Hipa Kapu

By Hipa on July 1st, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
8 19
9 1
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Recently retired look from my sylvari mesmer. Main image w/o SweetFX, additional ones are mixed. Organizing images, so will add specifications later

Weapons: The Minstrel, Lord Taere's Shadow, Eternity


Ohh I love colors :)
2015-07-01 9:09

Hm, the hilt of Eternity doesn't really fit the other colours and I'm not too sure about the back item, either. Maybe you should try another weapon. For the back item, Mawdrey might work with those colours.
2015-07-01 10:37

Fashion Guru
Omg cool i love her:D
2015-07-01 11:03

-- Comment has been removed --
2015-07-01 15:37

Fashion Collector
Thanks :) She is much darker now, since this look is retired, so I will post her current look later tonight.

@Amorphiell, yeah I didn't want too much metallic stuff on her, but all versions of Mawdrey except the first one clip with her shoulders, and in her current version she is wearing just that since it matches more than it would have in this look. As for eternity's hilt you're right, it was the day time blade that I chose it for. I could go with other greatswords but they had even more metal textures. I find most "mesmer-y" greatswords to be too common and overused, like Vision of the Mists for example, so I avoid such skins. And as for organic weapon skins, the nightmare ones are poor texture quality, the warden ones do not match, and I don't think I have most of the black lion greatsword skins so my options were limited :( Beladonna greatsword was my first choice but I don't have that, and its hard for me to invest in greatswords when I have legendary ones I can just move around for free
2015-07-01 16:55