Recent Looks

Boba Fett Armor 3065 Repainted

By: Lithril

First and foremost im not here to post "cosplay environments". Im here to post the look and the look alone as a hobby as I don't believe that voting based off screenshots are necessary. ...

Primordus Soldier Elementalist

By: Wubbelglubsch

So this is my new Elementalist...Instead of giving her typical, elegant fire vibes, I've decided to go with the destroyer type of fire. So I tried to focus on making it look like lava, rather than open flames. All in all I think the look turned...

Pajama Party

By: Uberbar

When it's 11pm and you just want to play video games and be comfy.

Heavy Funerary

By: TiroDvD

Focus really on the bright blue, red, and turquois gems and correct pelt colors. ...

Death Angel

By: Razi Syul

This is a look I have been working for awhile. My goal here was to create a unique reaper look that got away form the tradition black and green color scheme and instead move towards an exotic deathly angelic look complete with the backpack Ad...

Norm King Golden V1.0

By: Fanatic Bonegrinder

(the armor editor inst working) ...

Arei the Largos

By: Areiona

I’ve always wanted to make a largos cosplay toon, and I finally got around to it. I hope you enjoy.

Finally got the Light Carapace chestpiece

By: aksnep


Kalmar the Wolf

By: Kalmar

So... I made this look based off a character in a book I read ( Kalmar is my favorite in game character and my favorite in the series. I hope you like it, and any help is appreciated.

My First Guardian

By: Ripley

This is my first Look on Gw2 Style :) I appreciate Tipps on the Outfit or the dyes.