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By: baptistegarrido96



By: Tallac

Les Uruk-hai sont les troupes d'élites de Saroumane. Les termes Uruk et Uruk-hai, qui proviennent du noir parler, sont réservés à une race d'Orques particuliers, plus grands, plus forts, et à la peau noire. Ils ne faiblissent pas à la...

Agent 47

By: ZeroArc3

Agent 47 from Hitman. I was torn between this or noble coat but i think the jerkin looks better

My own

By: xardeus

my own

Peppermint Candy XMas Red Green Outfit

By: Princess Cinderella

I was experimenting at making a new XMas ensemble. Save this before I try something else. ...

Jungle Dean

By: Makous

He doesn't follow The Dream neither The Nightmare; Lost in the Mordremoth jungle trying to find his own purpose, he resists the Dragon call, although, it feels like nothing can save him from his own doom.

Hecate, the Unmaker

By: Sir Galahad

Hey, long time lurker first time poster. ...

The Farmer Scarecrow

By: hapwal

He was a sylvari farmer passionate about scarecrows.As a hard day was coming to an end, a mad asura come from nowhere and stunned the farmer. ...

Queen of the Eternity

By: Vaanss

My first try to make her look cool

Icy fire

By: VoodooUnicorn

I have been stuck in this outfit in ages