Recent Looks

Master Deadeye

By: Frostborn

Just something I threw together after a gender change to my thief.

Ice Witch

By: Chorne

The once was a bush who lied ...


By: yukululu

Elemental Knight

By: Viashino

I always wanted a more metallic or knightly look for my Elementalist, more towards "Battle Mage". Since he is a front fighter (Sword/Dagger), it was time to get something more robust than cloth armor (well, I also love shiny armor). ...

Warbeast with a little crown

By: tonaytan

im not sure pls give me ideas i wanna be the baddest the biggest the worst . Things that inspired me ....... OLD WOW orc hunter videos with huge pauldrons and a cool Pet also wanted to make the Charr great again MCGA(Make CHARR great AGAIN!)

Pit-Fighter Warrior

By: Dark Godzilla96

This design has more of the pit-fighter look to it with the armor styling.

Sylvanas cosplay

By: DeluxeCake

Hiya, this is my Sylvanas Windrunner cosplay. Still not sure about the shoulders. Deathly shoulderpad is mayby a good alternative, but too expensive for me (800g). If anyone has suggestions, please let me know!

Inner Light - Iblis

By: Chiorydax

He stood by as her closest friend, always there with no ulterior motive. They were one. Subtlety had been his chosen method, but in times of crisis, he would unravel his binds and expose the boundless power beneath. ...

The posh explorer

By: Mschiffer

Well, I finally have nice trousers for a light armor character, so here she is, ready to explore the whole world. Not a good story, but my English isn't good enough to say anymore.

Sunspear of Old - Solomon

By: Chiorydax

Kormir didn't leave without a parting gift. After all, Solomon was there to help her wage the war that would lead her to godhood. He was given the chance to see Elona rise from the ashes: he would live for over 250 years. ...