The Forged

By Mihrean on October 17th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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18 3
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Perhaps she once had a name, a past, a history but those have all been lost. Forged from twisted steel and fire her will is not her own. Thus, she serves.

Hi everyone o/

Ok, so I didn’t have plans for a fiery-forged look but I recently got the fused short bow from a wardrobe unlock and now this renegade is a thing. I’ve been trying to use the nightmare court leggings on my revenant for ages and until now my attempts have just been awful. (As in “could the chaos gloves work here?”) Then the flamewrath gemstore skins returned and everything was pretty much made for me :)

Things I might change:
• The warbeast pauldrons could make a better forged look what with their twisty metal shape. Possibly a bit oversized but I’ll try them out when I get them. I think the nightmare ones are ok for the moment.
• I’d like to possibly use the Virge on this character if I ever get back into raiding.
• Haven’t unlocked Herald on this girl yet but Molten/Primordus shield will probably be a thing.
• I’m eyeing up the rest of the forged weapons, particularly the greatsword and those drool-worthy daggers. Maybe she needs a spellbreaker identical twin!
• 39,000 achivement points… I can make it for that Hellfire backpiece XD


Fashion Guru
I really like this look, even tho im not a fan of planty armor pieces on other races than sylvari, went out with this really good. She has really nice, vulcanic vibe. I also like how her boots looks like some volcanic rocks. Great use of weapons aswell. Gold from me!
2017-10-19 2:07

Fashion Guru
Thanks horsie! I was worried it might look planty so I'm glad you think I achieved the lava theme I was going for :)
2017-10-19 12:26 in reply to horsie

Luna Nightshade
2017-10-23 14:05