Thrill Of The Hunt

By Cykomore on March 19th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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Town of Ebonhawke. Bounty Hunter Guild, Ascalonian Branch. Ebon vanguard captain.

“-Oy captn’, what brin's ye thar in ‘tis beautiful day?
-Cut the crap, Kurtis. You know why I came. I heard he moved in this district. Is that true?
-Ye heard well captn’! Saw his furry ass just yesterday night. Brought some materials, collected the cash ‘n left. But he’s prolly stayin’ thar a few more days.”

Shit. Now that it’s confirmed, news will spread like wildfire. That was definitely not the time for this guy to come…

“-How he is….”doing”? I guess his condition got even worse than last time?
-Guessin' jolly, matey. Fucker's even shinier now. Eyes blazin' blue, jaws covered in heavy clothin'. Heard he fought a lieutenant up thar a while ago 'n was almost gone fer jolly. His face was lacerated, but at least he got his new haircut. Hehe, got that one?”

Ain’t the time for these stupid jokes you drunkard. This guy isn’t good news. A legendary bounty hunter, wandering the Dragonbrand and clearing it from its greatest threats. But his venue means trouble. His whole war band was corrupted right in front of his eyes 8 years ago when the dragon awoke. He swore to destroy him and his minions, and that he wouldn’t have peace unless all of his former brothers were put down, including his superior Victurus. But at this rate he’s going to kill himself. His reckless ambushes and outnumbered fights got him covered in scars, and he narrowly escaped branding more times than anyone can count. Over the years the corruption affected his whole look, even his gear started to bear the brand of the dragon. And the toll on his body keeps getting more and more significant…

“-Anyway, contact us as soon as you have more news. And keep me informed about that champion griffon bounty I put up last week.
-Well 'bout that. Remember the "materials" I’ve been shoutin' ‘bout? Fucker didn't show up empty handed ye be knowin'!

Freaking monster. Not even a day in and he already put up a show. I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he just shows up with Kralkatorrik’s head. Same if he suddenly surrenders to his corruption…


Hello everyone, I'm back with a new look ! Kralkatorrik and the struggle around the Dragonbrand is by far my favorite part of the lore, and I always wanted to make a style themed around it.
I had a ranger I hadn't touched in ages, and when playing with armor pieces in my bank I thought I could try a Mordrem themed Charr. It's when I put some blue dyes for fun that I realized the vegetal torso (Nightmare court) I picked was surprisingly fitting for a Branded look, and decided to go in this direction.

I feel this region is underexploited, and I'm really looking forward for some new content going in the next updates !
I'm a bit disappointed in my screenshots due to the light being often super weird and reverberating everywhere on my armor, and as a consequence you can't see the blue dyes very well.
Anyway let me know in the comment what you think about it and have a good day ! :D


This Charr definitely looks like he means business, and I really enjoyed reading the story behind him and his look! Overall I really think it's fantastic, and the story in that area was one of my early favorites when I first picked up the game, so it's excellent to see this look and this story.

Since the chest piece is supposed to be the Branded corruption, perhaps at its strongest, I was wondering if you could push the colors in it a little to match the Branded critters roaming around. Darker blues, more glowy purple color, but that might not be possible and still keep the look you were going for. Just a passing thought! I do like that his hair color matches and his eyes are purple, too. Nice job!
2016-03-19 10:51

Thanks for you comment !

Actually it SHOULD be possible to make the colors even more suitable, but I couldn't for a simple (and quite stupid) reason: I'm actually colorblind.
Pretty ironical, but it really matters when doing styles ! Basically when I'm trying to make a skin with only nuances of one main color, I get really lost in the dyes to the point I don't even make differences.

It's particularly true between red/brown/greens and blue/purples combo. For example for this one style it took me a solid 10min just to realize where the orchid dye was applied among the already "midnight sky" colored parts.

So feel free to try different combos, I did the best my eyes could do :D
2016-03-19 11:07 in reply to daranon

Fashion Guru
You did a really nice job with the dyes! Very beautiful and fitting to the dragonbrand.
The mix is very nice, I especially love the mask, and I love the purple eyes too.
Your charr looks awesome! Good job and gold from me :)
2016-03-19 12:02

That's not a stupid reason at all! The dye combo works fine as is, really, but sometimes it can be fun to see how things change up. That being said, I don't blame you for keeping it as is, because it works very well already.

If I had a Charr character who wore Medium armor I would try and give you more definite suggestions but maybe I can fiddle around on my Norn ranger and see what I can come up with. Cheers!
2016-03-19 12:58 in reply to Cykomore

Well I find it quite stupid to be colorblind on a website dedicated to style where colors have the same importance as the rest of the details :D
2016-03-19 13:03 in reply to daranon

The colour-scheme is too blueish to scream "branded" imo (i didnt know you were colour-blind tho :O). Nonetheless its a very unique concept and this is maybe the first time i agree on using blue hair ;D
His story is very cool and well written!
I love the uniqueness of this look, Gold! :)
2016-03-19 13:47

Fashion Guru
very original in my opinion. i love the dye scheme you used. Maybe as Hylek said it's too blueish for a branded theme but you know what? i love it!
great story and very nice screenies, what i can say? oh yes goooooooold! :D
2016-03-19 15:10

Thanks a lot ! If you say it's too blueish for the "branded" look I'll trust you both ^^
If I may, I'll just insist on the armor : it's not supposed to be a full "branded" Charr style. The body is slowly decaying (aka eyes and hair turning blue/purple, fur getting darker etc.) due to the Dragonbrand, but the armor in itself is just getting damaged by the corruption. You need to see this the same way rust gives metal pieces a rusty and orange color, but here with blue/purple nuances.
2016-03-19 16:17 in reply to Hylek