Hipa Pele

By Hipa on May 4th, 2014
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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24 17
5 0
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Molten themed warrior
"Sheep of Lava"

Dyes: Abyss, Illumination, Redemption, Spitfire
Weapons: The Predator, Volcanus
Armor: Tier 3 helm, gloves, shoes; Tier 1 leggings; Tier 2 shoulders; chest.


Thats why I LOVE sylvari!
2014-05-14 6:30

Fashion Guru
Looks awesome ^^
2015-08-23 8:48

Fashion Guru
zzzzz cultural spam. Bronze
2015-09-05 11:07

Fashion Collector
(1/2)Yep! All blossoms are made of petals, and that does not always make flowers ugly, just for being made of the same parts :) A look taken from 3 armor sets can still be pleasing to the eye, just as in the same way a simple look isn't a bad look, or an all-brown outfit isn't necessarily an ugly one. Making a pleasing or unique look isn't always a competition of who can use more pieces from more sets. Understandably, a reason such as "your weapons don't suit your look!" is a good bit of advice to give someone. But if you go around Tyria judging people on where they got their armor, rather than the ideas behind their look, you will be disappointed pretty fast. Take Charr for example- hundreds of armor sets, and in some situations, only 3 shoulder pieces, or 2 leg pieces in the entire game don't clip on a certain body type- even most newer hair clips on a Charr's own face! That drastically reduces your choices- and many people fall on to cultural armor because it suits their culture/lore, body shape, and overall feel.

So, here is some tips for you on Sylvari, or non-human races in general: You'll find that when you're made of wood or plant material, it is overall more aesthetically pleasing to have your armor be of the same material or follow a similar cultural theme. It's not always about how many pieces from how many sets you can mash together into a mosaic. For most Sylvari I design for myself & friends, I keep to cultural and TA armor, rarely with some metal, feather or cloth garnishes here and there. However, once you're more comfortable with dyes and materials in the game you will realize that many sets reflect light differently, have differing levels of texture detail, and display colors in different ways.
2015-09-21 4:15

Fashion Collector
(2/2)By keeping Sylvari looks to organic armor, it gives a more polished feel overall, as well as keeping the shoulders (on male) from being ridiculously oversized. Humans in real life like to wear cloth- it would look a bit ridiculous to see someone walking down the street dressed in bark and leaves. Twilight Arbor armors however, even though they are organic like cultural, have a sort of diffuse light to them and don't mesh as well with Sylvari glow, skin, or cultural textures, so they are unstable at best when incorporating them into an organic look that uses any shade of black or white.

This is not saying that only armor suiting your skin will make for a good look, though! Plenty of people who choose to wear metal on a Sylvari or petals on a human look great, and still have things about them that make them unique. But with Sylvari comes another design element: glow. Glow can be ignored, hinted at, or made as the centerpiece of a Sylvari's look, and it is unique to their race. In most of my Sylvari looks I like to emphasize the glow, which, sadly, can only be done through nakedness, or TA/cultural. Even then, cultural armor of different tiers, on different genders is very inconsistent with glow. Some don't have it, some favor a specific gender, etc... So, as you browse the site and take a look at other people's great looks, keep this in mind! There are only 2 places to get organic armor sets, and a couple of outfits, along with a few individually sold gemstore pieces that are remotely "planty". Hope this helps you see Sylvari a bit differently as you poke around the site :D
2015-09-21 4:15

Agreed, armor choice needs a bit more variation but it looks really cool! Not too many fire sylvari out there that can nail the smoldering embers look, I like it =D
2016-03-30 0:15