally able to turn his back on the Wild Magic, his new armor would reflect his commitment to using White Magic only to slay the beasts of Tyria. ...

Golden Scholar

By: ThinChips

Yaslith had been an avid lover of all things shiny since she was a sapling. Shiny metal, shiny fabric, shiny guts stuffed into the bulging remains of a reanimated flesh golem. So of course when she became the renowned necromancer minion master she is...