Fallen God's Apostle

By Cykomore on November 1st, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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12 8
2 0
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Gifted with the powerful Dhuumseal, forged from the magic that once caged his true God away from the throne, he roams the land to restore the cult of necromancy to its original commandments. He's the manifestation of the God of Death. Dhuum's Apostle.

"I am the vengeful arm of Dhuum.The line that separates life from death has been corrupted. As such, I shall bring balance to death. Neither ressurections or undead arts should be tolerated. Those who toy with the cycle of souls will be destroyed.
I do not need invocations. I do not need servants. As under my act, nothing will ever rise twice."

Here's my try at what a frightening reaper should look like. I took my inspiration in some of the stories you can find in the Underworld about Dhuum and Grenth. For those who don't know, Dhuum was the first God of Death and under his reign, ressurections and invocations were forbidden. All souls had to live once and then go back to him, so he chased and destroyed personnally everyone that didn't follow his rules.
My old mix was quite similar to this one, but after the release of HoT and the new bladed armor I realized I could do something that fits more to my vision.
Work still in progress as I'm not satisfied with all the screens I took, and I may twitch the colors around a bit.

I had lot of fun writing a "bio" for my character, if someone is interested I can upload a little longer version of his story !
Looking forward your advices !


Awesome look, love the dye choices, and the backstory included in the description was awesome as well!
2015-11-01 17:22

Fashion Collector
I love this mix!!
2015-11-01 17:38

Fashion Guru
gold for me! very very nice
2015-11-01 18:19

Thanks for the feedback !

I'll try to gather more screens to highlights the colors (we can't really see them except in character selection).
2015-11-02 0:41

Fashion Collector
2015-11-02 4:51

Really awesome use of the new bladed armor :D
2015-11-02 5:21

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I think the dyes could use a bit of work, but the theme is cool. Right now its not much of an armour mix seeing as the shoulders are the only piece that stands out as a separate. Maybe look for another more interesting pair of gloves instead of bladed ones
2015-11-02 7:12

@Annette Langmar

I'm still playing around with the colors (I tried several mixes already) but I decided I'd post this one first. i'll try to update when I'll come up with something better.

About the armor, I do have 3 pieces from bladed but not the rest: helmet is necromancer's first mask from personal story, shoulders are the death bull's mantle, and boots are Koda's ones.
I tried as well couple of others mixes but I couldn't find the right vibe. I first went with my previous legs (Sorrow's one) but it wasn't that good. So I decided I'd try something else and I did a quick run with the tier 2 cultural armor but I did have a big issue: the color repartition on those is aweful. I couldn't really make something fitting, because as soon as I was applying a color it was coloring the whole fucking thing ^^

For the gloves, I let you the pleasure to find some =) Tried them all on and franckly speaking nothing was matching neither my theme nor the appearance of my charr as well as the bladed ones. But I'm open to propositions !

Anyway thanks for the feedback !
2015-11-02 9:49