Blanche - The Toy Collector (( Look #3 ))

By DigitalKathe on December 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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2 7
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So, I had a dream last night about a really neat toy museum, and since both me and my main have an interest in toys like that, I wanted to make a Wintersday look for her incorporating the toy weapon skins that I had.


I like the idea of her being a toy collector and appreciate the cute winter-look.
The boots a bit off though imo. Something like the Cabalist boots would be much more fitting.
Your screens are quite nice. I especially like the ones infront of the candy canes :)
Some screens from Tixx toy world or the JP wouldve been great though. Just some other interesting places, fitting the theme.
Also, many of your screens are zoomed out a bit far. Try playing with the camera options a bit to create more interesting compositions of the pictures.
Overall Silver from me :)
2016-12-20 22:49

Fashion Guru
Ah, yeah, I probably should've done the Cabalist Boots. Dang. I wanted to experiment, and that's always a double-edged sword. Oh well.

I'll try and get some screens from there. I didn't even think of that....

And I will try playing with the camera, but....I'm not sure I know how to do what you're suggesting..... ^_^;

I'll definitely try to figure it out though....
2016-12-31 13:19 in reply to Hylek