The Scorching Wraith

By Cykomore on July 29th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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7 2
2 0
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1335 AE - Far Shiverpeaks
Taimi's Journal
Entry 251

"This message isn't meant for anyone in particular. And I doubt anyone will be left to find it anyway. I... I just wanted to use my last instants to apologise. For everything I caused. If only I hadn't designed this flawed plan with Omadd's machine. My ego got in the way and... Well, there's no point discussing the past now. What's done is done. But before I die, let me at least write down the truth. This sin I've been carrying all this time.

Five years ago, in the Heart of the Volcano, I told everyone Balthazar had fled Tyria. I told everyone our beloved pact commander was slain by one of Primordus's monstruosities, the same one that has been wrecking havoc on Tyria since then. But... I Iied. The necromancer Korlash Fierceplague wasn't killed. He was the most honorable of all, fighting for us and protecting the world from Dragons. And yet I betrayed him. When the device overloaded with energy, it did shatter Balthazar's presence from the mortal realm. But the one who received this energy wasn't the god of war, it was the commander. I...I witnessed with horror his body melting, his face frozen in shock and pain as his very core was slowly getting corrupted by Primordus' essence. What could I do ?! I had to escape. I HAD to leave him.

A few days later, we lost everyone at Mons Draconis. And in the Ring of Fire. Then, as a burning wave surging on Tyria, the Destroyers took over our lands and engulfed our cities in flames and agony. A wave led by the Scorching Wraith. But only I knew it's true nature. Primordus and Zhaitan's essences combined into one of the most powerful reapers had created an abomination. The commander was no more, his body just an empty shell filled with magma. His veins overflowing constantly and his limbs leaking a blazing gall, spreading corruption like a pandemic. We called it the "tainted embers". Taking over any form of life and raising it as an army of undead burning horrors. Only remained his houndskin mantle, the fur now burnt and sooty black. Like a mockery to our silly dream that we'd ever live free from the Elder Dragons.

I'm one of the lucky last. Sheltering deep in the Far Shiverpeaks north of Tyria like a trapped rabbit. I have been there for a few months and I thought I could get some years of rest. I guess I was wrong. Yesterday night I saw the forest fires over the horizon, illuminating the night with a captivating ocher. This close to Jormag, it couldn't be natural. I guess they will be there by tomorrow. So I wait for my end. Again, I'm sorry."


Hi everyone ! Been a while since my last upload ! Busy personal life led me to Africa and then to New Zealand, so I was unable to touch the game for almost a year. Now I'm back more hyped than ever (thanks 2nd expansion leaks) and I spent the past week doing the Living World S3. Spending so much time in the Ring Of Fire and fighting destroyers I decided my reaper could use a new skin and went for the Primordus-inspired one. However, as lava inspired skins are sooooo common and rather boring (c'mon, we all hate this CoF pieces with complete abyss dyes in LA), I wanted to put the accent on the story rather than the skin itself. That's how I came to include the fusion gloves (which I normally dislike) in the skin, going with the full "plague" theme. The first shots are meant to stick with the story: they display my character as he was before being corrupted. I didn't spend much time on the dyes or the style itself for this part, however I tried to use only pieces that were somehow close to the "corrupted" skin. This included using hoods in both cases, robes rather than pants, similar scepters etc. My goal was to prevent my character from wearing completely different gears between the two phases when he was supposed to have been entirely corrupted (including his gear) by Primordius' essence.

It feels good to upload something again, even though I apologize for always styling my Charr reaper. I don't spend much time on the game, I'm poor af in game and don't invest real money in it either (so no sweet Black Lion skins for me). Maybe one day I'll find the strenght to level up alts from other races and professions, but I'm just having too much fun on him !

See ya guys and please leave a comment with your vote, that would be really nice ! :D


Really cool idea with the transformation!
The fiery version looks very nice, the charr-silhouette makes it look quite creepy and threatening.
Your weapons are very fitting for the flame citadel chest-piece :D
The only thing im not really a fan of, is the bright yellow dye. Not sure how to replace it though. It just sticks out too much ... maybe a darker, dirtier hue would do it?
To make it a Gold, a few more screens would be needed :S
Its very close to Gold! Its just that one slider, that i cannot pull to Gold with a clear conscience :S
Tell me if you update the screens! I will change my vote immediately :)
2017-07-30 10:52

Thanks for your comment Hylek !
For the yellow dye I agree it might be too bright, but I didn't manage to find another one that would be fitting. Most of the ones I own were either too dull or either too far from the yellow brightness destroyers usually emit. Once more, my colorblindness might be playing a roll there !

For the screens I'll have a look at it. I got hooked on it yesterday night and ended up going to sleep at 4am, so I didn't have any extra motivation for additionnal screens ^^
2017-07-30 11:13 in reply to Hylek

I'm new to all this GW2style-thing so I don't expect that my words to hold that much weight, but for me, the biggest contribution of my vote to any of the skins are the lore. Not because I feel that RP is completely necessary, but it just shows how much attention you've put in to the design to the point that you would even write a lore for it! I love the concept of the skin.
2017-07-31 5:56

You don't need any kind of title or age among the community to have interesting an well thought criticism, don't worry my friend ! Sure there are some over here that post almost twice a month and are way more active, but I don't believe they hold any kind of superiority on the matter. In the end enjoying a skin or not is purely subjective and up to the individual himself. What will catch your eye and earn your gold (be it a particularly interesting RP concept, a dye scheme, or an armor combination) might be dull and uninteresting for someone else ! That's it for my philosophical parenthesis ^^

I'm really enjoying your comment because I actually feel the same. I'm not particularly good at dyes and mixes, but however I do often have lore concepts I want to translate into a mix. And as for me it's the first thing I look for when I find an interesting entry here on GWStyle. Thanks for your comment and I'm looking forward to your uploads as well :D
2017-07-31 8:29 in reply to IDKismyname

Lanaya Mirrorblade
love the lore, the look is alright- I like the Charr version more than the reaper- mostly because I think the reaper hood doesnt look too good on Charr in general. Still love the lore. Dyes are a bit too vibrant for my taste but that's subjective. Armor mix isn't too unique either though the houndskin mantle adds a lot. Still gold
2017-08-01 0:53

Thanks for your vote ! I also usually don't like the reaper hood on Charrs, mostly because the head parts looks way too big compared to the rest of the body. However I found the houndskin mantle offered a great correction to this issue by giving my Charr a bulkier shoulder part as well as a smoother transition from shoulder armor to head armor :D

2017-08-01 3:24 in reply to Lanaya Mirrorblade