Honourless Gladium

By Mihrean on June 10th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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"Legions be damned! If those fools wish to kill each other I'll be there making a profit!"

In an alternate universe to the personal story:

3125 AE:
History will record the charr defense against Barradin’s ghostly forces as a disaster: By blindly following Steelbane’s incompetent orders the majority of Saerta Swiftsteel’s Warband perish. She herself is left for dead on the battle field. No hero joins Rytlock to fight that day.

By the time she recovers from her wounds, Legionnaire Steelbane has pinned the failure of the operation on her to save his own cowardly hide. She is too late to fight her cause. There is no chance to redeem herself in the Bane. Instead there are orders for her execution.

Betrayed by her Warband, a once promising warrior abandons the Blood Legion, choosing a life on the run over a meaningless death. Hers becomes a treacherous existence. She is forced to shirk her heavy plate to cover ground quickly. She disappears into the wilds of Ascalon, fending off ghosts, Separatists, Flame and Black Citadel’s legions alike. She survives by looting battlefields and selling the blades and arms of the dead. Woe betide those who judge a scavenger to be easy pickings: she knows how to wield every blade she finds!

She is no longer named Swiftsteel: now her loyalty is only to herself.


So… I’m away on holiday this Sunday for a week and I wanted to get this finished before I go. As I’ll be in the middle of nowhere with no internets I apologise for what will be a very late response to comments. Honestly, it’s pretty last minute as I’ve been waiting for the phalanx leggings to finish this look for ages.

My favourite thing about my Charr is her spotty fur. Therefore, this look features what will probably be the most cleavage you will ever see on one of my characters.
This look was initially an excuse to use the backpack with the corresponding weapons. All I’ll need for the expansion is Anton’s Boot Blade and the Aureate Dirk :). She was almost wearing the infamous shoulder scarf until I realised it clipped with her horns!


Fashion Guru
This is a great loking charr. I like your armor mix very much. The mask, chest, shoulders and gloves look perfect together. The only change I would do is the green on her pants. That seems a bit off to me.
Screens are very nice, story too, gold from me. Enjoy your holiday :)
2017-06-10 6:23

Fashion Guru
Thanks Katushka :) I'll have a play around in game with the colours; I wanted something not-brown so maybe enameled generation or something...
2017-06-10 7:04 in reply to Katushka

Very nice! Personally I find it very hard to get a good looking char outfit, but you nailed it. Cool!
2017-06-10 8:14

Elessar Taralom
She looks great!
Very true to lore and like a true Charr at heart
I like the way everything comes together, from her horns and fur colour to the overall armour
The dyes also help to emphasise the realism of the whole look
Presentation really is outstanding, full gold from me!
2017-06-10 8:15

One of the most realistic Charr I've seen, if they were to exist. Love your dyes and choice of back-pack too. Even the story is well thought out. Great job!
2017-06-10 10:55

Fashion Guru
Thanks: I know what you mean, this poor charr has been sitting around unplayed for ages simply because I couldn't get her looking right :)
2017-06-10 11:07 in reply to kraai

Fashion Guru
Thanks Elessar. To be honest ages ago I had fun making a cheetah-charr and then cruelly abandoned her because I didn't like her in heavy plate. I really like what we see of Charr culture and their harsher look on life so I tried to stay true to that.
2017-06-10 11:14 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
I'm glad you appreciate it: Stories are the thing I struggle the most with so it's nice to hear you like it :)
2017-06-10 11:17 in reply to Eremite

It looks more like medium armor than heavy :D
Pretty cool style!
Your screens are amazing! All the different poses and picture-compositions make it very interesting to go through your screens!
Nice upload! Gold from me :)
2017-06-10 12:13

Fashion Guru
I love it!!
2017-06-11 0:07

Great charr look that isn't full cultural! Gold =)
2017-06-12 22:50

she looks awesome, so fierce!
love the armor mix, haven't seen this before and it really doesn't look like heavy armor at first glance :)
2017-06-16 7:59

Fashion Guru
Thanks Hylek; I do endeavour to entertain XD
2017-06-21 8:14 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Thanks Chro. Tbh I seem to make all my heavy armour characters in-game as little armoured as possible.
2017-06-21 8:16 in reply to Chro