Adventures of a Ordinator

By Mihrean on June 2nd, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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10 1
2 0
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(Morrowind Cosplay)

The young, proud, and even I daresay a little bored, Indoril Saranos patrols the city of Vivec. That is until one day where he is sent on a mission to recover the schematics for an ancient airship. Hesitant, for surely a quest beyond the Ghostgate is for the likes of brave buoyant armigers than himself, he starts his journey in the swamps of Seyda Neen. After a shaky start (*couch* Mudcrabs *cough*), our young hero hones his talents in the art of alteration, becoming able to conjure a magical shield. Confidence now gained, he journeys further into the heart of Morrowind where he prevails over many foes (cliffracers, the occasional netch, and even escaping an imperial fort!).

Eventually, his dedication to the Tribunal Temple is rewarded: He finds not only the plans, but a functional airship in the treacherous heart of Red Mountain. As this priceless relic is also enchanted with levitation, his journey back is considerably easier.

And what is next, you ask, for noble and brave Indoril Saranos? Well rumour has it he is now spreading his faith in the divine and glorious Almsivi amongst Telvanni Wizards…


So if Ordinators are dressed as Indoril Nerevar is this look a cosplay of a cosplay?
Initially, I was really annoyed that this character was a guardian. I chose him because a) I already had a sylvari guardian who only needed a sex-change, and b) thematically I think the class works for an order of Temple guards. However, I had completely forgotten about the aegis effect until it was time to take screenshots. Um, it’s magic?

The leggings and shield are complete compromises. I could perhaps have use the leystone leggings but I didn’t like the bulky stone texture. Unfortunately, I also couldn’t get his skin-tone quite gold enough, though I hope the texture of the bark could perhaps suggest that he is wearing a mask.


Fashion Guru
Being that I am a huge TES fan I am going to have to give this gold. Plus, its a great cosplay as well :D
2017-06-03 0:34

Fashion Guru
Thank you :)
2017-06-03 6:18 in reply to jesandsteven

I loved the Morrowind series (and the Oblvion and Skyrim for that matter) and seeing this set reminded me of the game, hence I will gold it no matter what.

The only point to me is that there might be a better legging for the cosplay perhaps? I might be mistaking. I like how it looks regardless and I'll rate you a solid gold ^^
2017-06-03 6:42

Fashion Guru
Thanks Delyn. And I agree with you entirely about the leggings. I struggled choosing those: the sylvari cultural pieces seemed too planty; the bladed tassets have that wierd codpiece thing at the front and the leystone tassets (which perhaps I should have opted for as they are more the right shape) have the stone texture. I've had another look through the heavy armour options and the triumphant leg-guards or ornate guild tassets might have been another option.
2017-06-03 7:01 in reply to Delyn

We're watching you, scum! :D
Great cosplay, I like it! It's amazing how close it looks like to actual Ordinator armor! By the way, have you tried that mask from the previous LS episode?..
Gold from me :)
2017-06-03 7:54

Fashion Guru
N-wah! Honestly, I kinda loved being insulted all the time as an outlander in Morrowind...
I confess I haven't actually got that mask yet. It's a great idea as it would solve the whole his skin is green problem at the same time. Thanks :)
2017-06-03 10:06 in reply to Thavie

Holy f...! As a HUGE fan of the elder scrolls I just have to congratulate you! You made a great job, unfortunately I can't give you more than gold :/
2017-06-03 11:59

Fashion Guru
Thank you so much :)
2017-06-04 2:09 in reply to Luna_Yggdrasilson

Elessar Taralom
When I first looked at it I wasn´t so convinced by it, but realising that it´s a cosplay I think you definitely nailed it
It is super close to the original and you fleshed out the whole upload super well with great screens and description!
The dyes are also very pleasing to the eye
Gold ^^
2017-06-04 5:55

Fashion Guru
Yeah, in a way I enjoyed making it but at the same time I felt so restricted by the skin/dyes almost being chosen for me... not sure I'd make another cosplay look for a while!
And thank you Elessar :)
2017-06-04 10:30 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
Nice cosplay
2017-06-05 1:17

Fashion Guru
I haven't played Morrowind, but since you provided the picture, I can tell that you came really close to the original ^^
2017-06-06 6:12

Fashion Guru
Thanks; not sure if I'd recommend it now with the graphics unless you are prepared to install a lot of mods... that said for nostalgia reasons it is perhaps for me what GW1 is for many.
2017-06-06 8:27 in reply to Katushka

Fashion Guru
Thanks wipalmi :)
2017-06-06 8:27 in reply to wipalmi032