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I have a lot of characters :( 28 characters, 26 80s. I have 3-10 looks for each of them. I'm a GvGer (currently on break) who bounces around T2 NA and mains a necro for gvgs (Micro Hipa), though I also GvG as Ranger, Mesmer, Ele and Guardian if they need me. Hopefully, I'll be staying in FA now, since I enjoy it here and IoJ mostly. I used to do commissions (painting) but am too busy now so they are closed. I have 3 engineers (charr, human, asura), 3 thieves (charr, human, asura), 3 rangers (sylvari, human, asura), 3 warriors (charr, sylvari, asura), 5 guardians (charr, asura, human, sylvari x2), 4 mesmers (asura, human, sylvari, charr), 3 elementalists (human, charr, asura), and 4 necromancers (asura, sylvari, charr x2). My most played race is asura, but my asuras are my "official" pvp and gvg characters, so usually have ridiculous/trollish armor and I probably won't post them much. I find humans incredibly boring, but unfortunately when I started GW2 most of my original characters were human and I can't bring myself to delete them. I do not do norns :( they make me feel slow. My "looks" are all my character names because I'm boring and lazy. Sylvari all about that glow, charr all about the grunge, and asura master race! http://www.youtube.com/ryamamoto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfR_rcNXGfY