By DigitalKathe on April 25th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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2 5
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More bright colors! This time I completely overhauled one of my Sylvari to resemble the mineral Bismuth. I hope I did a good job....

Calpurnea is a Sylvari with quite the interest in the concept of death. Which is odd for an engineer, but not unlike a Sylvari.

Although she fits in well enough with her own kind, she has trouble outside of the Caledon Forest. Which is often, because she's a Priory Explorer. In fact, she does much of her work in the Blazeridge Steppes near the ruins of the Serenity Temple. Which is where she came upon her current goal: to speak to the Priestess Rashenna.

One day, she spied her Necromancer friend speaking with her, and was completely fascinated by the ghostly priestess. She was wary of approaching, but ultimately her cautiousness stopped her from being able to reach the priestess, as she disappeared before she had any real chance to approach the ghost. She's asked her Necromancer friend dozens of times to summon her again, each time being met with refusal. Calpurnea has attempted to speak to the priestess at her grave many a time, but has never had the luck of her appearing as she would have hoped.

Calpurnea hoped to speak with her to ask about the experience of death and being bound to the Mists (( since finding friendly ghosts has been hard for her )), which is rooted in her past of losing friends and loved ones left and right. She wants to know more about what her loved ones are experiencing and how to prepare for it herself when she one day rejoins them.

As far as the Priory is concerned, the friends she has within it love to hear her stories of daring and adventure, especially since she becomes so animated and lively while she speaks of her past experiences. They often let her do her thing during a break, while the rest sit around and relax as they hear one of crazy old Calpurnea's tales.


Fashion Guru
I appreciate the effort you have put into your screens and story telling. I like the combination of the nightshade coat, leggings and gloves. Here I also think the abyss mixed in with the bright colours is very effective. However, I am not so sure on the boots; that yellow to me overshadows the rest of your outfit.
2017-04-26 4:54

Fashion Guru
Ah, yeah, it does kind of do that in some instances, doesn't it?


I shall try to look for better boots or dyes, then!
2017-04-26 10:05 in reply to Mihrean