The Nornian Princess

By Eremite on June 29th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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"No! I said No!", the little girl shrilled as she flung the bow onto the snow covered ground, crossed her tiny stubby arms and flopped down on her bottom. She was a girl of about 6, with raven black hair and snow-white skin. And on the ground she sat, a defiant pout set into her face. A large Norn garbed in thick woolly garment scooped the white oaken bow off the snow and pleaded, "But Princess Raynette, the Chieftain wants you to learn archery!". The little girl crossed her arms tighter and shrilled, "No!". The large Norn sighed as he looked helplessly at the child.

Just then, a large booming voice sounded from a nearby tent, "My little Rayne! Are you making trouble for the teacher again?". "Father!", the little girl cried happily at the sound of the voice, as she hopped up and ran in small tiny steps to the figure that emerged from a lifted flap, jumping into his large hairy arms. "Ah, my little darling, Let father have a good look at you.", the Chieftain boomed, a huge smile spreading across his handsome face. "Father!," the little girl squealed, as she grabbed onto the Chieftain's beard, causing him to emit a girly yelp. Some distance away, the teacher turned away embarrassed.

"Father!," the little girl said, "I want to learn the toys from the plains! They are so much more fun! They go pow pow pow!" as she imitated the sound of a pistol in her tiny child-like voice. She belonged to a tribe that had lived far up north in the Snowden drifts, away from the rest of the civilizations. Occasionally, travelers from the plains would seek shelter in their tents and it was from one such traveler that little Raynette laid her tiny hands on the gleaming weapons, instantly taking a shine to them.

The Chieftain frowned, and looked down at his child. Their tribe had shunned influences from the outside world for generations, from his great grandfather's time down to his father's. But they had not seen what the world had to offer. He had. The technology and the weapons could change their tribe...perhaps he was too old to see the changes through, but his daughter could..."My dear child," the Chieftain cooed, "Say why don't we come up with a deal? If you master the bow in 3 years, I'll get you a few toys from the plains", he winked. The little girl's eyes sparkled. "Deal!" she said happily, lifting a tiny pinkie to seal the agreement with her father, "I want a pow pow toy, a long needle toy, a...", as she rattled off her wish list in excitement...


Hello all! This was actually my second created character (got 16 toons now), a Norn Lady Thief. I never got around to posting her mainly because I had dressed her in a set of Cultural Tier 3 armor. Which needless to say, falls short in the armor/originality department. But hey, looks aren't all about ratings and medals right?
I love the Norn T3 cultural armor so here she is, a story and a set of lovely pictures for this Nornian Princess who has brought the outside world's technology into her tribe without forgetting her roots!

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The screens are great, and I really like the story too. Maybe the title princess isn't appropriate for a Norn tribe, because they don't really have those thing. If I remember well it's more like chief and stuff like that.

Maybe I would use a lighter red, or some light brown instead of the red because it looks almost full black on the screens.

And full t3, as you said not the most original, but I still like this armor !
2016-06-29 7:53

this makes me wonna make a ranger ...
2016-06-29 12:33

Fashion Guru
Ah my beloved Norn's. I gave you a gold simply for sticking to what you love about this toon.
Norn cultural is some of the best armor in game. Although the full set could be mix and matched with other tiers of cultural if thats what you love then stick with it. I also dont upload for metals and ratings :) its nice when others give you that and appreciate your time spent but I love all my toons and will furnish them in any armor I love at the time XD T1 gloves and boots look great with this chest, just sayin
2016-06-29 20:31

I had no idea what title a chieftain's daughter I went with Princess lol. But glad you liked the story. I enjoyed writing a light hearted one. Compared to all my grim and dark ones previously, this was a breadth of fresh air! I'll take note of the colors too! Dye has been one of my weakest points. I could never seem to be able to find a good dye combination.
2016-06-30 11:08 in reply to Pattou

because of the bow? =D
2016-06-30 11:08 in reply to psylunne

Thank you!
*bites the gold and teeth cracks*
Its real!
I'll also take note of the armor suggestions when I get around to re-designing her!
2016-06-30 11:09 in reply to Purgatori

so sweet
2016-07-01 23:45

Fashion Guru
Love your story so much! Pow pow pow! The bow is also one of my absolute favourites.

Also, cultural armour always looks awesome. I think that's the problem because I almost have to justify to myself why I'm not using it. And that can be a bit false at times if you know what i mean... I feel like going back to some older chars now and not worrying about whether they are unique or not like how i was when I originally started playing.
2017-05-31 8:53

Thanks =)
2017-10-27 20:01 in reply to jadewraith

Glad you liked the story =)
It was one of my favorite ones that I've written on this site ^^
2017-10-27 20:02 in reply to Mihrean