Wolf in the Hollow Shaft

By Cykomore on February 5th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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Known among the Hyleks as "Cuetlachtli", the Wolf, his existence has been considered a myth for decades. Until the Durmand Priory sent me to investigate the recent sightings around Krytia.
"He was there, watching me from the canopy, so I ran..."I saw a chariot shrouded in black wandering the marsh with his dead servants, and when I raised my torch it has disappeared". It sounded like some fancy scary story you tell around a good'ol fire. I couldn't have been be more mistaken.

I decided to spend a day or two in a marsh close to the Zinlt territory. At night I looked inside of what appeared to be a dead tree, and for a second I felt a presence looking back. Later, I heard him, scratching some herbs around. Then I started to smell him, reeking of humus and decay. Finally... I SAW him. His face hidden under a hood and his fangs, as long as daggers, gleaming under the moonlight. His only eye was shrouded in a white veil, drawing inexorably my sight as I tried to escape his cold grasp.

I ran as fast as I could, his claws hammering the ground right behind me. I ran until my legs stopped, collapsing in the middle of the woods. The next morning, I thought that I made it. That I escaped. I needed to tell what I saw this night.

It was 3 days ago. Now I can't stop seeing his face. It can be in the canopy above. It can be the wind waving the tall grass. No matter the time, no matter the place, his face keeps getting closer and closer. I need to disappear, before it catches up to me. If you find this note, bury this case as deep as you can. Don't follow my footsteps.

Remember :
"Once his spell he cast, there's no escape the Wolf in the Hollow Shaft".

- Note found where a Priory investigator hung himself


This is the latest look I pulled on my charr necromancer. I was thinking for quite a long time to do a marsh-inspired look, but I couldn't really find something fitting. Then I came up with the idea of a "shaman" thingy roaming the marshes on Hylek grounds and...the Wolf story just hit me and my mind went kaboom while trying to find a cool bio.

I really like the combo of caustic dye with the greyish stuff like graphite or glacial teal dye, so I thought I'd keep it in here. Plus I really have trouble to put a dark main dye with caustic as a secondary (like what Hylek pulled out on his Dark Druid Necromancer : http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=6151), most of the time it doesn't match at all and looks like shit.
Hope you'll enjoy :D

Some will say it's quite similar to my older stuff, that's absolutely true. And the reason's simple : I only have this character. I don't play much and I'm really investing into one char at a time, so I never had the courage to create, level and fashion an alt. Someday though !


Elessar Taralom
Wow, what a cool character! I just love everything about him, from his sinister armour to his ragged looking face! He really feels like a unique character and you used many armour pieces I would not have expected to look as good as they eventually did
Your description was a delight to read, it makes everything about this character so much more plausible
Light armour Charrs are quite a challenge imo and you just mastered it beautifully!
2016-02-05 16:30

Thank you !!!!!!! I really tried to make the whole stuff coherent (skin and story talking), and I was kinda scared that in the end it would be shit. I'm really happy that I managed to at least convince one person, even more when it's such a fashion guru like you Elessar :D

Plus I couldn't agree more, light armour Charrs are a pain to suit correctly !
2016-02-05 16:47 in reply to Elessar Taralom

The screens you took are AMAZING!
The one where he stares down from the swamp-tree is very scary :O
Great story too!
Imo you shouldve gone for a more natural colour instead of the glacial teal, like a brown or sth., but thats just personal taste i guess.
Amazing presentation of the look! Gold :D

2016-02-05 17:24

Oh and thanks for the honorable mention ;D
2016-02-05 17:25

pure gold
2016-02-05 21:53

Whoa! Amazing! Great color/pieces matching, awesome screenshots and description. Totally unique and has a character! Love it. You're getting a Shiny from me!
2016-02-05 21:58

Thank you ! Really happy it's your taste :D
And of course I'll mention you, you're like my fashion messiah in here !

Concerning the dye I tried a lot of combos including brown stuff, but the whole thing was too dark and you couldn't really see the different parts of the pieces.
2016-02-06 1:36 in reply to Hylek

Thank you !
2016-02-06 1:47 in reply to Eremite

Really happy you loved the combo, I tried my best to make sth original and interesting. Give the light charrs some love !
2016-02-06 1:48 in reply to Buczek

Fashion Guru
I'd love to see this with some more earthy colors, but oh geez that story and those shots are just FANTASTIC. Deffo got a gold from me :D
2016-02-06 15:27

Thanks a lot !!

I'm gonna try again with brown colors seeing lots of people find it more suitable. But I really thought it was not really matched when I did the tests ! Maybe that's because I'm colorblind :D
2016-02-07 2:01 in reply to Sharkey

Fashion Guru
Oof, nevermind. I tried your look with some different color combos the other night to see if I could give some direct samples and I think you're right, they just don't have the colors in the game yet D: best I could find was using swampblack as a primary, but that's only for a specific lighting.
2016-02-15 11:09 in reply to Cykomore

Hope these colors will show up in the game one day ^^

Thanks for your dedication anyway :D
2016-02-16 8:12 in reply to Sharkey

freakin awesome *-*
armor mix and dyes look soo nice in combination and also the weapons fit very well!
damn, that screen after the main screen ist brilliant.. how he is hiding in the tree, very creepy, very awesome!
perfect reaper look :)
2016-05-03 17:58

Wasn't expecting anyone to still check my old mixes ! Really happy to see this design pleases you :D

2016-05-05 9:52 in reply to Chro

I really love that you used green dyes, they really fit with the character. Personally maybe I would change the Graphite dye on the hood to something darker but thats my opinion :)

The screenshots are very well done, I really love the first one in the tree. If I had to say something "bad" is that there's only one screenshot where we can see him from behind and is on Hero Panel. It's a nice thing that you added it, of course, but I guess that there should be always a big screenshot to see his back always ^^. This is not the case but even more when the character uses a backpiece :)

Good job, I really like it!
2016-10-17 15:03

Fashion Guru
Love the screens! Great character and colours!
2018-02-17 10:24